Haha I posted this but then I deleted it hahah im silly  Anyways here’s Corvo’s folding blade from Dishonored. I’ve been wanting to make one for a while so I printed and assembled the parts today (had to sand it down a bit though because PLA does not like to snap together) Still have to attach the other claw and wire pieces, also need to run a fishing line in the handle so I can flip it around because the mechanism is built around how Corvo opens it in the game.

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Most of the characters.  Left out Havelock ‘cause I couldn’t be bothered to go back and make icons of him.  Also the other two Pendleton brothers ‘cause they’re gross-ass frogs.  So the list is as follows;

  • Anton Sokolov
  • Billie Lurk
  • Callista Curnow
  • Corvo Attano
  • Daud
  • Delilah Copperspoon
  • Emily Kaldwin
  • Empress Jessamine Kaldwin
  • Granny Rags
  • Lady Boyle
  • Lizzy Stride
  • Piero Joplin
  • Samuel Beechworth
  • Slackjaw
  • Teague Martin
  • The Outsider
  • Treavor Pendleton


So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about Sokka’s hairdo.

The first thing that seems obvious is that the “Warriors’s Wolf Tail” is what men/warriors of the Southern Water Tribe wear. Hakoda has one, Bato has one I think, and as I recall most of Hakoda’s men also wear one. So that’s easy.

But why the shaved sides? It’s not a sign of his boyhood, because according to Korra flashbacks he wears it that way as an adult, it’s not mourning for his mother because we see in his flashback that he wore it like that before his mother died, it’s not dishonor the way it apparently is in the Fire Nation. But it’s also distinct enough that it doesn’t feel like just an aesthetic choice.

The big thing is that shaving the majority of your hair in a climate like the South Pole is exposing yourself to the cold. The reason why everybody else has “big hair,” especially hair that covers their ears, is that it keeps them warm. So by shaving his head, Sokka is sacrificing warmth and comfort - most people wouldn’t do that just for an aesthetic, not even Sokka.

Thought: the sacrifice of comfort is the point. It’s a sign of his personal strength. Sokka shaves his head because he doesn’t need the warmth or the covering for his ears and neck - he is strong enough to resist the cold without it. It’s a signal to everyone around him that he is tough, he is a survivor, and he can continue on even when the odds are stacked against him.

Conclusion/Headcanon: in the Water Tribe, shaved hair signifies a great trial undergone and overcome.

- Headcanon

Bolivar Trask paid for the mutants from Vietnam

In the form of paying off key people not to blab when soldiers mysteriously went missing one day

These people he paid to get the mutants were all found out after he was arrested, stripped of their rank and given dishonorable discharge

Alex has an entire notebook filled with news articles reporting each one of their arrests and discharges along with news articles of Bolivar’s arrest.

He calls it his ‘Those Scumbag Fuckers’ book. 

In addition he also has one of old articles about Charles’ school, Magneto’s movements and has recently been adding articles about Raven (and in time, the book will include articles about mutant rights politician Dr Hank McCoy). He also has a photo of Sean glued to the inside cover.

He calls it his ‘Those Loveable Fuckers’ book.