Growing as a Photographer and Business

Stipplers are an expressive bunch. Your images speak volumes and we love hearing from you. So starting today we’re expanding the Stipple blog to include stories from our community. Today’s post comes from Abby Wilcox, a fellow Stippler and San Francisco photographer for hip, leading edge websites such as Live Fast Mag and The Bold Italic.

I am a photographer. It’s been a bumpy road to learn how to balance my artistic brain with business acumen. I started working for several sites online, including The Bold Italic in San Francisco and Live Fast Mag in LA. I have worked in the online arena for a while now, my images have graced several print magazines, and I’ve also done campaigns for a few major brands. But jobs come and go, so to keep business rolling it’s important to maintain a good list of clients, and to keep pitching ideas.

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