This is one of the most disgusting fucking shit I’ve ever seen. First of all, you’re making her weight gain look like a joke. You’re making fun of this girl for gaining weight. These are fellow girls and I’m positive a MAJORITY of them are not even a size zero. Everyday we’re talking about how we should not be judged on our size and yet here ya’ll are making fun of Selena for it. She’s literally having fun in the picture, in the water, not even worrying about her weight but all of you are worrying about her and bringing up Justin Beiber when this has absolutely nothing to do with him! And what the hell does “Selena is the new Demi” mean? Demi had an eating disorder, please, PLEASE don’t you dare bring a disorder into your sick joke, that is vile. Gaining or losing weight doesn’t mean you have an eating disorder. Stop trying to bring other girls down just because you’re not a fan of them or they dated your favorite celebrity. She looks gorgeous, as always. Leave her alone.

gen eds are actual bullshit what the fuck did i go to high school for…. college is supposed to be for focusing on shit youre interested in and yet here i am taking fucking english 


favorite videogame ships (in no particular order) Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth.

“ Edgeworth believed in me, and I believe in him. He’s in pain… And no one’s on his side. I’m the only one who knows the real Edgeworth. I’m the only one who can help him”.

Most of the time the Yik Yak where I live is nothing but stupid fuckboys and ignorant racist white people and self hating girls but this morning I found this gem and just wanted to praise it. I’m usually the only one spreading my feminism on that app but to my shock this person spread theirs too and I’m so happy they did. To all the people out there who think this is too dramatic: this is a real issue. Women are beat, raped, kidnapped, and/or murdered for rejecting guys all the time. This is a reality.