texan late night — gigi & ace

The young man looked around the hotel bedroom he shared with the two other guys on his band, Mickey and Zak, both of them already sleeping peacefully. Sometimes, he caught himself wondering why was it so hard for him to come down from this unknown high he got out of the nowhere, like right now. His mind was processing every bit of information he collected within those last weeks, meeting new faces, seeing old ones. It was a lot to take in and he found the best way to go through it was acting like it didn’t bother him or made him stay up at night, thinking about each and every possibility that could come to happen, even if it was extremely hard for him at times. He was strong and he hasn’t been this excited about something since forever. It is an amazing opportunity indeed, to see the fans, to play the drums in the stage he shared with his for best friends. Ace smiled, moving his hand up to his golden and messy locks, pulling it slightly, trying to contain the urge to get up and just do something. After a few minutes of this intern war, the man finally gave up and got up from his bed, putting on the first items of clothes he saw on — a black ripped and skinny jeans and a black and white flannel, not bothering to button all the buttons up. He slipped into his black vans, grabbed his phone, his cigarettes, his wallet and made sure he didn’t forget the bottle of tequila a fan gave him in the previous city. Ace also found a few lemons he ordered with the room service before and a bit of salt, putting it all in a disposable cup and locking the door after he closed behind him.

He made his way to the elevator, quickly sending all of his contacts a message, asking all of them to hang out. After all, Dallas is a beautiful place, isn’t it? He’s visited White Rock lake before and he found a nice spot there. But he couldn’t do it alone. Ace knew that he would end up doing something twice stupider alone than with someone else there beside him, letting him know that he’s not alone. He would try to forget all of the trouble thoughts that had been with him, the insecurity, the hate, the dumb and idiotic things he’s been thinking about himself and others, he would just drink and try to have fun. As he pushed the buttons, Gigi replied to his text and he swore he could feel his heart beating faster. He didn’t expect her — out of everyone — to reply nor go out to the city with him. Even though it was quite unbelievable, the boy went with it and told her he was waiting for her outside. He walked out from the hotel and put the cup and the bottle of tequila on the floor, leaning on the wall before taking out a cigarette and lighting it, not being able to wait 5 seconds before the urge of feeling the substance hit his lungs crushed his entire being. Ace wondered if it wasn’t the worst idea of all time, to be about to hang out with your ex’s best friend. The one you kind of has a soft spot for. He shook his head, blowing the heavy smoke outside his lungs, closing his eyes softly as he waited for the girl to arrive. How the fuck did he always manage to get into these type of situations?