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Matthew J. Levin: Grotesque and Macabre Creatures

"Mr Levin’s portraiture is both quirky and mesmerizing. Each of his little sculptural sketches becomes a three-dimensional snapshot of the bizarre.  Just as the eyes in a classical portrait are meant to "follow" you through the room, so will these disquieting Homunculi."

Guillermo del Toro
Pan’s Labyrinth, Hellboy


Chinese artist Xue Jiye’s Intense Paintings of Contorted Human Figures

Xue Jiye, one of China’s most important contemporary artists, is a creative surrealist painter, full of ideas. “I have too many things in my mind, I just don’t have enough time to paint them all,” says the artist. The North-eastern Chinese painter and sculptor captivates viewers with his imagination and visionary power.

Xue does not like to be classified as a particular kind or type of painter. He says that it is important for artists to depict things in their own unique and original artist’s language. Xue’s style has evolved a lot over the past 10 years. And he predicts more changes in the future. But the artist is consistent in the purpose of his paintings – he paints because he has the urge to paint. And the subject matter of his paintings emerges from that need. When creating, Xue prefers to allow himself a lot of freedom. “I work in a surreal style in my paintings because it gives me more space.” The artist says that “reality has become boring,” and he feels numb from society. So his mind stretches beyond reality into the world of dreams and imagination.

Terrifying photo reveals the moment a woman climbed onto her roof to hide from home intruder only for him to appear behind her.

Police arrived on the scene just minutes after Rivera’s frantic call as she hid beneath an eave of the roof. An area blogger snapped a photo just as the intruder, later ID’d by police as 29-year-old Christian Hicks, lurched onto the roof behind her.