Drabble - [01]


Go ahead and ask me things, so I could practice writing!;;

Man, it took me forever ;;; and I can’t reply it in public somehow? I’m confused. This ended looking like a mere RP log :”)) sorry, I’ll do better next time!! Despite how he’s involved in several shoujo cliche before, I personally don’t think June’s the type that would fit well in a shoujo theme :”)) no jk I’m just so bad and dense at fluff

So, Value Me (aka my boy speaking nonsense), here we go!

"Natsuki," he called softly. His bike made a short screeching sound as he pulled the brake.

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Tagged by Rav (distortedRav); baby the tag doesnt work I think? Unless you tag me on tag section with my tumblr handle name ;;; but hngh im a caveman, what do I know about internet anyway

Name: something-Valentine-something

Nickname: Lennel, Inc, Cross, Len, LenLen, Papah Lelen, Papa, Alen, Elen-nee, doge.

Birthday: January 22

Gender: what art shells, thou that can not be eaten, lolwhat

Height: 158.5 cm………..

Favourite colors: the colours you find in the sky and woods and sunflowers

Time and date it is here: December 5th, 1013 hrs

Average hours of sleep a night: 8 hours, im gomen i sleep like a baby

Lucky number: 2, 7, 9

Last thing I googled was: English translation for a sentence

Most used phrase(s): CUYYYY, *keyboard slam*, heheheh///, nighty nighttt

First word(s) that come to mind: *gulps*

Last thing I said to a family member: “Careful on your way!”
How many blankets I sleep under: 1 (one)

Favourite fictional character: Megara from Hercules animation, Toboe from Wolf’s Rain, Thor, Hans and Kristoff from Frozen cry no homo tho, many OCs!

Favourite beverages: Tea, juices, wine
Favourite food: Nasi Goreng, ahahah;; and curry-anything
Dream holiday: a full-month trip to Venice or London
Dream wedding: i dont wanna marry cry shsggs a small one filled with close friends and being able to drink wine however much I want
Dream job: that someone who helps making the world a better place lmao

I tag- huh ppl dont usually answer my tags so I’ll leave it to anyone laffcry……. o)-