Shouts & Murmurs: Before the Movie Begins

This film is licensed only for public exhibition in first-run theatres, and is not to be screened in schools, on oil rigs, or in prisons. If you are watching it in a school, on an oil rig, or in a prison, you must immediately drop out, throw yourself off the edge and swim to safety, or plan an elaborate escape with the help of a ragtag team of charming criminals, most of whom were wrongly accused, and all of whom wish to become productive members of society. The rights to the story of your escape immediately become the property of the makers of this film, in any and all forms of expression now extant or to be invented in the future, throughout the universe and three feet beyond, just for good measure.

- In this week’s Shouts & Murmurs, Jacob Sager Weinstein takes on pre-movie warnings: http://nyr.kr/yaPO7J

Title: Fiancee of Mine 4
Pairing: Kyuhyun/Sungmin
Rating: PG
Verse: alternate
Genre: Romance
Dislaimer: I do not own Super Junior
Summary: Sungmin has always been in love with his fiancee, but when time came and he could finally meet her…

AFF: https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/853766/4/fiancee-of-mine-kyuhyun-kyumin-sungmin-alternateuniverse

LJ: http://slashlemons.livejournal.com/134872.html

Day 3 (20th March 2015)

So it turns out that being at work during eclipse is pretty cool in the end. Guys from the other team got solar filters and I managed to take this photo. Quite small cause fulishly I didn’t take the other lens but still ful sm hepi je!

Also I shook hands and got 30 secs chat with President Borut Pahor who were very well prepared for StartupCrawl and thought I’m Czech. Close enough (srsly, why would you even care about some Poljak) but I feel completely excused for my Južna Slovaška tumblr.

DISLAIMER: I’ve adjusted the colours of the photo cause through the filter the sun was alien-green. 

“Feminism vs. The Truth”-Christina Hoff Sommers REBUTTAL

Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oqyrflOQFc

Summary: Christina presents a seemingly convincing video, set up very professionally and palateably, however, her arguments are nowhere near as strong as she’d like to believe, and some crucially backfire when used on her own claims and methods. I felt I had to write this rebuttal partially because she is just so convincing, and partially to help people who knew it felt off, but could not put their finger on why. Enjoy!

My first major stand-out criticism of this video, is that it is set up from the start to be misleading. For one thing, Prager University “is not an accredited academic institution and does not offer certifications or diplomas”, but is instead a video subscription website, yet throughout the video, Christina is presented in a dark, gown-like outfit, clearly meant to be remniscent of actual academic authority, and no dislaimer for the fallacious use of the word university is visible the description.

The first major criticism made by Sommers in the video is the pay gap. Does she not even slightly wonder about why it is that “female” specialities are paid less??? The National Organisation for Women even addresses the “pink collar” problem on their site, but this accuracy doesn’t suit Sommer’s cherry-picking approach, and so of course, the site isn’t linked in the video description, and it isn’t mentioned in the video.

Secondly, there is more than internalised oppression/invisible barriers at play in women’s choices…if your husband can’t imagine taking off time for the kids, and your mother has always taught you to be better with childcare than surgery, that’s going to influence your choices in very real ways, which Sommer’s conveniently ignores. No woman is an island, as NOW fully explains on their website in the final point about the pay gap. The fact these are all on the same resource sheet just serves to further illustrate how selective and misleading Summer’s “research” truly is.

Sommers suffers from the illusion that because she is alright, that everyone else is. It’s not patronising to suggest that women are limited if it is true for large numbers of women! It’s not patronising to say you are drowning, not swimming, if you are actually drowning, you’d need the appropriate help, and women (feminists) do say this, that we want this! Of course, these women do not matter to Sommers, because they don’t suit the cherry-picking and isn’t this, in itself, rather patronising?

On another massively flawed point about the wage gap, Sommers continues to ignore the role of unfair promotions and subtle gendering of jobs in allowing gaps to sneak in, plus, ignores the fact that laws are not always enforced, especially around the taboo area of pay/wages, in order to make an incredibly shallow argument in the name of “common sense”; that truly cheap female labour would result in a flood of demand for female labour, hence, cheaper female labour does not exist. This common argument entirely ignores the roots and context of the wage gap: that women have been historically paid less (and still are) because of a perception of women’s work as inferior. This is what drives the differentiated wages, and why companies will pay more for men, because they are seen as superior, not substitutes. Even assuming genders were perfect substitutes, this universal labour market change would not result in any competitive advantage, let alone a “huge” one, though this misleading note makes her surface-level rebuttal sound even more persuasive.

At 4:35 she claims that american college women are “arguably the most fortunate, liberated beings on the planet”, in order to discredit western feminist theory. Obviously, in Sommers world, slut shaming is a complete myth, victim blaming’s not a thing, obviously the pay gap doesn’t exist, and thus, yes, when you ignore all that evidence, yes, women are just as liberated as men already are! 

She then goes on to further, hypocritically, patronise women who hold different views to her, by first implying that no one is a feminist without a degree in “Women’s Studies”, and then discredit courses from accredited esteemed institutions as “propaganda”…because sure, your unofficial faux-university-endorsed video is certainly 100% legit, honest, educational material, right Sommers? Again, women who disagree with Summers, are being ruthlessly patronised and discredited, without a hint of irony or awareness.

She ends by begging us to end the “Women are from Venus, Men are from hell” storylines, but it’s worth asking what kind of person gets this from “The sexes are equal”? If becoming equal to women degrades men, then clearly the viewer held men above women to begin with, which explains why they spend so much time attempting to define all women’s lives through uninformed pseudo-logic in order to mold them into sharing her privileged perspective.
Of course, Sommers doesn’t investigate this, but continues by ending her video through patronisingly telling all women to reject patronising victim “propaganda”, in a fitting end to her very own polished and perfected propaganda video, that tells all women they’ve been brainwashed. Irony is clearly lost on these people.