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Cherry Red - Distal

What. The. Fuck. Swagga.

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Distal - Exclusive Mix for PercussionLab

This Friday, Distal joins MattShadetek and Dub War’s Dave Q at the first installment of Twisup, Dave’s first post-Dub War event. The night will focus on a wide-open approach to bass music, from dubstep to garage and everything in between. Check the event at Brooklyn’s Deity Underground; legends will be born.


Distal & HxdB - Untitled
Misk - Olos
Moldy - Hymn of the Plants
Distal - Amphibian
Big Sean - Bullshitin’ (Tony Senghorne Remix )
Sam Tiba - Barbie Weed
Josh Wink - Higher State of Consciousness
Distal - Angry Acid
David Lynch - Good Day Today (Boyz Noize Remix)
Clicks & Whistles - Cranberry Goose
Distal & Dj Rashad - Stuck Up Money
Distal - Behold the Jungle Bootleg
Stagga - Gennik Riddim (Distal Remix)
Dj Rashad - Somethin
Machinedrum - The Statue
Distal - Got The Block Hot (Dj Hilti Remix)
Dj Earl - More Than Special
Big Hud - What’s Wrong Wit Em (LDFD Remix)
Dj Wheez-ie - All Werked Up

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Dital's Mix for Fundamental

Link: Download Mixology Nine Here

Distal- SailBarge
Dubbel Dutch- DARQ
Mzo Bullet- Cassablanca (Mite’s Acid Re-Dub)
Randomer & Fife- Five
Archie Pelago- Solar Plexus
Doshy- Suspiria
XI- Vauxhall Vortex
Jack Dixon- Be There (Original Mix)
Distal Notlanta
VVV- Fight or Flight
George FitzGerald- Don’t You
Kelis- Brave (Dark Sky Remix)
Commodo & Lurka- Dial
Distal- Grit in my Sss
LDFD- Outtacontrol
Distal- Love a la Venturo

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Electronic Explorations #154: Hatti Vatti & Distal

Hatti Vatti – In the Mix exclusive

01. Synkro – Look At Yourself – [forthcoming ‘Mindset’]
02. Hatti Vatti ft. Echo Ranks – Great (Andy Stott remix) – [forthcoming 'On The Edge’]
03. Biodub – The Shift – ['Kanu Kanu’ dubplate]
04. Q600 – Shinzon (Hatti Vatti remix) – [dubplate]
05. Hatti Vatti ft. Cian Finn – You (Phaeleh remix) – [forthcoming 'New Moon’]
06. Hatti Vatti – Giza Dub – [forthcoming 'New Moon’]
07. Hatti Vatti feat. Echo Ranks – Great – [forthcoming 'On The Edge’]
08. Think – Untilted – [dubplate]
09. Reza – Rain Giver – ['New Moon’ dubplate]
10. Indigo & Hatti Vatti – Typha – [forthcoming 'New Moon’]
11. Hatti Vatti & Reza – Untilted – [dubplate]

Distal – In the Mix exclusive

01. Kevin Mcphee – It’s what she wants [Forthcoming 'Nakedlunch’]
02. Maurice Donovan – Babeh – [Sss]
03. Clouds – 90’s abloy ( Distal Remix ) – [dub]
04. Kuoyah – Convex Gravity (Desto Remix ) – [Frijsfo Beats]
05. BD1982 – Amazon River Run – [Diskotopia]
06. Distal – Drop Like This – [dub]
07. Distal – Angry Acid – [Forthcoming 'Tectonic’]
08. Stagga & Doshy – Hornets – [dub]
09. Broodlings – Bad things – [dub]
10. Wheezie – House ball – [Forthcoming 'Embassy Recordings’]
11. Distal – Danger Room – [dub]
12. Sleepyhead – My Lyf – [Forthcoming 'Embassy Recordings’]

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Distal - Angry Acid

Rogue Acid and House romps from Atlanta’s rising Bass music star. Assisted by R. Ellis aka Pinch on the A-side, Angry Acid is a lampin’ 4/4 juggernaut fuelled by concussive kicks and floor-chewing 303 sequence, done simple but effective with a nice touch of haunting pads hovering over the thing. On a more laidback flex, French Science leans into a deeper, crooked modern House groove dipping on the halfstep and layered with breezy chords.


Crash of Rhinos playing Distal on its entirety. Simply flawless.

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FACT Mix 279: Distal
Now on Tumblr: http://distaldub.tumblr.com/

Also be sure to check out Distal’s new tune up for free download @ XLR8R

1. Moldy – Sun Too Bright (Dub)
2. D51 – Chicago to Detroit (Distal Remix) (Ghetto Division)
3. Omar S – Churchill (FXHE)
4. Arctic – Atomicity (Part 1) (Car Crash Set)
5. Unknown – Dubplate
6. Unknown – Dubplate
7. Randomer – Obtuse (Super Recordings)
8. Wheez-ie – 5 Fingered Salute
9. LAS – Trippin
10. Nina B. Blanka – Hollup (Distal Remix) (dub)
11. Lurka – Refresher (dub)
12. LOL Boys – Bang Them (CoCo Bass)
13. Wheez-ie – Barefoot Billy (DJ Assault Remix) (Embassy Recordings)
14. Simple & Helix – Licking Peanut Butter
15. Clicks & Whistles – Serious Bidness (Embassy Recordings)
16. Mite & E-Walk – Iron Garden
17. Clicks & Whistles – Moment of Truth (Embassy Recordings)
18. DJ Umberto – I Got Bangz (Unreleased)
19. Distal – Vampire Lightning (NightShifters)

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Wide Awake
  • Wide Awake
  • Crash Of Rhinos
  • Distal

Best New Discovery: Crash Of Rhinos, especially the track Wide Awake

This quintet makes fun, twinkly yet driving emo/post-hardcore, somewhere in between Cap'n Jazz, The World Is A Beautiful Place…, and Grown Ups. Housing 2 guitars + 2 bassists, as well as vocal work from what sounds like the entire band, they produce unusually dense, immediate music (for the genre) which is of course a blast to listen to. Pick this up for the hooks, and be floored by the sound of a band clearly firing on all cylinders.

Oh yeah, check out their Bandcamp for previews and downloads.