Disney Electrical Parade: Branching to the Parks

History lesson ahead! A new attraction to the Kingdom Hearts universe that could potentially play a large part in the expansion of game-building in the series is the inclusion of some of the most iconic floats from Disneyland and Disney World’s Main Street Electrical Parade.

First introduced in 1972 and running until 1996, the Electrical Parade was the pinnacle of nighttime entertainment for the parks with its most iconic trait being that it is one of the very few parades in Disney parks history to be held at night. Two floats in particular appeared in the teaser footage for Kingdom Hearts 3: the Casey Jr. Circus Engine and the Pirate Ship from Peter Pan.

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It’s not every day you meet the mouse that owns you. 27/365

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There has been a lot of confusion over this photo, the owner of the photo said it was from January 2014 but if you look at Zayn’s left hand near his knuckles you can see his most recent tattoo, which he did not have when he went to Disneyland. He is also wearing the wrong clothing and his beard is much thicker (beards don’t grow that quickly in a day).

Apparently Safaa said it was a couple of weeks ago but that is also impossible because of zayns hair under the beanie, because of his new hair cut, the side of his hair is extremely short and not as thick as it is in the photo. Also Perrie’s hair is far too light and short for it to be recent (compare it to photos of her with her cousin in DL).

Another thing that is very odd is where they are meant to be holding hands, it’s very blurry and orange, with only a couple fingers visible. Perrie’s face also is a lot clearer than zayns face. If you look at the photos from this ride you will see that the light source comes from the front (but in this photo it comes from their right) and the photo is generally clear.

If Zayn was truly in Disneyland with his family, fans would have spotted him and reported seeing him, but they haven’t. Zayn is in London with Naughty Boy. These photos are either Photoshop or posed on a fake back drop ages ago to be released for later promotion.

Royalty in the rain
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