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I know that you've got like 5 billion asks but I've seen so many posts starting with 'I'm almost 20 and I don't/have never (insert sexual activity here)' And I just want to take them all and hug them, DARLINGS! I am 23 very soon. And I am still a virgin and hella proud to have made it this far. I guess in my case it's a choice. And y'all need to decide for YOURSELVES when you're ready. Not when society dictates to you that you're ready. Wish I could write more but I have no more characters left.

yeah girl!!! ily

tell me your darkest secret on anon

 disickdisciple said: AHAHAHAHAHAh This is the best. Fat, black ghetto gerard and lynz… Picturing it an crying. <3

it was crazy?? and creepy, but at the time it just looked so right. idk my brain is obviously convinced that their personalities are ghetto :DD

I wish my parents went away more often cause I’ve been having the best weekend with disickdisciple ! Playing board/card games, cleaning the house with music blasting, making simple dinners, watching movies :) love twinnie time