Podcast #337 with Russ Van Cleave

Oh, man. ADD/C was right. Busy days, indeed. I finally found enough spare minutes to crank out another podcast. No particular format or theme here – just another grouping of enjoyable tunes that have been floating their compressions and rarefractions across the air molecules in the vicinity of my stereo. I am struck – having now looked at this list – by the fact that the oldest song on here dates back to about 1981 and only one other song here was recorded in the ‘80s, i.e. this is a relatively recent collection of jams compared to what I usually whip together. Times are weird and gettin’ weirder.

- Russ

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The Doughboys, “I Remember” from Whatever(MTL)
Hard-Ons, “Throw It In” from Love Is a Battlefield of Wounded Hearts(Taang!) 
Bombsite, “Planted Seeds” from V/A No Slow…All Go! (The Daggers / Half-Mast)
French Exit, “When There’s a Fork in the Road, Take It” from Guts & Black Stuff (It’s Alive)
ADD/C, “Itch” from Busy Days (Mauled By Tigers / Plan-It-X South)
Pete Shelley, “Homosapien” from Homosapien(Uh-Wrist-Ah)
Small, “Toastmaster” from Chin Music(Alias)
The Draft, “Wired” from In a Million Pieces (No Idea)
Action Patrol, “Tube” from 1993-96: On Patrol (Whirled)
Rivethead, “Thirty Miles Down” from City Sound Number Five (Blood Of The Young)
Ye Olde Buttfuck, “Special News” from The Burden of the Southern Future(Raw Sugar)
The Y, “Rubik’s Dude” from Sooo… Intense(Soooo Intense)
Dark Rides, “Dance for Rain” from Dark Rides (Do Ya Hear We)
Johnny Cash & Joe Strummer, “Redemption Song” from Unearthed(Universe Aluminum)

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