Rarely do I expound disgust...

I would like to express my great disgust for those who pervert my favorite, innocent things. Why can’t you just let something be innocent and good? It’s not even the fact that it’s something that I identify with; it’s the fact that they are things that are supposed to be child-friendly!!! Ethics, morals, code of conduct… please. Something. I can’t even search the internet for cupcakes or cartoons without being worried about finding something! 

Romantic Scene between Clark and Lois from the Tom Mankiewitz/Richard Donner version of Superman II that was cut.

A garish honeymoon cottage, all velveteen and formica, 
with heart-shaped cushions and other kinds of cloyingly 
distateful romantic nonsense. A bedroom with a heart-
shaped bed leads off. CLARK stands by the luggage in the 
center of the room, nervous, a sour expression on his 
face. 	LOIS explores the furnishings, spots a bottle of 
champagne on the TV with a little card, some 	flowers on 
the table, etc.

		"Complimentary champagne", a 			
		"Complimentary corsage ..."

       	Oh, sure. Everything's complimentary - 		   
	       until you get the bill. Of all the dumb 	
		assignments ...

		        Relax, Clark ...

        		I am perfectly relaxed ...

	       	Then unclench your fist.
				(he does)
		Listen. We're reporters, right? We're 		
		here to get a story, right? So loosen up 	
		a little. Take my hand when we walk. Put 	
		your arm around me like the other 		
		husbands do. For instance, at the 		
		newlywed's dinner tonight ...

		        We're not going.

		Not going? That dinner could be the high 	
		point of our whole story!

		Lois, you saw that sign in the lobby ...

		"Vibrators available on request?"

				(pause - shy)
		The other one. The one about the ... 		
		kissing contest tonight.

	CLARK turns away, embarassed. LOIS' face sets.

         		So that's it.
		Come over here, Clark.
	             	Kiss me.

CLARK stares back at her, deeply troubled. LOIS advances 
on him with a sexy look.

 		      Come here, Clark ...

		Look, I've kissed people before, Lois ...

		I'll just bet you have. I know your type. 	       
       	The closet lover.

			   (backing up)
 		    Closets? I don't recall ...

		Strip away all that shyness, that 		
		klutziness, that feeble indecision, and 	
		underneath beats the heart of a rampaging 	          

		          Lois, please ...

CLARK is pinned against the wall. LOIS brings her face up 
close to his.


LOIS' mouth opens seductively. She looks up at CLARK who 
stares down, paralyzed.

		Lay one on me, Clark. Give it your best 	
		shot ...

CLARK hesitates, then squeezes his eyes shut, gives LOIS a 
kiss. His total ineptitude is only matched by his suddenly 
growing enthusiasm which 	he desperately tries to cover 
up. They break. LOIS looks up at him, dazed.

              		Wow ...

		           Was I ... good?

		I ... think I'd like to go into the other 	                    
             	room now ... get into bed ...
	              	You know ...

         		Lois ... you mean ...

		That's right, Clark. I think I'm getting 	
		a headache.


It took them some days to get the strange young man ready for anything and he was still not waking up. Merrill was trying to do a ritual which would stop the binding, while Fenris was actually trying to watch over should anything happen despite his actual distate of magic. It made Archer a bit more comfortable at least. Now they were standing in Ander’s clinic and prepared for the ritual - it was deep in the night so nobody would come suddenly.

The lantern was also not lit, so patients knew he was busy or not in the house apparently. Luckily for them no other patients were there at the moment.

“Merrill you are sure this will work. I mean he is like sleeping beauty. Should I kiss him awake?”

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-“No, this is my blanket.”

“I already told it’s mine!” Kiyong exclaimed from the other side of the room while his eyes followed her movement, his feet padding over the wooden floors to catch her while one arm reaches out to grab the blanket from her hold.

“No, this is my blanket.” Wrinkling his nose in distate, he scoffed at her behaviour and led the way into the bedroom, rolling his eyes as he sat down on his side of the bed. God damn everything. He thought to himself as he laid down, rubbing a hand over his exposed left arm, glaring daggers at the wall he was facing.

I can’t wait till this is over.

i hace such an extreme distate for myself and i cant handle it anymore i cant keep on being this awful ugly person i should justvkill myself already

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would apreciate you not posting your distateful opinions of Ushijima in the Ushijima tag. Thankyou.

it’s already been removed. that’s most likely the last thing you’ll see that’s negative. while i personally am not apologizing for my opinion on him, i do apologize for putting it in the tag.

i will not be removing my cow jokes ever though.

-admin g

Podcast: Reith Lectures

Catching up on the older lectures, listening to Democracy has Bad Taste. Thinking about the power of the commons the desire to reduce for inclusiveness, the tendency to snobishness in tight niches of experience and the reactive distate towards things that require gaining an appreciation for.

NAB: OTT Pros Assess Transformed Landscape - Broadcasting & Cable

NAB: OTT Pros Assess Transformed Landscape
Broadcasting & Cable
The panelists at Monday’s NAB panel session “Constant Cravings: Using OTT to Win the Next Generation of Viewers” offered a diverse mix of views and perspectives. They agreed on at least one thing, however: a general distate for the acronym OTT.