5 Members Of Congress Who Oppose National Monuments But Love To Pose For Photos In Them


If it’s August, there’s a good chance you’ll spot Members of Congress outside, celebrating a new wildlife refuge they helped create, pushing for the expansion of a wilderness area in their district, exploring America’s newest national monument, or encouraging people to visit the national parks in their state.

But this summer, you won’t just find lawmakers who support land conservation out and about in parks and public lands. Instead, it now seems that even those politicians who fervently oppose protecting America’s iconic landscapes just can’t resist having their pictures taken in them.

Below, we highlight five Members of Congress who are fighting to overturn the Antiquities Act of 1906, standing in the way of new wilderness protections, gutting funding for national parks, and working to sell off public lands. Yet, without any apparent sense of hypocrisy, these same members are eager to “show off” these “cool” places on their websites and to the cameras that are rolling back home.

1. Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT)

Earlier this year, Bishop stalled the bill to designate Tule Springs, an area north of Las Vegas known for its expansive fossil beds, as Nevada’s first national monument. Yet, just a month later, Bishop could be found touring the area, telling the Las Vegas Review-Journal that “this is cool.”

Bishop, a key supporter of the radical idea that Western states should seize federal public lands away from U.S. taxpayers, has a long record of blocking new federal land protections. He also authored the bill passed by the House in March to reduce the president’s authority to designate national monuments under the 1906 Antiquities Act.

2. Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT)


Chaffetz, author of a bill to sell off more than three million acres of public lands including more than 132,000 acres in Utah, spent some quality time this summer in one of Utah’s most iconic national parks. Trading visits to each other’s districts, the Congressman took Maryland Democrat Elijah Cummings on a tour of Arches National Park. Reporting on the tour, the Moab Sun News described them as the “Congressional odd-couple.”

Chaffetz was also an original cosponsor of Rep. Bishop’s bill to amend the Antiquities Act,calling the Act a “misguided and outdated law that lends itself to abuse by the Executive Branch.” However, Arches National Park, which is featured prominently on the homepage of Chaffetz’s website, was originally protected as a national monument by President Herbert Hoover in 1929 under the authority of the Antiquities Act.

3. Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ)


An outspoken opponent of the Antiquities Act and also an original co-sponsor of Rep. Bishop’s bill to amend it, Gosar stated in a press release that “there is a long and shameful list of abuses of the Antiquities Act whereby Presidents of both parties far exceeded the intent and letter of the law.”

Despite his statement about the “lists of abuses” under the Act, Gosar has touted his connection to the Grand Canyon on social media, even celebrating the anniversary last year of its creation under the Antiquities Act. The Grand Canyon was originally protected as a National Monument by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1908 before becoming a national park in 1919.

4. Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT)


As a freshman Congressman, Stewart has been aggressive opponent of public lands protections. Running for Congress in 2012 on a platform advocating for the seizure of public lands or their sale to energy developers, Stewart also signed on as an original cosponsor of Bishop’s bill to amend the Antiquities Act.

Nonetheless, Stewart touts Utah’s national parks and treasured outdoor landscapes as part of his outreach to constituents. “One of the many reasons I love Utah, is because of the beautiful mountains, scenery and national parks,” Stewart posted on his Facebook page in August. And with the headline, “Aren’t Utah summers the best?” Stewart also posted a #TBTphoto of his family hiking in Zion National Park, which was originally protected under the Antiquities Act by President William Howard Taft in 1909 and later by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1937.

5. Rep. Doc Hastings (R-WA)


Finally, ten-term Congressman Hastings has consistently opposed the creation of any new protections on public lands; in particular, Hastings objects to any use of the Antiquities Act. In a press release, Hastings stated that, ”the Imperial President strikes again,” after President Obama’s designation of the Organ Mountain-Desert Peak National Monument earlier this year.

According to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Rep. Hastings “bitterly opposed President Clinton’s 2000 designation of a Hanford Reach National Monument,” and yet, Hastings features the Monument prominently on the homepage of his congressional website.

You can Google ‘Sri Lanka’ and it doesn’t come up that all these people have been murdered or bombed, it’s ‘Come to Sri Lanka on vacation, there are beautiful beaches’ … you’re not gonna get the truth till you hit like, page 56, and it’s my and your responsibility to pass on the information that it’s not easy anymore.


following these comments, M.I.A. received death threats directed at her and her son.

2.5 million Twitter followers and counting.

4 Behaviors the Modern World Is Only Making Worse

#3. Willful Ignorance and Disinformation

Global warming angers Donald Trump so much, it makes him swear. Two things about this are important for you to know. One is that global warming (or climate change, if you dislike the word “warm” in the winter) is real. Please leap to the comments now to argue if you like; it’s a good place to put your opinions where they can be mocked and then forgotten, because they really have no merit. More on that later. The second thing that is important to know about this is that, while you may think Donald Trump is a loudmouth, blowhard ignoramus, he once had a nine-point lead over other candidates to lead the Republican Party when he was last playing with the idea of running for president. This means Donald Trump actually influences real people in the real world. His dumbass opinions become other people’s dumbass opinions.

Read More

"So imagine my dismay to open the New York Times app on my Android this morning to find an article in the science section containing the following misinformation: “Researchers have identified gene mutations that may explain why Latinos are almost twice as likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes as Caucasians and African-Americans. And in a twist, the quirk can be traced to Neaderthals.” Because this appeared in the NY Times, NPR naturally copied the story as though it were true. Dozens of other publications and news outlets followed suit.

This is pure idiocy.

There are many “caucasians” and “African-Americans” who ARE LATINOS; these groups are not distinct nor are they mutually exclusive. The high rates of diabetes seen among the populations the NY Times considers “Latino” in the United States are most likely linked to those Latinos with Native American ancestry, therefore making the genetic link, if it does in fact exist, a Native American one, not a “Latino” one. (Similarly high rates of Type 2 Diabetes are well-documented among non-Latino Native Americans as well.)

There is no Latino “race” and whenever reputable news organizations such as the NY Times print this lie it serves to further confound an already confused American public by conflating several categories that are not, in fact, analogous.”

What in entire the fresh hell is so  hard to understand about this?

A Black person can be “Latino”. An Asian person can be “Latino.” A White person can be “Latino.” An Arab person can be “Latino.”

People of any and all ancestries can be “Latino.”

ANYBODY can be “Latino.”

"LATINO" IS AN ETHNICITY. A U.S. manufactured one anyways but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion. *gets up and leaves*—->

UKRAINE: What the media isn’t telling you about the crisis

If you turn on CNN or FOX News, read the New York Times or listen to NPR, you aren’t getting the real story. Here are 10 things the U.S. corporate media won’t tell you. 

The U.S. government planned the coup in Ukraine.

U.S. State Department official Victoria Nuland was caught on tape plotting who would be the next head of Ukraine. She bragged that the U.S. had spent $5 billion funding the so-called democracy movement there. Senator John McCain went to Kiev, spoke at rallies and was photographed with the leader of the fascist Svoboda party. 

Neo-Nazis dominate the new government.

The openly racist, anti-Semitic and pro-Hitler Svoboda party is one of three major parties in the government. Svoboda led the street actions that forced elected President Yanukovych to flee. The Right Sector, armed fascists who have beaten opponents and vandalized public property, are now in charge of the military. Immediately after the coup, Ukraine’s chief rabbi, Moshe Reuven Azman, urged Jews to flee Kiev. 

There has been no Russian invasion.

Washington officials have threatened Russia for “invading” Ukraine. It’s a Big Lie meant to cover up U.S. involvement in the coup. Russia has a major military base in Crimea, a predominately Russian ethnic area, and is legally allowed to station up to 25,000 troops in the country. Russia has said it may act to protect civilians if they are threatened by the neo-Nazis in Kiev. That is all. 

Language rights and opponents under attack.

After the coup, the government’s first act was to ban the use of Russian and other minority languages. The Communist Party and other opposition forces have been threatened with banning. Opponents of the coup have been beaten, disappeared, or had their offices and homes vandalized and burned. 

Coup leaders hired snipers to justify their takeover.

A leaked call between Estonian and European Union officials reveals that people behind the new government hired snipers to kill protesters and police in Kiev. President Yanukovych was blamed for the killings and this was used to justify the coup. 

Wall Street and Big Oil want to control Ukraine – and Russia.

Oil and gas pipelines in Ukraine bring fuel from Russia to Europe. Big Oil wants to control the pipelines to cut the flow from Russia and hike their own profits. The U.S. has even offered the new government gas from dangerous fracking drilling here! The Pentagon wants to set up NATO war bases on Russia’s border. They want to break up Russia too. Wall Street would love to get its claws deeper into Ukraine and Russia – to drive up profits and push down wages for workers here and there. 

Power for the 1%, misery for workers.

The new regime has appointed wealthy oligarchs as governors of rebellious regions of Eastern Ukraine. It’s also agreed to an IMF austerity plan drafted by Washington to cut workers’ pensions, unemployment insurance and social programs – just like the cutbacks workers from Detroit to Greece face. 

Billions for coup in Ukraine, cuts for food stamps in U.S.

In early February, Congress and the Obama administration agreed to cut SNAP food assistance benefits for hungry families by $8.7 billion. Just weeks later, they announced $10 billion in assistance to the neo-Nazis in Kiev. Secretary of State John Kerry personally delivered the first billion on March 4. 

The U.S. war buildup.

The Navy has deployed the USS Truxton, a warship armed with guided missiles, to the Black Sea. Six F-15 fighter jets and 60 military personnel have been sent to Lithuania, in addition to those already stationed there. The U.S. and EU are imposing sanctions and travel bans on Russian officials. Hillary Clinton, an architect of the movement behind the coup and likely 2016 presidential candidate, compared Russian President Vladimir Putin to Hitler. When preparing for war, the U.S. always uses this bogus comparison to demonize leaders of opponent countries. 

People across Ukraine are fighting back.

People in Eastern Ukraine and throughout the country are organizing against the coup. Some have taken over regional and city buildings and refused to hand them over to the new authorities. Others are marching on military bases and demanding that the troops not obey the commands of the neo-Nazis in Kiev. Some are calling on the Russian government to protect and assist them. The people of Ukraine remember well what Nazi rule was like during World War II, and they will not stand for it again. 

Get informed! Find more information on Ukraine and upcoming actions at IACenter.org 

Join us! Educate, organize and protest. Let’s stop the next U.S. war before it starts. 

Money for jobs, food, housing and education – not war and occupation! 

International Action Center 

Think about this for just a second: House Republicans are using taxpayer dollars to fund a lawsuit against a President who has literally done not only what every president before him has done but has done it less often and is doing so now only because House Republicans repeatedly refuse to even vote on legislation, let alone pass anything.

And you have the gall to accuse the President of being the one in violation of the Constitution?

Even more frustrating is how your repeated attacks on the President fall factually flat. In your essay for CNN, you write: “After years of slow economic growth and high unemployment under President Obama, they are still asking, ‘where are the jobs?’ “

This is a particularly laughable assertion given last week’s jobs report, which noted our economy added 288,000 jobs in June, marking 52 straight months of continuous job growth. Overall, under President Obama’s leadership, the private sector has added 9.7 million jobs and an economy that was in free fall when he was elected is now in a steady recovery.

From a New York Times Article

"It is time for the truth to be brought out in open Congressional hearings. Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about the UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense. To hide the facts, the Air Force has silenced its personnel."

- Admiral Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, First Director of the CIA

Link to New York Times Article: http://select.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res=F50A12F9345D1A728DDDA10A94DA405B808AF1D3

On how media interpret events in Crimea, Russia, Kiev. Or I'm playing a mythbuster.

Oh for God’s sake, stop lying! I can’t breathe because of all the bullshit media’s feeding people.

Euronews today:

Russian military is attaking Ukrainian military base in Simpheropol. One Ukrainian soldier is dead.

Ukrainian Ministry of Defense:

One is injured: he was shot in his leg twice/he was shot in his leg and his neck (I still don’t know which one is right and I think neither knows their Ministry of Defence - belakqwa) and people that are attacking are not from Russian military but some people in Russian old military uniforms.

You know, after all this shit in Ukraine I see that Euronews is not the best news channel. They are lying so much that they are not better than any other russian channel - in fact we do have one news channel that’s quite unbiased (RBK).

This is a post for people who think that they can believe in everything they hear or read. I read so many wrong articles and heard so many stupid reports - you. Have. No. Idea. So here’s some myths from EU and US media and me trying to make it right.

1. How’s Crimea doing right now? Crimea’s alright. Yeah, some people do celebrate (all of them if you believe what Russian media is saying and I know they looove to lie and make everything beautiful and pretty) - many people do, but some not (every Crimean tatar in Crimea is crying their eyes out and wants to fight and is against the results of referendum and hates Russians and is afraid for his life if you believe Ukraine’s Klichko - omg I lost all of my respect for him, he’s such a liar these days - and media in the US and EU). They are quite happy wiht the results of their referendum.

I don’t think you understand: after the USSR Crimeans and Russians (I mean people in Russia who study Russian history in schools) were left with this feeling of injustice because of Khrushchev’s decision - we call him a fool for what he did - to give Crimea to Ukraine. We love Crimea so it’s no surprise that we are happy right now. Of course we are, we’ve always wanted Crimea back.

2. People in Crimea voted for integration with Russia because Russian military forces were threatening them. NO. They were not threatened, goddamnit, and international observers from USA, China, Germany and other countries said so (also I have information from people who live in Crimea, so kindly fuck off with this lie, ok? Bye). People made this decision themselves. No one made them do this or that and really for us it was no surprise - again - that this happened. Crimea and Russia loves each other just because. No reason is needed. And there’s this new weird Ukrainian government that tried to take down a law that gave Russian a status of Regional language and this new government says nothing about how ultra-right organizations became so active, how Right Sector (an organization that says that there’s no ethnic Russians in Ukraine and if they think they are Russians they have to move to Russia… well hello, there are 58% of people in Crimea that consider themselves Russians so they voted) is going to politics and how their leader is going to run for president (and he’s in international wanted list!).

3. Russia invaded Ukraine and/or Crimea. OMG what. Putin asked for Federal Council’s permission to use Russian army and they gave him this permission. But to use an army he had to give an order. And he did not do it. There was no order to the army to invade in Crimea and/or Ukraine. There’re no Russian forces in Ukraine and there’s only Russian Black Sea Fleet - it’s based in Crimea under international treaty with Ukraine (Russia paid for this). And this fleet has the right to be in Crimea till 2040 if I’m not mistaken. Then Yatsenyk issued an order to remove the Black Sea Fleet from Crimea and it was against this treaty (because Russia paid. For. It. He can’t just say that he doesn’t want it to be there! It’s a violation of said treaty!) and Russia paid no attention.
There was one order - to send additional 6000 (or more, I don’t know the exact number) soldiers to Crimea (to this Black Sea Fleet’s military unit) and it’s legal because, as Yatsenuk himself says, there are now (after these additional forces came to Crimea’s fleet) 21000 soldiers and under the treaty Russia can have up to 25000 soldiers there, as Putin said today. So legally Russia did nothing wrong. It was not an invasion and you can’t call it an invasion, boys and girls. UPD: Yatsenyk didn’t issue an order to remove the fleet he was just discussing the possibility of this course of action. I wrote about it and why it’s not an intervention here.

4. Crimean Tatar (all of them) didn’t vote. Wrong. Presumably less than one half of them didn’t vote but others did.

5. Crimean Tatar are now in danger of opression. Wrong. Their language is one of the official languages in Crimea (these languages are: Russian, Ukrainian, Crimean Tatar - Putin declared it today). Also people in Russia live with Tatar quite well, no one’s hating anyone and everyone is friendly. I mean general public and politically. What happened with USSR and Crimean Tatars - it was during the WWII and it was reported that Crimean Tatars was helping (and some other ethnic groups too) German army so to reduce their influence it was decided by Stalin - yep, the same dude most of Russians believe to be worse than Hitler (some people love him though… But he still was one hell of a dictator) - to deport them far far away from front. Other ethnic groups were deported as well, for example, Volga German people.

No one was deporting Ukrainians and you know what? Some of them was helping German army and German administration on territories that was occupied by Germany - and quite willingly. They were working in concentration camps and fought Red Army (Soviet army) and reported all kinds of useful information to German leaders. I’m not saying this to make you hate Ukrainians, I’m saying this so you would understand the origin of some ultra-right organizations that exist up to this date.

And this is important - There was no coup in Ukraine. Well, this is something one can argue because, the thing is, there was an agreement between Yanukovich and opposition (they had to put away their weapons and he had to name the date for early elections and do some stuff about integration with Europe etc.) and both sides violated this agreement (Yanukovich didn’t so his part and the people didn’t put away their weapons). So then people said he violated the agreement and the violence spiked and it was awful and then they took over some of the government buildings and then Rada voted and by the results Yanukovich was removed from his post (he was still in Ukraine but hiding from some people hunting him - he said that, IDK about people trying to kill him, but he was still in Ukraine, that’s true) and then the new government came. They said that the removal of Yanukovich was constitutionally legal because he ran away to Russia, leaving his country and his responsibilities. Well, he was still in Ukraine when Verkhovna Rada voted, so Yatsenyk was wrong here about Yanukovish being in Russia. So this moment can be seen as coup or as a constitutionally legal act - you can say whatever you want and your version will answer your political interests.

So listen here. 83% of population voted. And 96,6% voted for integration with Russia. Even if something was miscalculated (on purpose) - the result speaks for itself, International observers say that there were no serious disturbances and everything went well, that no one was threatened and people were happy.

Also, today I heard on Euronews (I’m done with them 100%) that OSCE said that Russia prevented their observers from coming - I’m sorry, WHAT? OSCE on referendum’s eve practically said itself that they won’t send their observers (they were going too) - it was the last minute decision really - because they don’t recognize this referendum. It was their decision, they made it themselves! It’s their problem they were not in Crimea to observe.


UPD: Now Euronews says that one is dead because of his injuries and one is injured (it’s about what I wrote in the beginning - someone is attacking Ukrainian military bases in Simferopol) and they stopped saying that Russian military is behind the attacks. Well, good, it took you only few hours to get it right!