distorteddenim said:

Cassie why are you so pressed to hang with Jermaine, you acting like a groupie?



I wasn’t pressed to hang out with Jermaine when I already had. When Robyn told me about the trip I told her it didn’t matter if she invited me or not. PLUS I’m not a groupie, I wasn’t even thirsting over Jermaine. He’s my favorite artist.

distorteddenim said:

Does anyone know the name of the fan fic where Chris is a boxer and Kae is the leading lady? I forget whether they deleted it or not??

Sorry sweetie I haven’t heard of that one … . does anyone else know the name of this ff and if it’s been deleted?

distorteddenim said:

Taylor do you ever feel indebted to Keenon and that's why you stay like you owe him..

Taylor: All the time. If it wasn’t for him God knows where I’d be. I can’t just walk away from the man that saved my life and kept me from serving 25 to life behind bars. I love him, I always will. Regardless.

distorteddenim said:

When can we get an update to this story??

I’m typing for both stories & updating today this one will come after WD though. So it’ll be later tonight when I post hopefully I don’t go anywhere today

distorteddenim said:

I believe Adrian low key loves Mia, he just knows he's not good enough. However , he is being selfish.. He knows she's in love and will be there no matter what. She just needs to stop so much for him all the time

He is being completely selfish and don’t even realize it.

distorteddenim said:

Ohhhh wow.. That's crazy. I love how he looked out for her. I just hope she doesn't feel like that's why she always goes back


Unfortunately though that is why she keeps going back to him, shes an extremely loyal person and just feels like she owes him and is forever in his debt for getting her out of the situation she was in AND keeping her from doing life behind bars. Not anymore though, shes starting to realize her worth and that she can’t keep running back to him just because he did that for her. He just always manages to worm his way back into her life.

distorteddenim said:

New reader.. I love your writing style your story doesn't seem predictable. Siana low key is a little jealous I believe .. The was she announced Los name from Tati phone . I kinda thought Mila and Kane were an item . I'm kinda teamAuggie even though he's with Siana🙈

Mila and Kane are complicated :/ And thank you love!!

distorteddenim said:

Weave tips?? I'm your girl...

I wanted to know the difference in the types of hair. I always get Brizillian but I ordered some Malaysian for the first time today & watching youtube scared me because the girl i was watching was like ppl don’t really like Malaysian 

distorteddenim said:

I'm mad the mother of that little girl Kae posted went in like that. Like mam do you have a personal problem with her. People do anything for a little 2 minutes of fame it was not that serious ..

Always, I’m mad that little cute baby girl has a bitch for a mother. Sorry, not sorry. The mama and the bitch ass uncle.