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No. I think it might be the juice you spilled on it. Plus you wanna know how many issues I’ve had with my baby? None! Because it’s perfect and adorable and the best and I love it

now when I got up this morning everything seems to be working okay. 

the screen like flickered once, the sound cut out like 3 times and i’ve had one for a few hours.

I guess it works now :/

this is awkward.

(im not going to question it)

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Why the fuck are you watching TWD instead of Teen Wolf Jowie!?

Because a few people have been bothering to me watch it, and my mom started watching it and OMG missy I’m fucking crying my eyes out. AHHH this show, its so, akhgfksdhslmdbvdfvsdmvsdgms I can’t even describe how wonderful it is. It’s so sad, and awesome in a strange way, I can’t help but love the characters that are jerks, because even through they’re jerks, they just want to make people safe. this last episode I watched really hit me. It was about the Sherif, Darl (the one with the crossbow), two other people trying to get the bag of guns in the city and darl gets jumped by a gang, with one of the friends getting kidnapped and it turns out the gang wanted the guns because they are protecting a nursing home. ahhhhhhh its so sad. so the teams givens them a portion of the guns they get escorted out of the city in the a tiny car to back to basecamp. missy Im just crying, now I know what it must feel like when you watch teen wolf.

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sdfksdkfsdafasdlb YAAAAAAAAAY Yeah, I mean just tell her what’s going on and let her decide if she’d want a temp worker.

yeah I think I might do that, I find it super pointless to start a job them have to put in two weeks notice and leave right away. I just feel like that’d really piss people off.

I just want me computer fixed so I can play Tf2 -_- I haven't been able to play it all week ;A; 

so instead I’ve been filling my tf2 void with fan fiction

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Tell her that you’d only be able to work for two weeks. See what she’d say then

wow, thats not a bad idea, my dads all up in arms like: JOWIE YOU NEED TO CALL AT 8 AM TOMORROW. and my moms like: If you’re really not interested that much, explain to her your situation, tell you’d like to work there temporarily to see what its like work in a nursing home. I just really want one of those positions at the hospital because its closer, its a learning facility, it has a laboratory, I just feel like it’d pay me better. -_- and don’t even get me started about apartment finding >.<

oh a happy note, btw I changed your name in my phone to “The Sniper” is thats okay :3

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Don’t worry I’ll pick one up for the next time I see you! :) 

I shit you not, it tastes like Tic tacs

also I’ve been watching more Supernatural. OMG CAS he’s just adorable. THE SCENE WHEN HES WATCHING PORN. OR WHEN THEY MEET CUPID. s.gkjhsghsmdhgjxfgsfb I think he’s my favorite. :)