Stressed to Death


Stress is an all-too unpleasant reality of our lives. From work stress to college admissions stress, it seems like all of us are constantly anxious about one thing or another. One of the most stressful time periods for teens across the world is high school. According to an NPR poll, almost 40 percent of parents say their high-schooler is experiencing a lot of stress from school. Many teenagers exhibit traits such as irritation and anger as a result of stress, primarily academic. But can stress lead to much more serious issues? According to research, too much stress can leave you with memory loss, obesity, heart disease and even depression.

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Right, so, as i realize this might be weird to be asking, I wanted some opinions. I am a FTM transgender human. Recently came out to my family, I will be starting gender therapy soon.

Next year I will be going to a new school and before that I will be 18 and I want to legally change my name. Thats where you come in. Currently going by “Olly” as a gender neutral name, I want a masculine name before I physically transition. While I have a list of names I like, I wanted to see if I “look” like a specific name.. If you have any suggestions, PLEASE let me know. 

A little more about me that might influence your choice is that I am super artsy with drawing, painting and digital art. I enjoy alternative music and that whole scene has always affected my looks ect. body modifications. I love horror films, cheesy jokes, nature walks and poetry. I’m extremely open minded and sensitive. Take those facts as you will.

Day One - Dimension and Time Travel

Hey everyone!

I hope you’re all having a great first day of FlashFest, celebrating the Grandpa Flash himself Jay Garrick.
For each day of the celebration I wanted to make a discussion post, give everyone an opportunity to get to know each other!

If you could have any two characters in the Flash Franchise meet (past and present, any dimensions) who would they be and why?
If they have already met in canon, was there anything you felt was missing from their meeting?

People Who Are More Anxious And Neurotic Are Better At Telling Different Smells Apart


Have you ever been super nervous or anxious for something and realized that while you were in this state of neuroticism you tended to have a better sense of smell? Like you were freaking out about this quiz you had in thirty minutes and while you were pacing around in your room, you were suddenly hit by the smell of coffee and beard mixed with the scent of the garbage your roommate forgot to throw out. No, well me neither. But it would seem that there is a correlation between sense of smell and level of anxiety.

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Chubby girl group ‘la BIG 3’ promote their debut single

Sacchan (21), Ruby (22), and Ui Ando (21) appeared at Sankei Sports on the 18th to promote their debut single. The girls currently model for chubby girl fashion magazine “la farfa”. Together the three girls weigh 210kg (around 463lbs) and they’ve formed a new unit called “la BIG 3”. Their debut s…


anonymous said:

is bi tumblr dedicated on proving themselves to be one of the most homophobic fuckers on this planet

Well, bi tumblr isn’t dedicated to proving itself to be “one of the most” anything…because bi tumblr isn’t singular. Bi tumblr is a diverse collection of blogs. So there’s that.

But also, and more importantly, if you think that me declaring a bisexual identity for characters whose identities are left ambiguous by writers is “one of the most homophobic” things on this planet…well, I’ve got news for you.

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Opening Our Closed Minds: In conversation sometimes we can get stuck in our own ideas. I think it’s important to ask “Why [do you feel that way]?” before we bark, “No [that’s not so]!” One should be willing to listen to both sides, allow the conversation to continue, allow room for discussion, allow your eyes to be open to different perspectives, and make conclusions from there. Listen to the voices that are not often heard.

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Liz Katz discusses handling under-age cosplayers and attendees. 

What I really like about this is her idea of a badge system to identify minors at a convention. She mentions it at 6:13. The badge would indicate if an attendee is under legal age. She suggests it can help to discourage inappropriate photos of minors at a con.

Do you think identifying minors and adults through badges at a convention is a good thing? Would you like to see your local cons adopt this?

anonymous said:

I think the problem with going off of Willow saying she's gay as being the end of the discussion is the fact that after she says she is and dates Tara she still gets attracted to guys and only sees a problem with this when somebody reminds her she's gay. Also one episode after Buffy reminded her she was gay and therefore couldn't want a male character she said she could just change him into a woman which raises a whole host of other issues

Nope. Look, I totally get why you might want Willow to be bi. I get that. But she isn’t.

A character saying they are gay/lesbian and/or a character saying they are only attracted to the same sex is all it takes for a character to be gay/lesbian.

And I’m not going to erase a gay/lesbian character’s identity.

sophrosynic said:

That last ask you got is such a good example of how people completely disregard EVERYTHING you write/research in favour of preserving their own narrow little world view of how things "should" be. If that person had even bothered to go and read the damn link you provided (which I doubt they did), they would have gotten a fabulous commentary about what sources do and do not dispute the myth and WHY some sources are actively discounted even though they offer proof of her existence.

Also, to add to my previous ask—-LOL @ “ALL THE DATA BEING DISCOUNTED”. I mean, nevermind the fact that even in the link THEY provided, it states quite clearly that the Uyghur people insist that her and her legend were real. This has so much to do with what you mentioned about different sources being weighted differently, in that non-White sources are discounted due to colonialism and colonial history. They just shot themselves in the foot, basically, with providing that “proof”.

It’s not about “The Truth!!!”

It’s about making sure that the only sources that matter are the same ones that banned Ethnic Studies in Arizona for fomenting “anti-white” sentiment in the youth or some such nonsense.

So even when these histories survive in solid, material, “acceptable” forms, they’re banned. And I’m not even going to go into how much of that banned curricula was the fragments put together of knowledge left after the Spanish deliberately burned the Libraries of the Mexica peoples….

I use  lot of sources that are openly biased against women, people of color, and a host of other unsavory stuff because a lot of the time they’re the only ones that exist SO FAR, and I’m trying to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and common knowledge, and the histories of the people. Which is why I’m doing it HERE.

It also holds up in an academic environment. Use these resources. It’s why they are here.

Calling me “intellectually dishonest” for using this methodology is like….so ridiculous I can’t really put it into words. How do you think progress in any history-related discipline happens? You cite the fact that something exists, you show the writing that’s been done on it so far, and then you add your own interpretation and research.

In this context, no one can be “objective”.


Representation in Avatar the last airbender

lltran submitted to Writing with Color:

hi, so i saw that many people have asked about mixing asian cultures in their fantasy works and you guys answered several times (i think twice?) about how avatar is a good example of how mixing asian cultures was done well. i reblogged you post and added comments but i doubt anyone would see it so i am going to submit what i wrote here. please excuse my bad grammar and organization. 

i love avatar but i really do not think that avatar did this well either. i actually have a huge problem with this aspect of the show. i used to love how the artists blended the Asian cultures so seamlessly together. but the more i thought about it, the more unhappy i am with that fact. one reason why many of the cultures that they used are able to blend together so well is because of Chinese occupation. and when the cultures are blended like this it erases that history of these countries oppression by china (or other oppressive powers). for example, i am Vietnamese. i saw Vietnamese influences in the show (subtle things that most people would not associate with anything other than china, but is actually Vietnamese). my culture is lost in this show, it is lost among the Chinese culture, the culture that was forced onto my people and heavily influences us to this day(the topic of being Vietnamese vs Chinese is very big in the Vietnamese community, most Vietnamese people will get mad if they are mistaken for Chinese since this erases our very long struggle against the Chinese).

Other countries which did not have contact with china, like Thailand has had influences on avatar as well. but their culture is also lost because all that many viewers know of Asia is japan, china, and japan. because the creators do not state their Thai influences and because most people are not familiar with non-east Asian cultures, once again a culture gets erased. you hardly ever see avatar fan talk about Thailand or Vietnam or Loas, etc when they talk about avatar. so no, avatar is not a good example of how to merge Asian cultures together in a respectable way. i actually don’t think i know any good examples for this…i try to avoid books that have this premise since most are not done well and as far as tv goes…well there are hardly any shows with Asians at all so…but yeah just keep in mind the history of colonization in these countries and perhaps get someone from that culture to read your draft over to see whether or not it is insulting.

Also, PLEASE give credit where it is due. The creators of avatar, have not, as far as I know, stated how they were influenced by south east Asia. They only referenced East Asian and Inuit cultures and so many fans also only refer to these cultures. But really, the resemblance between the fire nation and Thailand is undeniable.

I also have a problem with people making up ‘Asian’ clothing that do not exist. This was done really well in avatar, but I sometimes feel like this treads too far into problematic territory. Like those people who make ‘Asian/oriental’ fashion or something. Idk. I don’t actually know if this is a legitimate worry or not since I can’t really word it, so take this how you want.

I also do not really like the idea of mixing Asian cultures because it kind off make me feel like the non-Asian audience will not see the subtleties and see it all as ‘Asia’, since there are so many similar cultural elements (the countries are close to each other geographically after all and so cultural sharing does happen). I personally would not create an ‘Asian’ inspired world without doing VERY extensive research first. This is my opinion though so don’t let that deter you because I am sure some of y’all are super creative and will come up with ways to do this that does not make Asia seem like a monolith.

Perhaps you can pick from a  limited amount of countries and focus on those only, that would make it easier to do research. Or maybe you can do the opposite and pick small elements from many countries to create something entirely new. I think the main point would be have fair representation and to create something unique.

Like its not bad to make everything East Asian, but I think its not great to make almost cultural aspect East Asian and then throw in some south/southeast/northern Asian element. I feel like that is very othering since so many people in the west think that Asia is 3 countries and do not even acknowledge the rest of the continent. Overall you should try to make the representations equal since everyone deserves representation. <- I also don’t know if this argument is good or not, just my thoughts

mod note: so I actually didn’t have a problem with Avatar, but this is a good post on why the cultural mishmash doesn’t work for some viewers and the pitfalls it has, especially with underrepresented cultures.

—mod Jess

anonymous said:

Hide obviously cares a lot for Kaneki, but how much does Kaneki care for Hide? What are your thoughts / opinions? Anything in the chapters that show Kaneki still thinks of Hide and cares for him? And thanks for your time! Love your blog and appreciate the tarot card post :)

Thank you so much anon! Glad you liked the tarot card post. :)

!! do you happen to be a hidekane shipper HAHAHA

How much does Kaneki care for Hide, you ask? 

Very very much.

I think it’s pretty obvious that Kaneki has always (and still does) cared a lot about Hide.

Boy this is going to be a longgggg post.

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