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Late Victorian or Early Edwardian Etruscan Revival Gold Necklace with Gold Coins of Philip II & Alexander III the Great (359-323 BC)

Ten Gold staters and one gold distater mounted in a late Victorian or Edwardian Etruscan Revival gold necklace. Likely crafted in Greece or Cyprus circa 1870-1910, the necklace contains a central gold distater of Alexander (Price 163) which may be a cast replica (without removal from mount it’s hard to be certain). All of the remaining 10 gold staters, nine of Alexander and one of Philip II, appear to be quite genuine, conditions ranging from a rough fine (the Philip, also holed) to nearly extremely fine. Among them are three dated issues of Sidon (one of 325-324 BC [Price 3486] and two of 324-323 BC [Price 3490]); four of Amphipolis (Price 176 [2], 172 and 168), and a couple in which the mintmark is obscured by the mounting bezel. Coins are set in ornate openwork 14 k gold frames joined by delicate chains in a golden cascade, interspersed with numerous florate pendants set with small pearls; a heart-shaped central drop pendant set with six tiny pearls completes the ensemble. Total weight: 170.03 gm.

Reportedly from the collections of General H. L. Haughton, a British officer in service in India circa 1890-1930, and of Sir Ronald Storrs, British Governor-General of Cyprus 1926-1932. Sold for $28,750.

bravexhuntsman said:

Am I interrupting something?

Send “Am I interrupting something?” and my character will explain why they’re undressing in the middle of the room.

Milah froze, hands paused in un-buttoning her pants, her shirt already off and discarded to the floor, revealing the black bra she had on.

"Well… sort of. Listen," she removed her hands, though didn’t bother to button them back up. She also obviously didn’t care if he saw her state of undress. "These… these under clothes this world has." She picked at the bra and the barely visible strap of her panties. "They’re just weird, ok. I can’t wear them. I don’t like them.”

[ ☼ - The fiery, proud phoenix

                 observes with distate

the subjects before its great image.

                 Its tail glowed as the strong sunlights bathed the golden color.]

"What do we have here?

More peasants………”


when my dad first came to the united states he would eat at diners and there was always this Strange Substance on his meat and it absolutely disgusted him and so he set out to learn what it was. you see romanians don’t really do gravy so he’d never seen it before and he thought it was the grossest thing he’d ever seen on food. and that’s the story of how the first phrase my dad learned to say in english was ‘NO GRAVY’ which he would desperately shout at diner waitresses.

Got woken up because some lil’ shit upstairs has rapturous joy from dropping things to the ground. Repeatedly. Then letting them roll across the floor. Above our heads.

Reminder buat jadi future emak yang ngga mubadzir dan peduli suami

Well, td siang saya ntn bioskop sama anaknya emak dikeluarga cemara ini. Panggil saja renand namanya *emang ini ko namanya haha*. Td saya sempet mampir ke rumah si emak karena s mas renand harus ambil uang jajannya disana. Singkat cerita saya melihat kalau disana ada mobil-mobil ngejejer. Salah satunya mobil si emak.

Btw sebelum cerita ini, abah saya sering ngeluh. Ketika beliau di bandung, setiap hari hampir berantem karena si emak ingin pake mobil si abah. Kalau aku liat ini lebih kearah kampungan dan berantem paling ga berbobot. Padahal sebelum ada mobil emak yang ini, dia juga dpt mbl bagus ko. Dibandingin mas mazda yang kadang pundung ga mau distater.

Ditengah-tengah berantemnya mereka setiap hari dan akhirnya abah saya kebaikan beliin mobil lg buat s emak. Dan akhirnya dia dpt mobil yang setara bagusnyalah sama mobil abah.

Nah disinilah ceritanya dimulai. Anaknya si emak ini cerita, kalau si emaknya ini selalu pake mobil abah kemana-mana dia pergi. Kalau abah saya ada di bandung mereka kaya sweet couple kemana-mana berdua. Ya intinya sih si mobil emak yang bagus ini sama aja ga dia pke. Kata anaknya emak, kalau mobil itu cuma diangetin 3 hari sekali, dan cuma dibawa muter komplek. Mak, sesungguhnya ngana mendingan beli becak aja daripada beli mobil, nyusahin abah aye mak.

Beberapa hal yang bikin saya kesel adalah s emak ini pinter banget bikin ribut dan rengek ingin barang bagus. Setelah dibeliin malah dietalaseuan aja gitukan di garasi.

Dari beberapa hal yang bikin saya kesel saya ambil aja deh hikmahnya. Setidaknya ini reminder buat saya dan mungkin kalian semua yang akan jadi ibu rumah tangga dan istri dr seorang suami baik hati yang cape-cape banting tulang kerja buat nyenengin istri sama anaknya. Semoga kita ga jadi istri macam si emak yang cuma mau duit tapi ga pake otak, minta mbl barijeung ga dipake, barijeung jatohnya mubadzir. Semoga kita nti kelak jadi istri-istri yang sayang dan nyaah sm suami ya. Semoga kita lebih peduli sama kepentingan bersama daripada kepentingan pribadi. Sekian curhatan emak dan abahnya.

Semoga abah saya tetep sabar dan Allah ngejadiin si emak sebagai ladang surganya abah. Aamiin!

Bit Central with Pete Byrne

Pete Byrne is a sketchwriter for Two Man Hammer, iO’s internet sketch group and he performs regularly with his improv team Polar Pig. Pete is a delight and his dad is an unforgettable personality that brought a new level of energy to the Stustustudio. 

Jordan Haynes is a very talented improvisor and shares Pete’s Dad’s distate for our studio intern, Clint. 

Check out our newest episode!

Oh. Oh, she was just too precious. The girl had been online some… few days ago? If this was correct she had arrived in Hoenn not too long ago- hmm? Fleacren was her last name? That enough confirmed it, your teeth clench and a look of distate gleams in your eye.

So this was the other kid, the child nobody knew about till a few years ago? Stifling a bitter sort of laugh, you look to your brother who only raises an eyebrow at the picture. Short raven hair, dark skin- bright blue eyes. Bright blue eyes just like yours. There was no doubt in your mind, as much as you wanted some to be there.

Yes- this was the one. The date of birth even matched up. 

"Hazel.." Jonah started, looking over to you with a calm enducing stare. "Even if what mom said was true, she’s still our sister."

"We don’t even know her." You shoot back, glaring at him viciously- he doesn’t flinch, only place a hand on your shoulder and chuckle as if the situation was comedic.

"She’s still our sister. She’ll be different from what you expect- I promise.

- - - - -

At the same time, in a lab some miles and miles away, Gabby scribbles down notes as she works on a presentation project. She sneezes.