prettylittlefingerz said: Basil pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, and pineapple! That’s the perfect combination.

Omg, yesss, I love that combination as well! - pineapple, I’ve never been fond of using fruit when I cook, except for strawberries in sallads. (If they count as a fruit, hah)

diverdido said: guacamole and corn

Oh, guacamole i a great suggestion! Will try!

diverdido replied to your post:Honestly I need to learn Spanish just to watch the…

you should rewatch some of your favorite matches in spanish, you would learn fast because you are seeing what they are talking about. the one i find very fun to listen to is alberto jesús lópez

YES I just watched a video of him and I didnt recognize the name but I recognized the voice he’s the BEST!

And I’ve picked up a little bit because I watch the Spanish broadcasts when no one else is watching like during the regular season or the Euro Cup and actualy Brazil Chile yesterday too, but my family always wants to watch the english one, so that’s what we’re watching now