DIY 10 Knit Classic Sweaters from Diary of a Creative Fanatic. All these curated patterns are free. 6 easy to follow video tutorials are at the bottom of the post for beginners. I really like this site because the roundups of patterns are so carefully picked and the patterns are ones that I would actually want to spend time knitting. 


DIY Comic Book Jeans first seen at Fashionably Geek. These were made by Kirameku (facebook link) for her Boarderlands’ costume. You can see the final costume on her FB page. She used Textilcolor paint and then thinned it for the “watercolor” shadowing seen in the bottom right photo. She says she may post a full tutorial and if she does I will certainly post a link here.

DIY Guide to Dress Necklines from Paper Blog here. For other popular guides go here:


DIY New Circle Skirt App from By Hand London here. The actual app is here. What I really like about this app is after you plug all your data in the app tells you the fabric length required:

with a note to say whether it will fit on a standard 45″ / 115cm width fabric…

or whether you’d be better off using a 60″ / 150cm width fabric…

or perhaps even just going with a shorter skirt length.


DIY SWANTS or Sweater Pants Tutorial. westknits.com/index.php/2013/11/swants-tutorial/ Very funny and informative post. My question: are SWANTS the next big thing or only a fashion trend a thrift store diva could embrace? Are people going to be screaming at you, “SWANTS are NOT pants!” ? Is “SWANTS” going to become a word?


I have made so many vests over the years so here are some examples of my favorite ones. The one with the woven heart is my own and now it’s tattered and dirty making even more beautiful. The black leather vest is one I wish I would have kept for myself but I decided it would make someone else just as happy. It’s probably my favorite I’ve ever made and I have plans to make myself a similar one once I find that perfect black leather vest! All patches made by myself for Poison Apple Printshop.


27 Ways to Tie a Scarf. I can’t believe I found a PDF of Hermès Cards released by Hermès here. There are several sets of cards so you can also google “How to Tie a Hermès Scarf” for more ideas. You can no longer buy the Hermès Knotting (Playtime) cards except on places like EBAY for about $50+.