Top 25 POC goth/punk/alternative bands.

Hey Big Bats! As I’m looking at the POCs in goth/punk/alt music masterpost and loving all of your suggestions, I thought I’d share some personal favorites. Keep in mind that this is purely my opinion, so if a band you like is off the list, name it in the comments! These all have at least one or several peeps of color. In random order:

  1. Thrill Kill Kult - “Daisy Chain 4 Satan” can go on a loop forever as far as I’m concerned. I really enjoy how their sound alternates from soft to harsh.
  2. Blasphemy - the first Black Metal band I ever encountered with an actual black musician, Caller of the Storms.
  3. O. Children - again, Tobi O’Kandi is not a black Ian Curtis. He is Tobi O’Kandi. Still, their voices are equally morose and the band’s sound is reminiscent of the late 70s.
  4. Plastique Noir - this band magnifies feelings of darkness and gloom… like it’s on some sort of superior Goth level. 
  5. Dream Theater - definitely role playing music. And, in my opinion, a much better alternative to Cradle of Filth.
  6. Android Lust - hauntingly beautiful vocals by Shikhee to industrial instrumentals.
  7. Bat for Lashes - Natasha Khan evokes dreamy melancholy with ethereal sounds.
  8. Bad Brains - this band introduced me, in addition to many others, to the literal definition of Afropunk.
  9. Death - ridiculously influential and important.
  10. Hirax - highly underrated band with Katon De Pena. Influenced bands like Cannibal Corpse and Darkthrone.
  11. Tamar Kali - first knew her through “Boot” featured in the Afropunk documentary. Would love to see her rise and eagerly await more of her powerful words.
  12. TMGE - I just like these guys.
  13. Gogol Bordello - highly original and led by absolute sickos.
  14. Ego Fall - tradition and steel.
  15. Jimi Hendrix - told myself I wouldn’t add this, but you know what? Duh.
  16. Animals as Leaders - you sickos converted me. Thanks!
  17. Bodycount - Ice-T has a metal band.
  18. Kanon Wakeshima - in a playlist, I like mixing it in with a bit of Rasputina and Emilie Autumn.
  19. Maximum the Hormone - this band does not even come close to taking themselves seriously and that is beautiful.
  20. Fishbone - this band has all the labels.
  21. Skindred - Benji Webbe exudes such extreme energy it’s contagious.
  22. Angelspit - Amelia Tan spouts humorous lyrics with a sting. I’ve always had a soft spot for this band… or rather, a sour one?
  23. X-Ray Spex - Poly Styrene marked this world. She is an idol.
  24. Gallhammer - they sound as good as they look. And, I think they look beyond awesome.
  25. Deftones - this band is life.

What are your favorite bands with peeps of color?

You are my OTP

Not since Merlin and Eureka have I had hope that my interracial ship might become canon. It’s almost never a concern when my ship is a white pairing because 95% of the time they happen (even if it’s just temporary it still happens)

     I have left fandoms like Merlin Eureka, The Vampire diaries, Star Trek, Fantastic Four because of the ridiculous treatment of their WOC leads especially when these women get too close to WM Leads.

    I guess she’s lucky they haven’t permanently killed her off like Reece (Taraji) on Persons of Interest. But you will hear the fandom wail like no other if they actually pair up Damon and Bonnie.

When it comes to TV:

   Bonnie is one of the best more powerful witches portrayed on tv in modern day, yet since the early days (white) fandom has disliked her. While the other female cast members had multiple relationships, Bonnie got none. She has been banished , gone or dead for most of every season. And when they finally let her have a love interest, it’s the little brother… and he cheats on her.

    Now sometimes TPTB hint that your ship is endgame, as they did in Stargate Atlantis. From episode 1 it was clear Teyla and John would be the OTP. So what happened. There was a WF that ‘some’ of the fandom thought would be a “better match” for the white male lead.

    This lead to one of the worst Shipper wars I’ve ever witnessed in fandom (Yup, worse than TVD Stephen/Elaina/Damon). When they killed of the WF lead, half the fandom lost their minds and refused to acknowledge the remaining 2 season.

     So when the series was ended to revamp with a new Stargate, TPTB never gave the fans their John/Teyla ship. They put out the outline for the final season/movie that would have had them ending up together, but the fans never got to enjoy it. The official books made them a couple in the end.

    So if your waiting for your couple/ship to be endgame, don’t wait too long. There’s no guarantee your show will make it for several seasons.

Let’s talk movies for a moment:

   Even the fabulous Halle Berry isn’t immune. Why would TPTB cut her love scene with Wolverine, but still show flashbacks of him with Jean Gray. SMH.

   You would think Fandom would be excited to have the beautiful Jessica Alba star in the Fantastic Four… But no! She wasn’t white enough for the fandom. They wanted a real white woman and preferably a natural blond.

Thanks Grant and Tom:

    I’m so glad that these actors are supporting their leading ladies. There will continue to be push back from Snowberry shippers against Westallen. But I am determined to stick with the fandom. I see the tide turning, as CP proves herself giving the anti-Iris crowd little to complain about.

    And I an SO proud of the SH fandom for sticking up for NB, Abbie and Team Witness. I don’t know what TPTB were thinking when they tried to whitewash the show by sidelining it’s POC characters. I hope they’ve learned a valuable lesson.

   I for one love to see diversity on TV, and it seems the tides are changing as far as audience goes. Yes there will be some WP who don’t want to see a diverse cast or interracial pairing. But most of us don’t care. We want good TV, with good casting, writing, acting, and CHEMISTRY!

Geena Davis Institute on Gender and Media

Hello Tumblr people!

So here’s a new blog that you all should follow — gdigm!!!

Founded by Academy Award®-winning actor and advocate Geena Davis, the Institute is the only research-based organization working within the media and entertainment industry to engage, educate, and influence the need to dramatically improve, gender balance reduce stereotyping and create diverse female characters in entertainment targeting children 11 and under.

So if you are interested in feminism, media, diversity etc…definitely follow. We just ventured into the world of tumblr and need all the followers we can get!


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The Torch has been passed! #FlameOn  (via michaelbjordan)

Diary of an aspiring comic book writer 2

So this series is actually going to be added to a blog with it’s own website name and everything! I think I will still post it on here because I love my tumblr but who knows. I really want to build a space for us aspiring comic book writers to talk so thank you all for reading this, it seriously means so much to me. If you want to read this series on my website you can go to SergioBuxo.com and enjoy it here. If this series vanishes from this blog totally I’ll likely at least mention it so people can come look there. 

So Last week I caught up on some animated shows I had been missing up on. I watched every episode I could of Steven Universe (Time Warner’s on Demand thing is actually cool) and I’ve been watching some Legend of Korra as well. Both shows are really brilliant from a narrative stand point but I think they excel at making really cool characters. They are very inspiring as a writer and gave me hope for the future of animated TV. Even with Korra being over and Steven Universe having trouble these shows lasted long enough to prove an audience exists for quality narrative driven shows. Steven Universe doesn’t require you to watch everything in order but the evens do all happen in an order and do effect future episodes. Korra on the other hand is pretty much an anime made by america’s like the last air bender was. The second season is a lot weaker but I look forward to watching the third and fourth seasons where I’ve been promised we get a lot more awesome. I hope I can do what these shows do with their characters in my story. They manage to grab a cast of 4 main characters with a highlight on one “more special” one but give everyone some time to shine. Then they both follow it up with solid supporting cast members that also feel distinct, fun, and it’s easy for them to also become a favorite. While I have lots of characters, basic plot lines for them, and all that good stuff I haven’t really thought of how they fit in to the day to day. These shows are inspiring me to do that because I feel like it’s very important to have a defined cast.  

So all that being said i’m still working on my final draft of my first issue. I’m really enjoying how this draft is coming out but I’ll have some people go over it before I call it a wrap anyway since I think I’m funnier then I actually am. Outside of that I am trying a lot harder to map out what characters roles are outside my main character. How do they interact with one another, where do they talk, where are their arcs going, at the end of these arcs do they still fit the group. I started creating a page where I listed characters I know are intended to interact or have some kind of previous relationship. I want to plan out how they relate to one another or what they experienced together. My world is a world blooming into magic, it was something in the shadows of the world, rare, unknown. The events that happen to the hero are just the first in many events. So over the course of the story we find people who had powers before, who don’t ever get powers, and tons of people who just gained powers. I started fleshing out the ideas for the path of my second main character Fiona. I created a list of events that lead into her bigger character arc. These events are likely not to start really having their wheels turn into a year of the comic being out in the world. I am planned very far ahead in terms of major beats since I want the events to always be leading to something major. While I want to make this world I don’t want to go with the old school comics way of making it up as you go then sturggling to piece things togehter.  While writing this actually the thought of diversity came to me too. I had these characters set one way but then I have to look at the character regardless of what or who they are might be based on. I really want to bring in a character of middle eastern descent since it’s so hard to find positive portrayals of people from the region. I have an idea of who to change since she is a main cast member I’m considering changing and I think she will end up being my middle eastern character.  

This weeks comic pull had some manga thrown in. I read Spider-verse team up 3, capture creatures 2, Vol 1 of WataMote, and Spider-man and the X-men 2. I plan on doing a full blown review of No Matter How I look at it, It’s you guys’ fault I’m not Popular! (WataMote) but I still want to talk about how brilliant this series is. It’s a slice of life kind of series but in a perspective we have never really actually seen before, a nerdy Japanese girl. The story is totally relatable to nerds of every sex and from many cultures.  I thought that maybe something trying to take that view point would not be able to reach so many people but the humor really works for so many people I know coming from all sorts of places in geekdom. It’s very inspiring in terms of voice. Nico Tanigawa gives Tomoko a very distinct voice that really makes her feel like she is a lived person. Capture Creatures sadly still hasn’t gripped me yet, I think this series needs to be read in a trade since at issue two it’s still world building. I have a feel for the characters but nothing is happening in the story. I should be the audience for this book but I think it needs time to pick up it’s feet and that the writer might of wanted to consider starting a another point and flashing back to these moments. If I can say anything it taught me to make sure I’m not building my stories too much with information I know and leaving my readers behind. The Spider-man books were varying in quality. I didn’t enjoy the Spider-girl Uncle Ben Story but the first story in the book was a nice little tease to the next part of Spider-verse.  I really enjoy the odd ball cast of Spider-man and The X-men and the light tone. I like my Spider-man without a lot of drama and it has that. It has a lot of good elements going in, I think I’ll keep following it but It’s not on my pull list yet. 


Teadle #29: Oprah

*Teadle in order to celebrate the 61st birthday of one of the most powerful women in the world.

Teadle #30: Aladdin

*Inspired by a suggestion by qinni on instagram, but added my own little twist. Aladdin’s from the disney interpretation and the orginal story from One thousand and one nights