I’m alive!  Okay life update!  I moved again.  I now live in Jersey city with my boyfriend and I’m pursuing more steady photo work.  I’ve mostly posted personal work on tumblr but I’ve been doing mostly freelance for a while and I never shared my photos of electronics and wine glasses and salad tong (I gotta eat!) because it seemed boring I guess?  So long story short I’m going to start shooting for me again and to start off here is my new set of dishes from my new apartment!  Thank you to all the followers that stayed, you guys are awesome! 


I’m really glad everyone is enjoying my plates, I’m especially enjoying reading all the little stories and blurbs that go along with the reblogs.  I got them in and unopened box from a retirement home treasure sale for $8!  It even had a little sweepstakes mail in entry form in the box that expired in 1982.  I’m glad they are taking some of you down memory lane.