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DIY 2 Panjas or Handpieces. The blogger of the bottom photo calls this a “slave bracelet” which really offends me, but as I have written in the past the jewelry industry seems to get away with calling lots of their jewelry by offensive names like “slave cuffs” for a certain type of cuff bracelet. The most offensive “slave bracelet” I’ve seen is on crankycrafter - the “slave bracelet” is photographed in front of a Dreamcatcher in front of an American Flag… oh, the irony. 

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Top Photo: Recycling a Necklace into a Panja Tutorial by Gloriously Chic for College Fashion here.

Bottom Photo: Wire Wrapped Ring Panja by Essas Frescurites here.

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What do you call this piece of jewelry? Handflower, Panja, Ring Bracelet? I won’t call it a “Slave Bracelet”. Interesting article here. 

After Looking all my panja posts, these are my Favorites to DIY for Gifts.

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  2. Double Ring  Panja Tutorial from Born in ‘82 here.
  3. Knockoff Alyssa Norton Panja Tutorial from Chic Steals here.
  4. Diamond Shaped  Panja Tutorial from The Perfect Pear here.
  5. Turquoise Bead and Chain Panja Tutorial from into mind here.
  6. Knockoff Luv Aj Panja Tutorial from Honestly…WTF here. 
  7. Beautiful Panja Tutorial from By Hand London here.
  8. Two Panja Tutorials. Left Photo: Delicate Panja from Hey! Look What I Made! here. Right Photo: Triangular Chain Panja from Pop Champagne here.  
  9. Easiest Panja Ever Tutorial from Gloriously Chic here. All you need is a chain necklace.

DIY Basic Handpiece or Panja Tutorial from Plan B Anna Evers here. This is the link for the English version. For a roundup of DIY panjas go here and for over 4 pages of DIY panjas go here: and for 8 pages of body armor/body chains go here:

DIY Chain and Bead Panja/Handpiece and Delicate Rings Tutorials from Always Rooney here. Really easy to understand tutorial. If you like panjas I have a roundup and 3 pages worth of DIYs here: and lots of wire rings and wire wrapping tutorials here: