Dr. Doom: Deal With It  - This was Doom’s great epic LP of 1986.  It had such hits as “Latveria, Latveria, Why Latveria?” and the crowd favorite “Doom Done Did it Again.”  I personally like the album’s namesake, “Deal With It.”  Haha.  I just had to draw this Dr. Doom piece.  I don’t really have any other reason than “just because.”  Though secretly, I’d love to do work for Marvel.


Princess Template

Just compiling my little obsession for the past two days. ♥ What started as a random doodle became an exercise in how much I can manage to recycle the same body over and over. Hence the “Template” in the title ^_^

I also wanted to see how they would look like as a collection, hehe. XD

They’re also arranged in chronological order of princess-hood, by the way. ^_^

To view each piece individually, please visit my dA gallery here. ♥

(Now, how about that villain template…)