Story Time


           so 2 weeks before christmas, there was a 15 year old girl named Bella who loved christmas, and wanted to have the best christmas miricale ever!! Bella lived her life normaly, hard working in school, and had her best friends with her all the time. she had a good life, or so she thought. she was in high school, and her cousin Julia and her had to live with eachother, because her cousins parents died in a car crash. they were like sisters, always talked about school, friends, drama and anything else two girls could talk about! her and her cosuin shared friends too. they had different opinons on friends, but always talked with the same people. There was this one boy they both liked named Roy, and so did their best friend, Nicole. Nicole was this really skinny, long brown haired lovely girl that anyone would die for, and she was trying to get Roy to like her, and it very much seemed like it was working. one day Roy showed up at Bella’s house, and told them he already ordered Pizza for all of them. he knew Nicole was there, and he stayed their for the whole day into night. He was all over Nicole, and everyone was so excited to see them kiss sometime soon. Even though both Bella and Julia liked Roy, they were somewhat happy for her, getting roy. But when Nicole went to the Bathroom, Roy leaned over Julia and gave her a kiss. Bella was shocked! she knew Nicole really liked Roy, and they all did in a matter of fact, but she was really mad Roy didn’t choose Her. Bella just got up and waited for Nicole. Julia scremed at her, and so did Roy and they both begged Bella not to tell Nicole, but her mind was set. She walked towards the bathroom, and heard screaming, from the room she just left. she saw Roy screaming, and Julia’s makeup was all down her face. he bursted out of the door, and saw the pizza man had arrived. He didn’t care and just drove hoom. Julia was crying a lot, and was making a whole scene, and the pizza man was about to leave, when Bella paied for the pizza. He offered to stay and help, but they said it was okai. he took out a big rose, and handed it to Julia. she got a little bit happier and said he could stay. They ate pizza, and talked. Julia got really happy, and startyed to like the pizza guy. His name was Michale. he told them that he went to their school, and so now they saied they would be friends. Nicole went over to Roys house and got with him, and they started having a thing, she didn’t even know if they were dating or not. Bella was really upset, she stilled liked Roy a lot, and Michael seemed like a really nice guy, she would love to date him, but he obvosley liked Julia, and she did too. 

                        A few weeks later, Roy asked Nicole out, and Michale asked Julia out, and Bell was always just their. she was always sad and wanted someone to talk to. she wasn’t much of an outgoing person, and really was a nice girl. a Month later, Michale introduced everyone to his brother, James. James was on a trip to Paris for the school, and just got back. James was a little bit younger then Michael, but more mature, nice, and friendlier.so Bella thought this was her chance, to get toghter with James, and thats all she did for the next week was talk to James. She liked him, but was a bit of an ass at times, but she didn’t care. one day, weh, JuLia and Bella were about to leave, James called in Bella to give her something. she came inside and told her to wait for a few minutes until he was ready. so she sat in the living room with a big smile on her face. after a minute she was getting to excited, and couldnt wait anylonger. so she was about to peak, when someone touched her shoulder and forcefuly turned her around. automaticly the person kissed her, and she knew it was james, and started kissing him back. she got really happy, and after a nice long kiss she opened her eyes with the biggest smile! But, when she did she saw Michael, not James! so she  jumped and screamed! she was really confused, and Michael covered her mouth, and told her to calm down, and just to follow him. they went to the room James went to before, and saw him kissing Julia!!!!she was really confused, and then Michael explained. He said all along, that he had liked bella, not Julia, and he just was really nice to Julia, cuz he felt bad, and so he went as far as he can, and then asked his friend james to fake be his brother, so he can date Bella! she was shocked, but didnt care and kissed him!! she was so happy, and realized he was what she wanted all along, and she was so happy! she went to Julia, and she was very happy to hear it to!!! they both smiled, and hugged eachother, and went to their boyfrined, Bella, and Michael, and Julia, and james! they ened up together for a long time, and the loved eachother for the rest of the time, and was happy with their christmas Miricale!!