Our favorite #DisneyBands from last weeks hashtag game, below, play with us next Friday Feb 28 at 8:30pm @USOIRMusical and thehashtaggame!

Mr IncrediBill ‏‪@Smith_Bill‬ Feb 22

‪#DisneyBands Hakuna MaToto

John Drummond ‏‪@4eyesJohnny‬ Feb 22

‪#DisneyBands Jimmy Eats A Small World

Dave Ski ‏‪@DaveSki37‬ Feb 22

‪#DisneyBands Captain Hook and Tennille

greg bernhard ‏‪@GregBernhard‬ Feb 22

The Grateful Dead Mouse Detective ‪#disneybands

shirley johnston ‏‪@shirlywirly‬ Feb 22

‪#DisneyBands 101 temptations

ramelos ‏‪@ramelos‬ Feb 22

‪#disneybands Def Tigger

Shirley ‏‪@i_shirl‬ Feb 22

‪#DisneyBands Mars Needs Mumford and Sons

Dapper Fucker ‏‪@AlanPedigrew‬ Feb 22

‪#DisneyBands The Bluto-tones

Timothy Thelen ‏‪@timmthelen‬ Feb 22

‪#DisneyBands Huey, Louie, Dewey & the News

Sheepy Shoulders ‏‪@josh_ill_us‬ Feb 22

Whambi  ‪#DisneyBands

Northern Samsquanch ‏‪@jasonjonz‬ Feb 21

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl Jam         

Northern Samsquanch ‏‪@jasonjonz‬ Feb 21‪@jasonjonz:

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Deadmau5 Chest

Dookie Wallace ‏‪@DookieWallace‬ Feb 21

Sum 41 Dalmatians ‪#DisneyBands ‪@USOIRmusical ‪#IKnowThatsRight

JOe Cabatit ‏‪@JOeyCabs‬ Feb 21

The Wall E flowers ‪#DisneyBands ‪@midnight

Quintenacious D Jay ‏‪@eloquintanimal‬ Feb 21

‪#DisneyBands Tinker Broken Bells

Robbie Sherwood ‏‪@RobbieSherwood‬ Feb 21

Jiminy Eats World ‪#DisneyBands

Jeffrey Holton ‏‪@JeffHolton‬ Feb 21

Robin Hood Thicke ‪#DisneyBands

richardshields ‏‪@richardshields‬ Feb 21

‪#DisneyBands  Tiggers With Attitude