[S] Meulin’s Tea Party

On Nepeta’s request, Equius partakes in a tea party with Meulin.

[Happy Easter and Happy 420 everyone!]

Equius || Meulin || Nepeta

Homestuck, Equius Zahhak, Meulin Leijon and Nepeta Leijon © Andrew Hussie


My 4/13 cosplayer-appreciation/update video! :,D 

featuring ArtfulImpersonator, DitjykotchInc, and Kyokugen Cosplay ^^


GoRiLLaZ:  Home For The Holiday

Murdoc || 2-D || Paula || Ron Ron

Join 2D, Murdoc, Paula and Ron Ron in this [late] Christmas special.
Listen to Murdoc’s rendition of “T’was the Night Before Christmas” and enjoy what will most likely be a new Holiday tradition.

Jamie Hewlett & Gorillaz Partnership © Murdoc Niccals, 2-D, Paula Cracker and all other mentioned Gorillaz concepts


[S] Sollux and Karkat: Dinner Date + Romance Movie Part 1/2

In which Sollux makes delicious nachos, troll babies skittles are tossed everywhere and they watch Pride and Prejudice.

Karkat || Sollux

Andrew Hussie © Homestuck, Sollux Captor, Karkat Vantas, and all other mentioned characters

Sollux Squeaky Kisses.

//sollux & karkat kissing//

S: -kisskisskiss-…//squeak//
K: -laughs- //stops kissing//
S- what?
S: fuck
S: fuck my liife
(ditjykotchinc you crack me up.. :o) )

Finally back on Tumblr!

I know that nobody sees my tumblr but I feel like sharing my excitement! I just now realized ( i know. slow right? ) that my favorite cosplay group (ditjykotch-inc​)  is here on tumblr!! AHH SO EXCITE. I found this out and i was like:

me: *silence*

me: *silence*


my mom: Kady… chill.

so that’s how that went. Is you guys at ditjykotch-inc see this i love all of you guys’s work and i wish that i could somehow meet or talk to you. Y’all are awesome.

Goodnight everyone~

It’s been a long night but I can sleep happy now.I met two lovely people that I look up to on Omegle and they made my night. Thank you you two, you made my night go from me thinking everyone hated me to “DOFGSFDKSDFHDKG WOOHOO!” or something along those lines ^///^”…but anyway Thank you to anybody who actually stayed a little to talk with me. You are all lovely people  <3 
Goodnight my friends,


D —> The even took place when I was a f001 of a wiggler
D —> I disregarded my own strength in an activity 
D —> Which I intend to keep a private matter
D —> I endured the pain and complications of my thoughtless mistake
D —> I still feel it, now and then
D —> Those tinges of pain serve as a reminder
D —> I now have many friends, and a moirail to 100k after
D —> Never again will I lose track of my STRONGNESS
D —> No one will suffer the misplaced pain of my hand again
D —> I will not repeat the a%ident 


[S] Equius: Accompany Aradia on an Adventure

Equius and Aradia go on an adventure together with bee shenanigans, burrowing creatures and STRONG jumps.

[PART 2]


Aradia || Equius

Andrew Hussie © Homestuck, Equius Zahhak, Aradia Megido and all other mentioned characters.


[S] Equius & Karkat: Autumn Shenanigans

It’s FALL!

Equius || Karkat

Andrew Hussie © Karkat Vantas, Equius Zahhak, Homestuck, and all other mentioned characters