Watching Videos on tumblr
  • *person gets hurt*
  • Me:oh my god
  • Me:oh my--my god did they just?...
  • Me:oh my god i really want to laugh but oh god i dont know if i should
  • Me:haha, oh god thats so hahaha god thats fucking hahha awful
  • Me:Aww omg shes really bahahahahaha
  • Me:bahahahahahahahaha
  • Me:......
  • Me:......
  • Me......
  • Me....
  • Me:but oh my god shes crying.....
  • Me:.......
  • Me:......
  • Me:....... Bahhahahaha thats fucking halarious *reblog*
  • Me:Sigh* i wonder if shes alive?


I made this album because, i feel its about time i started getting used to myself and loving myself because evidently im stuck with me.

Its time that i started treating my mind and my body the way im supposed too, not inflicting pain on myself, bringing myself down, and not believing in myself.

the days of me doing that are over.

I hit the 22 pound mark today and im actually really happy. I’ve gotten down to a number i hadn’t been in in a while and im hoping to keep going down. 

these pictures start of from december and although i dont feel like much change has taken place, by face does look a little different. 

so this is to me, loving myself, and getting over the shit i dont like and working to make it better. 

you go bitch,


I think I want to start cutting again or take up smoking because I need to deal and I can’t remember how to deal. I can’t remember how to.keep my feet on the ground and tears out if my eyes.

This really attractive guy asked me for my number today. He was really pretty with green eyes and short blonde hair, he was VERY fit probably around 18ish. He asked me for my number and told me i was pretty. My mouth said thank you but my brain said there must be something wrong with you. Anyways i said i didnt have a phone even though when he walked up to me i was scrolling through twitter.

I must like being alone