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Hello All! 

   My name’s Verita & I’m a new admin here on DivineNineLover. I’m a very proud member of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. & crossed Fall 2013. I’m the captain of my ship & love my deuce & ank more than anything. I’m currently a Senior at Bradley University, majoring in marketing with aspirations to become an event planner. 


   I’m here to chat, give advice, & assist in anyway possible. I’m glad to be here & to get to know those who follow, anon & not ;)


anonymous said:

I'm starting my freshman year at college and I'm interested in joining a black sorority but I don't know how. Do you have any tips?

Woot woot congrats on the college acceptance *throws confetti* PArty hard study harder :)

1. Do your research on the sororities if you haven’t picked one. If you have still do your research.

2. Attend as many events that they host on campus

3. Establish yourself/reputation by join other organizations such as student government, black student union depend on the school you go too. These organizations has a lot of social activities so they looking for folks who are willing to put themselves out there.

4. Discretion is I hear when you want to pledge DO NOT LET ANYONE KNOW YOU WANT TO JOIN SORORITY XYZ!

5. attend an Informational/Rush week, so you can find out everything you need know about becoming a member of sorority XYZ.

This is all I know cause I hope this helps for more detailed help on the subject go to divineninelover they can help you better since the blog is actually run by members of these organizations. Good luck boo :)


I love my sisterhood

So I’m from Ohio, but I go to school in Jersey. It happens that I’m home for the summer and am looking to do service with the local chapter. I reached out to a Soror from Theta chapter and immediately we began talking like old friends. We spoke for a couple of hours and by the end of our conversation I couldn’t help but be grateful that I had chosen such an illustrious organization.

Soror Anita and Soror Connie said “We all join for different reasons, but we stay for the sisterhood.” They could not be more correct and it really is the little things.

I love my AKA