haley-bird said:

OK. Gotta call bullshit on that Netherlands Butterflyfish pic. That is a Copperband Butterfly fish that only lives in tropical waters such as Australia and Singapore. No way in hell did somebody see one while diving in the Netherlands, hell the article even states that it is cold water diving. I have personally kept this fish, and if the water temp went below the high 70's he went pale. Not blaming you or anything, just super pissed because of inaccuracy and such

Oop. Well… hmm. Not all that familiar with butterfly fish, but hey, good to know! Inaccuracies can be infuriating, and (in some cases, not necessarily this one) can lead to misrepresentation, and/or harm, in animal care.
Now that you point it out it does seem a bit ridiculous that one would claim to find a tropical fish in dive conditions where you’d need a dry suit…

You’re more than welcome to hop over to diveadvisor and let them know, or leave a comment on their IG!! Someone should inform them so more aren’t misled! ^.^