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I'm just saying you showing that you're upset about a japanese pamphlet in your mail upsets me because my boyfriend is muslim and today I overheard two douchebags whispering comments about him being a terrorist today. It upset me so much and he brushed it off and said he doesn't give a shit what they think. I'm not saying this to compare "levels of racism" I'm just saying your japanese letter in the mail is not even close to what I witness him go through every day in society.

Did I ever say it was? Discussing a comparatively smaller aspect of racism doesn’t mean you’re saying it’s worse than more blatant examples of racism. To be honest, modern racism is so hard to pinpoint sometimes because a lot of it is more subtle and therefore harder to combat. Small aspects of racism fit into a larger picture of white supremacy and it’s useful to discuss all of them to best understand racism as a whole.

Anna in S5E2

So, per the synopsis here, it sounds like Mary asks Anna to go purchase some contraception for her. We’ve had Anna’s role in this plot line described as “shocked” and “reluctant” but this one goes with “mortified.” It’s already a little… um… but also in light of S4… yeah ugh.

We have in the cast list for S5E2 a chemist, a chemist’s assistant, and “man at chemist’s.” So it does sound like she at least goes to get it for her… 

Here’s some speculation after speaking with others. One idea is that somehow the item(s) end up going home with Anna, and Bates finding it and misunderstanding (as last episode Mary told her not to tell Bates about all this). If this is the case, I figure it will be resolved by the end of the episode (given a “heartwarming” TCA clip - and the clips shown there tend to all be from the first couple of episodes - and also that their murder mystery storyline kicks back into gear in S5E3).

But I’m also now thinking that Anna does not go with Mary and Tony (based on their plans… does Mary really even need her for the usual lady’s maid stuff?). The clip in the new trailer looks like it’s in Mary’s bedroom, and Mary is missing in the radio scene and Anna is, of course, present. If this is the case, then Anna has to go to a chemist near Downton…

(as for the stuff Joanne shot in London - as much as I’d like to believe it was for this storyline, I’m assuming its not. Remember the “undercover cop” shot that day as well… unless she’s being tailed or something pre-S5E3…)

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#SHOUT - Season 3, Episode #2


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The weekly debate/discussion show is back and on this week’s episode, thelonewalker1, stevejones313 and hedgybrick discuss Social Justice Warriors, annoying game fights, suicide awareness month and what literature says about your sex life.



"Slow Burn"

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Stressed to Death


Stress is an all-too unpleasant reality of our lives. From work stress to college admissions stress, it seems like all of us are constantly anxious about one thing or another. One of the most stressful time periods for teens across the world is high school. According to an NPR poll, almost 40 percent of parents say their high-schooler is experiencing a lot of stress from school. Many teenagers exhibit traits such as irritation and anger as a result of stress, primarily academic. But can stress lead to much more serious issues? According to research, too much stress can leave you with memory loss, obesity, heart disease and even depression.

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I’m disappointed that you can’t even discuss issues of stereotyping without being accused of saying it’s “a bigger deal” than other types of racism or oppression. How are we ever supposed to fix the problem if we’re not even allowed to talk about it?

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I find the whole Mary-needs-Anna-to-purchase-her-booty-call-paraphernalia to be so distasteful. Sign #infinity that JuJu is in capable of treating Anna and her attack sensitively. We had little healing in S4, I was really hoping S5 would prove me wrong. I suppose it's best to buckle our seat belts for a ridiculous murder investigation...I love Anna and Bates, but I am truly on the verge of quitting this show.

Yeah, I’m not liking it either. We’ll have to see how this pans out - it might pave the way for some scenes between Anna and Bates that are more in the nature of what I was hoping for this season (this is assuming Fellowes deliberately makes Mary in the wrong here in asking Anna to do that).

Chubby girl group ‘la BIG 3’ promote their debut single

Sacchan (21), Ruby (22), and Ui Ando (21) appeared at Sankei Sports on the 18th to promote their debut single. The girls currently model for chubby girl fashion magazine “la farfa”. Together the three girls weigh 210kg (around 463lbs) and they’ve formed a new unit called “la BIG 3”. Their debut s…

People Who Are More Anxious And Neurotic Are Better At Telling Different Smells Apart


Have you ever been super nervous or anxious for something and realized that while you were in this state of neuroticism you tended to have a better sense of smell? Like you were freaking out about this quiz you had in thirty minutes and while you were pacing around in your room, you were suddenly hit by the smell of coffee and beard mixed with the scent of the garbage your roommate forgot to throw out. No, well me neither. But it would seem that there is a correlation between sense of smell and level of anxiety.

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is bi tumblr dedicated on proving themselves to be one of the most homophobic fuckers on this planet

Well, bi tumblr isn’t dedicated to proving itself to be “one of the most” anything…because bi tumblr isn’t singular. Bi tumblr is a diverse collection of blogs. So there’s that.

But also, and more importantly, if you think that me declaring a bisexual identity for characters whose identities are left ambiguous by writers is “one of the most homophobic” things on this planet…well, I’ve got news for you.

since when is discussing something openly and calmly and thinking critically about race overreacting? anons and anti-sj blogs be acting like i’m making the biggest deal about this when i’m just interested in generating a discussion and analyzing the way race is perceived

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I definitely agree with downstairs being ignored (per your earlier post), or just getting retread storylines (yawn). I've also seen comments floating around about how dark a lot of the scenes have been since S4 began. Here is my observation: the production crew is not as on the ball as they were when DA was being filmed. The lighting is just one example - you'd think after reviewing it, someone would say, "Blimey, we can't see a single damn thing. Fix it!" But they keep going. Another (tbc)

Pt 2. Issue I’ve noticed is choreography and staging. It seemed almost symphonic and beautiful in first 2 series, but has steadily declined. Something is just missing. The final thing I’ve noticed is bad editing choices in later series: the first that comes to mind is the scene where Bates learns Anna was raped. There was an excellent 30 seconds that was cut which really impacted the flow and emotion. This doesn’t even touch on the writing. Anyway, that’s just some of what’s bothered me.

I’m just guessing here, but I think that like the actors, it’s very possible that much of the crew was only signed for three seasons and then left much like Jessica and Dan. In terms of direction, a lot of S1 and S2 was directed by Brian Percival, and his style is the one that the others try to copy (it’s mentioned in one of the companion books). The issue is, the more recent directors aren’t really doing so…

Of the scene you mentioned, I prefer the version PBS aired simply because of the extra few lines of dialogue between Bates and Mrs. Hughes.

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Opening Our Closed Minds: In conversation sometimes we can get stuck in our own ideas. I think it’s important to ask “Why [do you feel that way]?” before we bark, “No [that’s not so]!” One should be willing to listen to both sides, allow the conversation to continue, allow room for discussion, allow your eyes to be open to different perspectives, and make conclusions from there. Listen to the voices that are not often heard.

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I think the problem with going off of Willow saying she's gay as being the end of the discussion is the fact that after she says she is and dates Tara she still gets attracted to guys and only sees a problem with this when somebody reminds her she's gay. Also one episode after Buffy reminded her she was gay and therefore couldn't want a male character she said she could just change him into a woman which raises a whole host of other issues

Nope. Look, I totally get why you might want Willow to be bi. I get that. But she isn’t.

A character saying they are gay/lesbian and/or a character saying they are only attracted to the same sex is all it takes for a character to be gay/lesbian.

And I’m not going to erase a gay/lesbian character’s identity.

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dear anons, race-based assumptions are bad. they are racist. assuming someone doesn't speak english because they have a Japanese last name is wrong and i'm sure very offensive to someone who is American and has spoken English her whole life. marina expressed frustration out of a situation in which she felt insulted. that wasn't a cue to try and put your two cents on what someone else should/should not have felt.

Thanks bb!

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That last ask you got is such a good example of how people completely disregard EVERYTHING you write/research in favour of preserving their own narrow little world view of how things "should" be. If that person had even bothered to go and read the damn link you provided (which I doubt they did), they would have gotten a fabulous commentary about what sources do and do not dispute the myth and WHY some sources are actively discounted even though they offer proof of her existence.

Also, to add to my previous ask—-LOL @ “ALL THE DATA BEING DISCOUNTED”. I mean, nevermind the fact that even in the link THEY provided, it states quite clearly that the Uyghur people insist that her and her legend were real. This has so much to do with what you mentioned about different sources being weighted differently, in that non-White sources are discounted due to colonialism and colonial history. They just shot themselves in the foot, basically, with providing that “proof”.

It’s not about “The Truth!!!”

It’s about making sure that the only sources that matter are the same ones that banned Ethnic Studies in Arizona for fomenting “anti-white” sentiment in the youth or some such nonsense.

So even when these histories survive in solid, material, “acceptable” forms, they’re banned. And I’m not even going to go into how much of that banned curricula was the fragments put together of knowledge left after the Spanish deliberately burned the Libraries of the Mexica peoples….

I use  lot of sources that are openly biased against women, people of color, and a host of other unsavory stuff because a lot of the time they’re the only ones that exist SO FAR, and I’m trying to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and common knowledge, and the histories of the people. Which is why I’m doing it HERE.

It also holds up in an academic environment. Use these resources. It’s why they are here.

Calling me “intellectually dishonest” for using this methodology is like….so ridiculous I can’t really put it into words. How do you think progress in any history-related discipline happens? You cite the fact that something exists, you show the writing that’s been done on it so far, and then you add your own interpretation and research.

In this context, no one can be “objective”.

On this week’s episode of 2BG*, Fariha is joined by Tonia and Hawa, the fierce ladies of browntourage. They discuss muslim identity, their cool new project #mashallah, that awful New York Times article about Shonda Rhimes, and POC & privilege. Enjoy!

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