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There Is A Jar & Planning Tea Time

Tale-Teller Heart and Drawin Wolf play each other’s songs in a blanket fort because life is too short to not live in one.


Love At First Flight. Toronto-based graphic designer, Michael DePippo, posted pictures of his beautiful marriage to his husband, Shaun Robinson. The theme of their wedding was ‘Love At First Flight’ due to the fact that they met each other at the Toronto Pearson Airport on Christmas Eve. They planned and designed the entire wedding themselves with the help of a few friends and family. The result was a unique, very DIY-chic, and memorable event.


There Is a Jar That Holds The Things I Love - Tale-Teller Heart

I’m releasing a demo soon so be on the lookout! This is gonna be on it :D


Dreampipe Vermin covering Railyard ghost’s Pop Song

Check them out if you get a chance they’re such lovely folks who write/play beautiful music



Freedom Song (Days n Daze Cover) - Tale-Teller Heart

An anon wanted me to cover this song so I decided to be productive today and finally got around to it. Enjoy!


I sewed this skirt, and I’m so proud of it. I feel classy as fuck wearing it, and extremely lady-like, which is something I rarely ever feel. 

The cool thing about sewing/designing your own clothes is that you feel a sense of pride when you complete a project. It feels much more significant when people compliment you. And you own something unique that no one else has. I like this feeling.

Photo by burntpixels