At the age of 12, Howard Dully was subjected to the unnecessary procedure of a lobotomy, thanks in part to his stepmother, who couldn’t handle a normal pre-teen boy. Dr. Walter Freeman claimed that Howard had childhood schizophrenia, when other doctors that have seen him never came to that diagnosis. It has taken Howard decades to recover from the surgery. He lived his life in institutions, he was incarcerated, homeless and even an alcoholic. He finally sobered up and got a college degree. He has since researched what happened to him and has even written his memoirs, with the help of Charles Flemming. He is now a talk show host on National Public Radio, where he speaks to other lobotomy victims.

This is the X-ray of a young woman who was murdered by her husband of a few years. They had both worked on the same golfing range. The husband murdered her due to her sexual relationships with other women. He then partook in postmortem mutilation. He stabbed golf tees into her face and stabbed her under her chin with a pen. He then shoved a kitchen knife inside her genitalia and pushed a golf ball inside her. X-rays show the knife and golf ball inside her genitalia.


This disturbing audio is taken directly from 911 calls made by Paul Michael Stephani, who was also known as the “Weepy-Voiced Killer.” He earned this nickname for his emotional phone calls to police following his murders.