disney princesses


Historically Accurate Disney Princesses:

Snow White: 
-Mid to late 1500s Germany
-Religious reformations affected women’s garments, which were heavy, dark, and austere
- 300s Arabian Peninsula 
- Pre-Islamic Arabia was a modest society, so women wore loose, shapeless clothing
- 1920s New Orleans, USA
- Although New Orleans was an epicenter of black culture, Jim Crow laws enforced racial segregation 
- 1300s England
-Aurora was raised as a peasant before discovering she was a princess; although noblewomen were better educated, they led far more restricted lives than peasant women
- Early 1600s Virginia, USA
- Powhatan women decorated their skin with tattoos and rarely covered their breasts 
- 1700s France
- Belle married into royalty, who dressed extravagantly to display their status; the aristocracy was overthrown during the French Revolution 

Give me Ariel
Gambling with everything she has to go on an adventure, to see what’s out there
Give me Mulan
Wielding her sword to protect those she love, to do what is right, to prove herself
Give me Tiana
Working herself to the bone for her dreams, for her father, because she knows that she is strong enough
Give me Megara
Hurting to the bone but still choosing love, despite having her heart ripped to pieces and taken advantage of more times than she can count
Give me Lilo
Finding the beauty in everything, holding onto her passion even if that branded her a freak
Give me Pocahontas
Making peace, not only for herself, but for her people, protecting a stranger because killing is never the answer
Give me Belle
Seeing the beast in the man and the man in the beast, letting her own fairytale unfold because she believes
Give me Cinderella
Rising from the ashes to be the princess she deserves to be, give me to woman who remembered to be kind
Give me Snow White
Who found kindness in others when the people who were supposed to take care of her failed
Give me Wendy
The sister who became a mother whilst still a child herself, who believed in keeping the child in you forever
Give me Rapunzel
For so long loyal to a mother who did not care for her. For someone so abused, yet so unafraid
Give me Anna and Elsa
Who slipped from each other’s hands but made their way back only to carry each other through the worst of times
Give me Jasmine
Accustomed to the touch of the finest silks but fierce and true enough to let her heart touch by a street rat
Give me Merida
Shooting with utmost precision, defending those she loves and the right to be herself

Give me princesses who are strong and kind and fierce, give me beauty and grace and power and will. Give me something to scornfully laugh at, when a man condescendingly calls me “princess” and thinks that he has showed me my place. Give me a throne and I will reign, give me a voice and I will sing to you a song of how glittery queens found their places, give me a dream and I will fight.

Tumblr, I need your help!

So as many of you know (because so many of you have been supportive) my friends, followers, my classmates/professors at college, and I are advocating for Disney to create a princess with a disability.

In the past couple of months, the response to this petition has been utterly amazing! People have sent letters sharing their personal stories, people have made fanart of princesses with disabilities, the petition was even on the news!

And 7,772 people have signed it so far!

It’s unbelievable!

Unfortunately, the semester is rapidly drawing to a close. And while we’ll still keep advocating for this over the summer, it would be immensely helpful and immensely appreciated if we could reach the next milestone of 10,000 signatures before then. But here’s the catch…the semester ends in three and a half weeks.

Three and a half weeks to get 2,000+ signatures.

I know that it might seem impossible but hey, everyone told Walt that it was impossible to make a full-length animated movie and look how wrong they turned out to be! I’ve been on tumblr for over three years and in that time, I’ve realized that this blue website can make anything happen!

If you’ve already signed it, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

If you haven’t signed it, please consider doing so.

Either way, please signal boost this.

We can do this, tumblr!

Link to the petition: