My Diva DuoTangle Phicops and DivaDance Challenge Entry

My Diva DuoTangle Phicops and DivaDance Challenge Entry

My Diva DuoTangle Phicops and DivaDance Challenge Entry

DuoTangle Phicops and DivaDance Challenge Entry, Pen, © Diane Clancy

DuoTangle Phicops and DivaDance: Phicops, DivaDance, Diva-Dance Waltz, Diva-Dance Foxtrot, Diva-Dance Rock ‘n Roll

DuoTangle Phicops and DivaDance Challenge

Each week the Diva puts out a challenge for folks to make their representation of her idea. This week is the Weekly…

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Me and my parents moved three years ago into two storey flat in the 6th floor. It is located few minutes away from the centre of Prague, area called Žižkov. Before that we lived in a “normal” flat in which my brother lives now with his girlfriend. To get back to my “home, sweet home”. It is not rented, so that means we (well, not me yet) own this place. Like i said, it is two storey apartment, which could be divaded - Mine storey and Parents storey, which i find really satisfying, because i get a lot of privacy in here, that means i do not have parents in my room all the time. 
My room is really tiny but all fits perfectly in here. I have huge bed, huge closet ( which i in fact find super small), few drawers, table, chair, television and air conditioner which appeared really handy, according to the fact we live in a 6th floor. And all these things i got in my little doghouse. Most of the time my room is messy, but i find it cozy anyway. I have four walls (so my room is not any eccentric pentagon), three of them are clear white and one of them has some dandelion painting or something like that.

What i genuinely do not like about this place, is an area where is my home located. I am not rasist, but i really do not feel safe when i go home after dark. Lots of homeless and drunk people are hanging around, begging for money as well. That is really what get me “goom bumbs” all over my body. But that is a usuall problem between blocks of flats, which are so popular in Czech republic. At least it is not the only type of housing in here.

In the UK they do not feel it the same way. They mostly live in terraced houses. That are the ones which are build in a row. Another type of housing are deteched houses. They stay by itself and you do not share even a bit of your house. They got block of flats as well but they do not build it with panels like we do, they use bricks.

On the other hand USA, if i am talking about bigger cities, likes condos. That means that all of home residents make one group, which own tho whole house. Another dominant housing in America would be ranch-style houses, usually made from wood.

So there will always be this question. Should i buy it or just rent it? I got a simple answer for this. It all depends on these two things. I would like to buy a house, when i feel like i do not want to move anywhere else, and i would want to begin new chapter of my life there - Family. And other thing is that you can buy the house, and rent it to someone else and try to get the full price of the house back and maybe some extra cash.