Just realised I’d made the SAME mistake I always make on these pieces!

Too much distal eye!!

That distal eye is too large, and the face too wide for the perspective I”m implying. And I didn’t notice until just now.


I’ll do better next time!

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Cherry Red - Distal

What. The. Fuck. Swagga.

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Distal - Exclusive Mix for PercussionLab

This Friday, Distal joins MattShadetek and Dub War’s Dave Q at the first installment of Twisup, Dave’s first post-Dub War event. The night will focus on a wide-open approach to bass music, from dubstep to garage and everything in between. Check the event at Brooklyn’s Deity Underground; legends will be born.


Distal & HxdB - Untitled
Misk - Olos
Moldy - Hymn of the Plants
Distal - Amphibian
Big Sean - Bullshitin’ (Tony Senghorne Remix )
Sam Tiba - Barbie Weed
Josh Wink - Higher State of Consciousness
Distal - Angry Acid
David Lynch - Good Day Today (Boyz Noize Remix)
Clicks & Whistles - Cranberry Goose
Distal & Dj Rashad - Stuck Up Money
Distal - Behold the Jungle Bootleg
Stagga - Gennik Riddim (Distal Remix)
Dj Rashad - Somethin
Machinedrum - The Statue
Distal - Got The Block Hot (Dj Hilti Remix)
Dj Earl - More Than Special
Big Hud - What’s Wrong Wit Em (LDFD Remix)
Dj Wheez-ie - All Werked Up

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Big Sea
  • Big Sea
  • Crash Of Rhinos
  • Distal

Crash Of Rhinos - Big Sea.

Okay, so Crash Of Rhinos are just incredible. They’re one of those bands that just seem to know everything I like about music and write their songs accordingly. I’m gonna say it - best UK Emo band ever. 

We’ll stand trial!
Our will won’t be broken!
Your mistake!
Is not that you care!
It’s that you don’t notice!

You can get their album for free/donation on their bandcamp and I heartily recommend it, one of the best of the year. SO GOOD.

  • Lifewood
  • Crash Of Rhinos
  • Distal

Lifewood by Crash of Rhinos

from Distal.

These lads are playing in October. I definitely want to see them; more than half of them were in The Little Explorer, for goodness’ sake. Now, I can only realistically afford to see them once, and I can’t decide whether to see them in Sheffield or Manchester. Sheffield’s easier for me, but I know more people in the Manchester area. So, if anyone’s going, which one are you going to and can I hang out with you?

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Electronic Explorations #154: Hatti Vatti & Distal

Hatti Vatti – In the Mix exclusive

01. Synkro – Look At Yourself – [forthcoming ‘Mindset’]
02. Hatti Vatti ft. Echo Ranks – Great (Andy Stott remix) – [forthcoming ‘On The Edge’]
03. Biodub – The Shift – [‘Kanu Kanu’ dubplate]
04. Q600 – Shinzon (Hatti Vatti remix) – [dubplate]
05. Hatti Vatti ft. Cian Finn – You (Phaeleh remix) – [forthcoming ‘New Moon’]
06. Hatti Vatti – Giza Dub – [forthcoming ‘New Moon’]
07. Hatti Vatti feat. Echo Ranks – Great – [forthcoming ‘On The Edge’]
08. Think – Untilted – [dubplate]
09. Reza – Rain Giver – [‘New Moon’ dubplate]
10. Indigo & Hatti Vatti – Typha – [forthcoming ‘New Moon’]
11. Hatti Vatti & Reza – Untilted – [dubplate]

Distal – In the Mix exclusive

01. Kevin Mcphee – It’s what she wants [Forthcoming ‘Nakedlunch’]
02. Maurice Donovan – Babeh – [Sss]
03. Clouds – 90’s abloy ( Distal Remix ) – [dub]
04. Kuoyah – Convex Gravity (Desto Remix ) – [Frijsfo Beats]
05. BD1982 – Amazon River Run – [Diskotopia]
06. Distal – Drop Like This – [dub]
07. Distal – Angry Acid – [Forthcoming ‘Tectonic’]
08. Stagga & Doshy – Hornets – [dub]
09. Broodlings – Bad things – [dub]
10. Wheezie – House ball – [Forthcoming ‘Embassy Recordings’]
11. Distal – Danger Room – [dub]
12. Sleepyhead – My Lyf – [Forthcoming ‘Embassy Recordings’]

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Dital's Mix for Fundamental

Link: Download Mixology Nine Here

Distal- SailBarge
Dubbel Dutch- DARQ
Mzo Bullet- Cassablanca (Mite’s Acid Re-Dub)
Randomer & Fife- Five
Archie Pelago- Solar Plexus
Doshy- Suspiria
XI- Vauxhall Vortex
Jack Dixon- Be There (Original Mix)
Distal Notlanta
VVV- Fight or Flight
George FitzGerald- Don’t You
Kelis- Brave (Dark Sky Remix)
Commodo & Lurka- Dial
Distal- Grit in my Sss
LDFD- Outtacontrol
Distal- Love a la Venturo

Distal - Angry Acid

Rogue Acid and House romps from Atlanta’s rising Bass music star. Assisted by R. Ellis aka Pinch on the A-side, Angry Acid is a lampin’ 4/4 juggernaut fuelled by concussive kicks and floor-chewing 303 sequence, done simple but effective with a nice touch of haunting pads hovering over the thing. On a more laidback flex, French Science leans into a deeper, crooked modern House groove dipping on the halfstep and layered with breezy chords.

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FACT Mix 279: Distal
Now on Tumblr: http://distaldub.tumblr.com/

Also be sure to check out Distal’s new tune up for free download @ XLR8R

1. Moldy – Sun Too Bright (Dub)
2. D51 – Chicago to Detroit (Distal Remix) (Ghetto Division)
3. Omar S – Churchill (FXHE)
4. Arctic – Atomicity (Part 1) (Car Crash Set)
5. Unknown – Dubplate
6. Unknown – Dubplate
7. Randomer – Obtuse (Super Recordings)
8. Wheez-ie – 5 Fingered Salute
9. LAS – Trippin
10. Nina B. Blanka – Hollup (Distal Remix) (dub)
11. Lurka – Refresher (dub)
12. LOL Boys – Bang Them (CoCo Bass)
13. Wheez-ie – Barefoot Billy (DJ Assault Remix) (Embassy Recordings)
14. Simple & Helix – Licking Peanut Butter
15. Clicks & Whistles – Serious Bidness (Embassy Recordings)
16. Mite & E-Walk – Iron Garden
17. Clicks & Whistles – Moment of Truth (Embassy Recordings)
18. DJ Umberto – I Got Bangz (Unreleased)
19. Distal – Vampire Lightning (NightShifters)

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