diy punk


It’s nice being home on a Friday night for once. Obviously I didn’t stay for the Disney 24 hour event. I love Disneyland but I don’t need to be there for 24 hours. I have a premium passport to go any time I want. So I’m at my Ha-Hacienda working on my punk Harley Quinn version 2.0 vest in my pjs drinking wine. Tumblr gets the sneak peak of my work😉 Anyway, there’s things I need to get/always wanted for Harley Quinn stuff, like a straight jacket, life sized hyena stuffed animals, some more fake bullets and dynamite, ya know, just to spruce up the place. Ok I’m done rambling.


Patches to patches and crust to crust, I’ve never met a cop that I could trust.

(Y'all should go listen to Owl and Antler, it’ll pick your day up!)