A sip of coffee and flashbacks.

Im sitting at our favorite coffee shop. The staff recognized me when I entered and asked me if I wanted the regular. Its kind of nostalgic to be back here. I get flashbacks and see us sitting by the corner where we always would sit and wrap our bodies up in those worn out fleece blankets that were horribly ichy. I can see how you would help me with my studies and everytime I got something wrong you would hit me lightly on he head with your black ink pencil that you would always carry in your bag and call me dummy, but not with that insulting kind of voice… it was more like a ”even-though-you-are-a-dummy-I-still-love-you” kind of voice… I’m wondering how you are doing but you are probably sleeping right and I don’t want to wake you up. Its pretty cold here but not as cold as it used to be in february…I guess spring is finally starting to show up… took some time. I’m wearing your knitted hat. I told you your head was really big because this hat keeps falling down and covering my eyes!. I had to tie my hair up in a ball so it would fit. It still has your smell, The images of you come back to my mind. Regresa a mi lado

After you return lets go take a sip of that favorite ice coffee of ours.

One of the hardest things to do..

is to be on the phone with the one you love while they were in absolute pain and you can’t do anything about it but to just be there and let them know you love them. You feel so helpless but what can you do over the phone but talk to them? You listen to their pain as they scream and curse, you cry because you don’t want to lose them. Then you stay on the phone with them until their pain starts to DEcompose. You listen until they fall asleep first making sure that they’re okay. You end up falling asleep together and the next morning they’re feeling better and so are you knowing that the worst is over.

those are the moments I feel most vulnerable. /: