The A Bug’s Life bloopers always put a smile on my face. Disney fans, you have to see this!!

I just realized something; if he prefers Univ*rsal, I can never spend my life with him and there is no reason whatsoever to bother with a relationship that won’t work out in the end, one that cannot in any way last forever.

I think I’ll know when I’ve got it right. I’ll know when I find the one that I will spend my life with. I’ll just know.

New Disney Princesses

Ok sooo I hate the look of the new disney princesses like wtf? Especially Pocahontas! They don’t even consider her as like a real princess she’s not on any of the disney princess merchandise and she has the most hideous look like hey Pocahontas not only are you not famous but you’re gonna have the most horrendous look