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" oh, gaara-sama? you have something on your face... " manami brushed her thumb carefully over the corner of his mouth, a bit of a colour rising to her cheeks as she offered him a tender smile. "there! all better."

      A light stifle of breath──Naturally flinching at any instance of touch, his eyes squeeze tightly shut in fear, before peaking back open. It was safe. She was safe. She would be okay.


         ..She felt warm.
             Even when she parted.

   "..Thank you.“

Not only did the Duggars force their daughters to live with their molester, they had to cater to him, too. Clean his clothes, serve him meals. They were raised to believe that they weren’t as important as their molester, to not only the family but to society. They were forced to celebrate his marriage and the births of his children on magazine covers and TV. How relieved they must have been, how much better they must have slept for the few weeks he was gone, and after he moved out. How unloved and uncared for they must have felt when so much more time, concern, and effort went into concealing the crimes committed against them instead of their own healing and well being. How fucked up when strangers in a world you’re only allowed limited interaction with cares more about what happened to you than your own parents.

Josh Duggar accurately portrays how easy it is for a white cis male to cheat the system

so, i was reading up on what’s going on w/ the Wisconsin food ban (  and i see a link talking about MY STATE. (second source:

apparently Delegate Pat McDunough - 7th district (B’more & Harford Counties - so i’m guessing it’s West 695 loop?) - wants to take away Food Stamps from the parents of those who protest.

because according to him, they’ve failed as parents.  He thinks that teaching your children that they have as much right to access the First Amendment as any other person in the country is bad parenting.  REALLY!?!  b/c i think that’s GOOD parenting, and teaching your children to be good Americans.  We don’t just have the RIGHT to protest when our country is doing wrong, we have the DUTY.

and please note, i don’t believe that any part of the rioting was right - but that was such a SMALL PART of what happened in Baltimore.

and his bits about “thug nation”?  well, it’s like Soledad O’Brien said on CNN, “thug” is just a whitewashed “media acceptable” version of the N Word.  this is DISGUSTING.

we need to get these bastards out of office!  

Internet Predator Alert!!!!!

so basically these dudes are on Twitter telling my friend they are going to “find her” because she stood up for herself when they hit on her without any real context, asking her for her contact information and making her completely uncomfortable. They also made comments about “making sure this girl isn’t 13 like the last one,” implying that they have contacted minors and solicited them online for their contact information, specifically their phone numbers and access to snapchat, potentially in a sexual manner.

They spent time threatening and joking with one another about the personal safety of three girls online, about kidnapping, knowing what states we are from, etc. 

This is my attempt at fighting back because seriously, they don’t think that what they are doing is wrong. They think it’s funny. They tried to pretend they weren’t all friends at first, and that they were all not in on the joke, so as to gain trust and have us all assume they were there to defend us, and then turned really quickly. They also said that “the next ones (girls) [they target] won’t be as smart.” Here’s THEIR information, since they seem so privy on making threats that potentially violate and hurt innocent people just trying to communicate with other hockey fans or band fandoms online. 

Browse safely, and if any of these guys contact you, BLOCK THEM:


@ nickuhh 




@barsy_ (real twitter: @NickBaroner)


Here is some of the stuff they’ve said online in the past day or so: