9-year-old Muslim boy head was smashed to the ground by security guard in Sweden. He was so frightened, he raised his index finger and said the Shahadah. On the night of Friday 6th February, two Muslim boys were stopped by security guards at the main station in Malmö. It is alleged that the boys took a train without a ticket.
What started as a dialogue, the incident escalated when one of the guards grabbed the youngest of the boys. The boy, born in 2005, according to the police report only nine years old tried to escape but the security guard responded by throwing him down on the floor and sat on him. According to a witness the security guard smashed the boy’s head into the pavement so hard that it echoes throughout the waiting area. That’s when the witness and his friend rushed forward and begin filming the incident. The recording shows how the security guard sits on the boy’s chest and pressed his gloved hand over his mouth and nose.
The boy looks to gasp for air. With tears in his voice he shouts out the Shahadah; “I bear witness that there is no deity but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.”
The investigation is ongoing.