Monsters Inc 2 is officially titled Monsters University

Pixar have officially announced the title for their new Monsters, Inc. movie, revealing it will be called Monsters University.

Making the announcement at the ongoing CinemaCon, the studio would unveil nothing further about the movie other than its natty new moniker.

Rumours about the plot, however, precede them. Talk on the street is that Monsters University will be a prequel rather than a sequel.

I don’t see why a lot of people are so Elsa crazy. 

She murdered Anna, ran around crying and panicking about everything. She was extremely dependent. mostly upon Anna. Nearly committed mass manslaughter ageist every innocent man,woman and child in Arendelle and sang a song were everything in the lyrics were wrong and she could not keep.

That is something that was so crazy. The people of Arendelle were just taking her back. The girl that just distorted their kingdom after  purposely hiding a deadly secret from them just to keep herself safe. That put them all in even more danger. Why didn’t they make Anna Queen or regent at the end of the move. She was obviously a lot more reasonable and better at taking charge of dangerous situations and doing what needed to be done to perfect them. Elsa never even tried to stop the storm that she was making. I mean she never even tried. She just said ” I can’t ” like that was it. Elsa acted just like the Duke of Weselton. Just as crazy sacred and was willing to do anything to keep them self safe. Including killing someone to do it. I can’t believe that Elsa didn’t get some form of punishment for what she did.