It’s Now or Never

A/N: A year has passed since the Hulk escaped in the quinjet

“Where is he?” Natasha demanded, storming into the room. The atmosphere was tense; the whole team was sitting in silence. No funny jokes to crack, not this time.

“Romanoff…” Fury started.

Natasha took a step closer to him, looked him dead in the eye and repeated, “Where is he?”

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kittens, drinks, and bobs burgers = perfect night

also, holding this little nugget and letting it snuggle is one of the only ways i can get it to shut up. i love it. 

also, by the time i finished typing this the cat has fallen asleep. i repeat. THE KITTY HAS FALLEN ASLEEP ON MY BOOBS. send no one because it’s awesome. 


Twelve years ago today, I lost my dad. I was only seven, and I wish I could’ve had more time with him. He was a great guy and a great dad and I love and miss him so much.

He used to sing me this song as a lullaby, and luckily I did not inherit his tone-deafness. This one’s for you, Dad

anonymous asked:

omg louis reads Jon Ronson (idk if you have read his work he wrote The Men Who Stare At Goats, The Psychopath Test etc) I just find his love for all things postmodern so endearing D:. I can just see him in his lil seat on the plane listening to Bombay Bicycle Club and reading Jon Ronson.

yk i havent but i am exponentially more interested now that louis was lugging it around…..as is the nature of these things. also i wouldnt normally think of louis as reading on a plane like the visual i get is of him folded up on the seat under fifty blankets as he exhausts the movie library and cries at like……wreck it ralph

I have discovered something important!

Drawing people without their hair makes them look very different!

For example, I took a picture of ahsokkatanoo from her May the 4th announcement and redrew her hair as lekku/montrals (Togruta head thingies)…

and then I got carried away and just drew her as Ahsoka

And then I found an old Sharpie and scribbled around it for effect.

Actually I think the Very Important Discovery I made was that Lavabean is easily distracted with her art.