Dear Friends,

I’m getting in touch to let you know that Pioneers Press is at a crossroads. The meritless lawsuit that Microcosm Publishing has brought against us is crippling our distro. Our lawyer is asking for more money to continue our defense, and our bills are going unpaid. We’ve struggled with how to present this information because we know it’s a turn-off to get pleas for help like this. But we also want you to know that we are at a critical point. We’ve been barely scraping by for a while, but this week we’ve reached an all-time low: the utilities have begun to be shut off and we are short on rent for the farm. As Pioneers Press sales have been the sole support for the animal rescues of the Hard Fifty Farm, it’s crucial that we not continue on this path.  We’ve decided to deeply discount a bunch of our stock in hopes that we’ll be able to keep the lights on and pay down invoices. Depending on how that goes, we will reassess to see if it’s feasible for us to keep the distro side of Pioneers Press running while we try to fight the lawsuit. If we’re able to save our distro (with your help!) you can still expect changes in how we operate, as we challenge traditional distribution and publishing models in search of new and better ways to support independent writers and publishers.  We still believe in indie publishing and even if Pioneers Press goes down, we have every intention to keep writing, keep publishing, and keep fighting. But man, it would sure be great if we could keep up the fight with Pioneers Press! We’ve got some great stuff on our site right now, and we hope some of you will take advantage of this sale to start (or grow!) your own zine libraries or distros. Up the distros! Thank you so much for your ongoing support, in all its varied forms!  <3 Jessie Duke, Pioneers Press http://pioneerspress.com/catalog/subject/save_our_ship_sale
I'm starting a zine distro and I WANT YOUR WRITING!

got a zine? thinking about making a zine? have some writing laying around waiting to be read? TALK TO ME.

I’m working towards starting a DIY distro/press for creative writing and art (you can interpret “art” however way you want) of course, nothing containing any sexist/racist/transphobic/queerphobic content or anything that promotes oppressive behavior.

if you are AT ALL interested in contributing please shoot me an email: alyssarorke@gmail.com

Your choice are here
Blackmaster 39-44

Price 220.000

Sms/wa. : 085722249209
Bbm. : 5497BA51
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Follow our instagram @ventistshop , we update everyday

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Whoa, okay. So here’s the deal — I should have an ALL-NEW, ALL-USER-FRIENDLY, 101% 21st CENTURY distro website online sometime in January. It’s going to be a lot of work, so please bear with me. Meanwhile, I’m pasting in a list of new stuff below. Feel free to order. Sorry no pics or descriptions, those will appear on the new site when it’s up. Thank you for your patience, and for your continued support!

John P.


Added December 22, 2014:

David B.: Incidents in the Night (Uncivilized) - $20

Olive BOOGER: Crash Trash (Oily) - $1

Simon BOSSÉ: Loiterers (Conundrum) - $18

Jon CHADURJIAN: The Bad-ventures of Bobo Backslack (Adhouse) - $15

Chris CILLA: Luncheonette/Labyrinthectomy (Revival House) - $5

Chris CILLA: Stun Nuts #10 (Sardine Can Press) - $3

Max CLOTFELTER: Buster - $1

Max CLOTFELTER: Andros 5 + 6 - $2 each

Antoine COSSÉ: Harold (Retrofit/Big Planet) - $6

Eleanor DAVIS: How to be Happy (Fantagraphics) - $25

Theo ELLSWORTH: The Understanding Monster Book Two (Secret Acres) - $22

Devin FLYNN: Hawd Tales #1 (Revival House) - $5

Kelly FROH: Nasty Day - $3

Kelly FROH: This Body is a Lemon - $3

Réal GODBOUT: Amerika (Conundrum) - $20

Trevor GRABILL: Another Instant (Flat Mountain Press) - $4

Trevor GRABILL: Paper Garden (Flat Mountain Press) - $3

Trevor GRABILL: Seven Mental Knots (Flat Mountain Press) - $1

Trevor GRABILL: Travel Drawings 2013 (Flat Mountain Press) - $4

Alex HOLDEN: West Side Improvements (Uncivilized) - $5

I HOPE THIS FINDS YOU WELL: Cartoonist Interviews ed. by Dan Stafford (Kilgore) - $12

Jess JOHNSON: Forward Looking Statement (Paper Rocket) - $2

Megan KELSO: Cats in Service - $10

Akino KONDOH: Nothing Whatsoever Out in the Open (Retrofit/Big Planet) - $6

KU(Š)! #19: (Various) Mathematics - $12

Mini KUŠ #22: Oskars Pavlovskis “Lucky” - $5

Mini KUŠ #23: Ruta & Anete Daubure “Domino” - $5

Mini KUŠ #24: Anna Vaivare “Swimming Pool” - $5

Mini KUŠ #25: Roope Eronen “Magnetism” - $5

Mini-KUŠ #26 Jyrki Heikkinen “Little Hilma” - $5

Mini-KUŠ #27 Jesse Jacobs “Mathematical Solutions for a Global Crisis” - $5

Mini-KUŠ #28 Zane Zlemesa “Collector” - $5

Mini-KUŠ #29 Disa Wallander “Remember This?” - $5

Tim LANE: Happy Hour in America #1 + 2 (restock) - $4

Tim LANE: Happy Hour in America #4 (restock) - $5

Nick MAANDAG: The Libertarian (Pigeon Press, new edition) - $9

Jason MARTIN: Covers - $3

Joe OLLMANN/Andy BROWN: Milo and Sam (Conundrum) - $2

Grant REYNOLDS: Don’t Try to Save Me #2 - $3

Keiler ROBERTS: Powdered Milk #11-13 - $2 each

Ben SEA: Eyelash Out (Retrofit/Big Planet) - $4

Aron Nels STEINKE: Mr. Wolf #3 - $5

Liz SUBURBIA: Cyanide Milkshake #5 - $2

TINY REPORT: 2013 Micro-Press Yearbook (Paper Rocket) - $3

TUSEN HJÄRTEN STARK #2 (Various, Domino Books) - $3

Malachi WARD: Ritual #3 “Vile Decay” (Revival House) - $7

Nathan WARD: Fun-O-Planet - Failed Alien - $5

Scout WOLFCAVE/Penina GAL: Limp Wrist (Paper Rocket) - $4





Phillip Laudino (read his chapbook here)
Hannah Roe (student organizer poems)
Alyssa Rorke (something about 90s pop music)


new tape out now!!

3rd? 4th show ever? !!!

just gets better and better

7pm // $5



Rachel Ang (melbourne, australia)
Katie Bennett (forever on tour)
Megan Manowitz (brooklyn, ny)
Jim Joyce (chicago, il)
Stephanie Knipe (purchase, ny)
Heather Levinsky (long island, ny)
Charlotte Shreve (newark, de)
Edy Modica (new york, ny)
Cynthia Schemmer (philly, pa)
Alyssa Giannini (olympia, wa)
MK RIX (new brunswick, nj)
Alyssa Rorke (new brunswick, nj)
Sara Sutterlin (montreal, quebec)
Lauren Lamatina (montclair, nj)
Cara Petrokonis (mayfield, pa)
Elisa Chaudet (purchase, ny)
Josh Didriksen (rockaway, nj)
Maira McDermott (san francisco, ca)


Sparkplug and Retrofit, together at last!  We’re pleased to announce Sparkplug has begun distroing a small selection of Retrofit books in our store.  Hopefully we’ll be adding more in the future, but for now please check out and enjoy:

Theth by Josh Bayer

Bear, Bird and Stag by Madeleine Flores

The Ignatz Award winning Wicked Chicken Queen by Sam Alden

Keep Fresh by Zejian Shen


New comics up at Spit and a Half!!!

Added July 10, 2014:

Antony HUCHETTE: Brookyln Quesadillas (Conundrum) -$15

INSECT BATH #1 (Various Artists, Profanity Hill) -$4

Jesse JACOBS: Safari Honeymoon (Koyama) -$15

KU(Š) #16 - “Villages” (Various Artists) -$12

KU(Š) #17 - “Sweet Romance” (Various Artists) -$12

Mini-KUŠ #18: Michael Jordan “No Place To Stay” — $5

Mini-KUŠ #19: Berliac “Inverso” — $5

Mini-KUŠ #20: Jean De Wet “Crater Lake” — $5

Mini-KUŠ #21: Renata Gasiorowska “Jungle Night” — $5


Some recommended springtime reading from the Pioneers Press catalog! Part 3

This new zine takes circus coloring book images and tweaks them to show the cruelties of circus life for animals. See a few images below! Perfect for handing out next time the circus comes to your town!

$2.50, Circus Fun, coloring zine


From the author of our favorite new memoir, Everybody Else’s Girl, comes a sweet little $1 zine collecting self-care tips. Sarah Rose’s Better Days: Stuff that helps with all this anxiety is about things that have worked for her; it’s about how she’s pulled out of dark spots and the specific things she’s done to lift up, up, and away. Full of (in Sarah’s words) “coping and comfort,” Better Days will leave you feeling like there are options and realistic ideas and (above all) power when you’re feeling powerless to anxiety.

$1, Better Days


ompiled by Jonas (of Fixer Eraserzine and formerly of Cheer the Eff Up) SRVIV (read: “survive”) is a collection of pieces on self-care, fixing yourself, survival, finding comfort, facing your past and your demons (and your past demons) and various forms/modes/ways of coping. The theme is “what gets you out of bed in the morning,” the contributions ranging from totally heartbreaking to about as life-affirmingly inspiring as it gets. At 68 pages this zine will give you a lot to dig through and you’ll feel better for it at the end of the day.



Reggie Martinez’s Think Tank DIY is one of the funniest, craziest publications we’ve come across in ages. In this, his first published release, Martinez dreams up great business ideas he doesn’t actually want to do and puts them out there for anyone who wants to take them on. Basically: it’s an up-for-grabs list of new careers, art ideas, and schemes.

$2.50, Think Tank DIY


You won’t find poetry zines in the Pioneers Press catalog too often but when you do rest assured that it’s some good, substantial, heavy pay-off stuff. Gravity Kills is a poetry zine from Quitter author Trace Ramsey and it packs a punch that’ll stick in your bones for a while. Vivid, lean, and heavily detailed, Trace’s poetry is close cousins to his prose. You won’t regret the two bucks it takes to own this one …

$2, Gravity Kills


$4, Body Conscious Birth Control

This thorough and informative zine gives a responsible walkthrough of FAM—Fertility Awareness Method. FAM teaches you to use fertility signs as a highly accurate form of birth control (more accurate than condoms when used correctly!). Body Conscious Birth Control is such a great resource about this empowering topic of reclaiming fertility, and is complete with helpful diagrams and drawings, not to mention your own blank fertility chart!


Hey Friends! If you are going to be anywhere near Lawrence, Kansas this week, head over to the Wonder Fair Gallery to help us celebrate the launch of our Hard Fifty Farm Zine Mobile! 

Here are the hours the zine mobile will be showing this week: 

            June 26: 9 PM - Midnight (coincides with Girls In Front music showcase @ Wonder Fair Gallery)

June 27: 6 PM - 10 PM (coincides with YWAs: Young Women Artists exhibition opening reception @ Wonder Fair Gallery)

June 28: 10 AM - 7 PM 

June 29: 11 AM - 5 PM Special Zine Mobile Launch party!


The little pop-up oasis in front of the Wonder Fair Gallery

803 Massachusetts Street

Lawrence, KS 66044

Go here for more info! https://www.facebook.com/events/650621208357355/?ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular


New stuff up at the distro today:

Mark CONNERY: Rudy (2D Cloud) -$22

Nick MAANDAG: Facility Integrity (Pigeon Press) -$10

Corinne MUCHA: Get Over It (Secret Acres) -$15

Jason MURPHY: Me Nut Nut Nut #2 (Space Face) -$6

Jonny NEGRON: Loose Joints #1 (Space Face) -$12


Rudy is a classic and Facility Integrity might be even funnier than Streakers!


Hey Hey! Ho Ho! These t-shirt racks have got to go! 

We’ve got a shortage of two things on the farm right now: Space and Money. Solution: T-shirt close-out sale

Most of our shirts our now $5 and $6! Plus, we still have a ton of FREE SHIRTS and other rad freebies up on our site here. You pay the shipping, we send the loot. 

Hope everyone is enjoying some warmer (t-shirt) weather out there. 

Love from the farm, 

Jessie and Pioneers Press


Available Now from Spit and a Half:


AS YOU WERE #1: Punk Comics Anthology! - $6

AS YOU WERE #2 - $5

AS YOU WERE #3 (Double-sized!) - $10

Jimmy BEAULIEU: My Neighbor’s Bikini (Conundrum) - $15

Olive BOOGER: Crash Trash (Oily) - $1

Gabrielle BELL: Lucky Vol. 2 #1 (D+Q) - $4

Aaron COCKLE: Word and Voice #11 (Oily) - $1

Jo DERY/CAKE: CAKE 2013 Silkscreened Poster - $30

Michael DeForge: A Body Beneath (Koyama) - $15

Oliver EAST: The Homesick Truant’s Cumbrian Yarn - $5

Madéleine FLORES: Bird, Bear and Stag (Retrofit) - $6

Charles FORSMAN: Luv Sucker #1 (Oily) - $5

Pascal GIRARD: Petty Theft (D+Q) - $20

Réal GODBOUT: Amerika (Conundrum) - $20

Jesse JACOBS: Safari Honeymoon (Koyama) - $15

Seo KIM: Cat Person (Koyama) - $20

KU(Š) #17 - ”Sweet Romance” (Various Artists) - $12

Jeff LOK: Ox and Co. #1 (Oily) - $1

Carrie McNINCH: You Don’t Get There… #29 - $2

Melissa MENDES: A Very Special Lou (Oily) - $1

PRESIDENTIAL LOSERS (Various Artists) - $30

Grant REYNOLDS: The Fold and the Creator - $3

Dash SHAW: Cosplayers (Fantagraphics) - $5

Conor STECHSCHULTE: The Amateurs (Fantagraphics) - $15

Chris TAYLOR: Les Belles (Floating World Comics) - $10

Noah VAN SCIVER: A City of Whiskey & Fire (with D. Landes) - $5

Noah VAN SCIVER: The Lizard Laughed (Oily) - $5

Dan ZETTWOCH: Cut-Away Comics #2 (Oily) - $1


Thinking about doing a Klutz Switcharoo Buneary Distro here in about an hour or two.
I’ll post up when I’m ready.
I’ll probably be doing it through the GTS and will be taking Luvdisc in return, since those are pretty easy to obtain for both X/Y and OR/AS players.
If you want to take part, breed or catch a Luvdisc to use as fodder for the trade.