Let's Extend the Color Wheel!

What do artists do when nothing they do goes right? They start messing with other people’s templates. A terrible week later, it’s turned out to be both more productive than anticipated and significantly unproductive. Think I’ll call it a success?

Though the colors go all around the wheel, it is far from complete. There are many shades of some colors and a severe lack of others. In my opinion, the lack is mainly in the white and yellow regions. Additionally, there isn’t exactly a palatable pink in there for me. And last, but not least, Windsinger green is actually nowhere to be found. SO…

I present to you the off-whites: porcelain, sugar, and glass. Porcelain in particular is something special. White is a silver-toned color, like horses or white shepherds. There’s no real albino white sort of palette, so I made one.

To the other side is blush and guava, neither too neon nor too fleshy. Kind of fruity. Guava ended up looking like tangerine and coral’s lovechild.

Merlot was intended to be a sort of transitioning wine color, which is an area which has been completely cut off. Note that there are transition colors for all the other areas. Carmine is a pinkish red, seafoam and jade blueish greens, spring a yellowish green, goldenrod a greenish (greyish…) yellow, gold, sunshine, sand, rust, storm, thistle, black, platinum—all transition colors. (Notice platinum has whitish tones.) Mulberry is kind of like the magenta of the purple range, but it’s still not particularly between. Merlot didn’t turn out too great, and looks like some crimson-blood mix.

Honey and vanilla, because the yellows were in need of… not so much colors as palettes. Vanilla is a softer palette. Honey is a not-too-bold palette that does us a favor and doesn’t fall into the rotting fruit colors, neon, nor orange-yellow. Gold… does weird things sometimes. Most the yellows have a brownish accent that I don’t care for.

Mint is because there is a shameful lack of mint.

Muave is another of those transition colors, intended to do the transition between pink and purple (which it would if it weren’t skipped by the monochrome range). Didn’t quite work, but good color.

Periwinkle is because I saw the color on the fae male on a demo and decided it should be here.

And this is the point where I remember that I’ve forgotten to add the sepia tones I’d seen on the guardians demo.

No, I didn’t color the shading. It’d make it look better, but it’d hurt!

Palettes (particularly the bases) could’ve been tweaked better… P=

(The wee boxes are of the full color wheel guide by Resonance, here. It’s what I used to figure out which color went where on the fae.)

How would you extend the color wheel?

It’s Episode 87 of 2BG, and we’re joined by special guest Kevin Allred, creator of the Politicizing Beyonce college course. We’re talking the latest in TV, catching up on some pop culture news from over the last few weeks, and having a candid discussion on the politics of white/cis male voices in black feminist discourse. The breakdown: 

2:15 - Spoilers Ahead: The How To Get Away With Murder Season Finale

9:00 - Empire and the Power of Melodrama 

22:55 - Zendaya, Giuliana, and Teachable Moments 

33:00 - Kid Rock Talks Shit, The Beyhive Claps Back

41:00 - The Latest In Kanye (BET Honors, Brit Awards, Defending Tyga, Delusions About Beyonce) 

50:00 - Unpacking the Race and Gender Politics of ‘Politicizing Beyonce’

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5 Difficult Things About Depression

There is something I need to get off my chest.

I had a discussion with someone from the internet when Robin Williams had passed. This person did not believe in depression and was very harsh in opinion to people that commit suicide.

I have handled depression for what feels like a very very long time. And I cannot stress enough how difficult depression can be. I am not the type that would enjoy rolling in a mud bath of my own pity, let alone to express my feelings and concerns to hundreds or thousands of people. In my own experience with Manic/Depression and Anxiety, it’s not the worst thing in the world but that doesn’t make it a walk in the park either. When I was a very young girl (when my M/D started to bloom) I spent time in a stress clinic with children that experienced issues similar to mine. This list is personal and not intended to assume other peoples feelings. I just hope that it could shed some light on a very common ,yet still highly taboo discussion.

This list is comprised and based on notes that I have taken on my experience with my mental disorder.

1. Being forced to blend in.

Words such as “Party”, “Date” or “Work” may not strike anxiety to all people but they can to someone with anxiety or depression. I never willingly let my condition control my life but there are quirks that you may or may not be capable of controlling. One of the things I experience often is being made to feel like I can’t let my condition be noted. If I am in a manic phase, I have to restrain myself. If I am depressed, I have to pretend that I am not. I have let my condition show in public before and have been met with many consequences.

Dating and working can be a little difficult at times. I feel uncomfortable letting a guy know about my condition and attempt to hide it until sometimes it bothers them more not knowing about it. Work can be very similar, I consider myself to be a hard worker but I have my limits. It can be difficult for me to converse with customers so I try to avoid speaking to them if possible. A lot of employers will not bend to what is comfortable for someone with a mental illness. To people that do not have one, they may see it as a way to get out of work.  
And that is extremely frustrating!

2. The look.

I have experienced a particularly memorable look when I was going to see doctors or explaining my condition to friends or boyfriends. It is frustrating to me but not very offensive to others; it is the “No habla crazy!” face. It is a facial expression comprised of confusion, frustration and a little dash of sympathy. It is the same look doctors, friends, lovers, bosses and family have given me over the years. Whether they’re trying to give me advice or I am screaming on the top of my lungs about how “I am going to have this LITERALLY FOREVER”.

It looks a lot like this:

3. Comparing and contrasting.

This is a very bad habit of mine. When I’m down in the dumps and taking a walk down the Boulevard of Self Pity and Relentless Whining, I have the tendency to think about what life would be like if I was “normal” or if “my brain just worked like everyone else’s”.
You sometimes contrast yourself from every other human being around you.
How Jenny was able to enjoy the concert last night but you got scared of the crowd and ran out.
How life would be if I were able to enjoy conventions and parties if I didn’t feel like a bomb was going to go off the whole time.

Sometimes we have to take it one day at a time.

4. There’s really no actual cure.

Whether it be Prozac or marijuana. There is never a cure. Even if in the plethora of anti-depressants and anti-psychotics something does work, it doesn’t completely cure you. I have tried dozens of medications that could range between numbing me entirely or causing me to go completely haywire. It is a gamble to find the right medicine. It’s even a gamble for your psychiatrist.

Personally marijuana and journals have helped my M/D immensely over the years but it might not work for others.

5. Knowing you will have it for the rest of your life/It’s a constant battle.

The other day I woke up and started sobbing. Every birthday, I wish that someone could tell me that my condition is gone and I’d never have to worry about it again. That by some miracle, bearing with it will make it go away eventually, right?
Not at all.
My uncle had M/D his whole life and died at the age of 76 along with his M/D. This is something that will be present my entire life.

I like to look at depression as an internal war for the people that suffer with it. Everyone is fighting. Some people lose and some people win. But winning doesn’t really feel like you’ve won.

I am not condoning suicide, I’m trying to open a discussion about suicide and preventing. And the only way we can work to stop this is by understanding it.

I want there to be a discussion about depression and the impact it has on people. I want there to be a discussion on the misrepresentation of people with mental conditions. I want to be open. I want you to be open.

#My5 #SpeakOutHope

The more knowledge we share about our experiences, the more we can come together.

thoughts on modern witchcraft....

A while back I had a comment on a video I posted. The video was about me rambling about a charm I was making, and the comment stated “Witchcraft is cool, but its too tame for me.”

At the time, I just rolled my eyes, but now I really am thinking about what that question means to me and my feelings towards witchcraft, especially modern witchcraft.

Witchcraft, historically and in folklore, is this dangerous, forbidden practice that stirred fear. A practice of extremes that could do fulfill the purpose of what the witch desired. One minute a witch would be grinding herbs to make a potion to heal a sick cow, and other times they are scraping up shit to a person’s door to steal their wealth (Irish Witchcraft and Demonology).Its something that called upon so many different methods to get what the person wanted.

People used witchcraft as a means to survive and to control their lives. And at times, they used this wild and undomesticated practice of magic to make their “civilized” lives in society better. An example: A single mother would enchant and ensnare herself a wealthy husband through the use of powerful love spells and charms (an example found here). The craft was seen as an act of rebellion. People practiced out of necessity, desire, and power.

But anyways to my main point, I wonder if modern witchcraft has become to civilized? Are people making a fool of themselves by only acknowledging and believing in the better parts of it? Is the ignorance towards witchcraft’s dangers and “darker” sides going to end up biting people in the ass?

The plants most associated with witchcraft (Belladona, Foxglove, Mandrake, Hemlock) can heal ailments of many kinds, but they also can kill anyone stupid enough to fool around with them and definitely have no quarrels against so. They represent witchcraft rather well.

Is one of the bigger issues with modern witchcraft? That people refuse to have anything to do with certain parts of it? Or even deny that these things exist?

Can one truly love and understand something without understanding and accepting all parts of it? Or perhaps…I am just thinking to hard into things~

Definitely sure questions that are becoming more clear as time goes on. What about you? What are your thoughts?


We literally just finished recording this conversation, right after finishing this year’s show. We’re talking:

1:00 - Final Verdict on Neil Patrick Harris As Host (and that awful Octavia Spencer Joke)

6:25 - “Sean Penn is the Biggest Asshole in the Entire World”

14:42 - The Theory of Why Eddie Redmayne Won the Oscar

20:00 - The Art or Artifice of the Oscars Acceptance Speech (Patricia Arquette, Julianne Moore)

27:00 - Selma, Glory, and Chris Pine’s White Tears

30:00 - Higlights, Best Dressed, Matthew McConaughey’s Beard


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Re: Current Inbox Mess

The past two weeks or so there has been an influx of messages from people who are asking me extremely off-topic questions, along with the usual quota of those who use my inbox as an area to send in random complaints about “your post!” without reference towards which of the nearly 5,000 Medievalpoc posts here on Tumblr they are referring to.

This post will hopefully serve as a reminder to the former that just because you care about a topic or believe it should be here, that doesn’t mean I, personally, know anything about it. At all. As a secondary reminder: there are plenty of topics I will gladly accept a submission about but in no way, shape, or form, is my opinion relevant to that topic, nor should I be the one writing about it.

Additionally, those of you who’ve put three or four disclaimers on your message should obviously know better than to send it in the first place. To the person who sent the message about their professor’s name not matching their “appearance”: yeah, I read that and deleted it, you should probably feel pretty bad about asking a random stranger what you should think about it. *shakes head*

Lastly, hopefully this post will also serve as a reminder that I am not in the business of being emotionally invested in coaxing the belligerently unconvinced. If you really believe that the act of posting artworks on social media is a personal attack on you, well, that is your problem, not mine.

We’re beginning to encroach upon “Medievalpoc, can you train my parrot?” and “Medievalpoc, how should I feel about Richard Nixon?” territory. I’m having a nice holiday, and I’m not in the mood to be baited or dragged into another argument I’ve had 30 times before. Check the FAQ. I’m clearing out a lot of stuff, but requests for resources and on-topic discussions will be addressed. :)

I will, however, be continuing to compile end-of-the-year masterposts, and my thanks and gratitude to all of you who’ve made 2014 a fantastic year!

anonymous asked:

Opinion question! What do you think about men calling themselves feminist? Do you agree with it or would you agree with them using "feminist ally"? I have mixed feelings on the subject.

I’ve said this a lot, but I personally don’t give a shit what male feminists call themselves. Maybe there are intricacies to the issue that I’m not aware of, but I don’t have a problem with it as long as they aren’t speaking over other women or doing things that are harmful. I’ve heard men refer to themselves as pro-feminist too so that could be another alternative. Honestly, I’m kind of tired of this subject because it just finds another way to direct the conversation away from women.

anonymous asked:

That's so gross to me. "Well, he's not shown to be attracted to somone of the opposite/same sex in the show so he can't be bi, haha." This logic infuriates me on two counts. 1) heteronormativity makes it a-ok say someone is straight until proven otherwise even without "evidence" of being attracted to anyone/ever saying they are straight, which is a requirement to prove someone is gay, doublely so if bi/pan/etc. Then 2) apparently you can't headcanon someone as bi unless it's for a ship. Ughhhhh.

Pretty much, yup.

The notion that bisexuality is only ‘real’ if it involves an explicit series of relationships which ‘prove’ it. And then, of course, the vast majority of media depictions of bisexuality are left vague so that this burden of proof can never be achieved.

Or to put it another way…if the mainstream monosexual (and mostly heterosexual) norm says ‘bisexuality is only real if you meat criteria X, Y, and Z’ and in this case X, Y, and Z are simultaneously things the mainstream monosexual norm denies to bisexual people…then it becomes quite easy for the monosexual mainstream to assert bisexuality doesn’t exist.

Why break the game?

This is a simple question to answer, but there is a lot of debate about game breaking. My opinion is that there is a lot of fun to be had in a fantasy world of the imagination. Different people have fun in different ways.

Myself, I like to play casters, tier 1 or 0 characters. I bring more than my own weight in reference books to each game and I love to pore through them to find just the right whatsit. It ruins my fun, often times, to have a DM who can’t handle the resulting power of my characters and so arbitrarily limits every single cool trick I devise. This sort of heavy handed attempt to bend the universe enough to fit into a tinier box leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

The tales told around the game table do not lean overly much in the direction of my massive casting events. There are just as many stories told of hideous deaths of characters or perfect rolls of the dice resulting in epic blows from the party fighter. There are just as many people who enjoy optimizing a single sword’s effectiveness as there are people who like to optimize 4000 ways to put new twists into the rules (spells). I have even seen complaints online of ‘some’ melee builds being too strong and breaking the game. That is just a limited mind talking there. Such a person should hang up the DM hat, IMO.

The point is, everyone has their own means of having fun, or they wouldn’t keep showing up to play. It is ridiculous to worry about party balance when the classes themselves are so massively lopsided as to make the point moot. Besides, I have found that the best way to put a party with too much power back in check is to let them have their fun until carelessness causes them to kill themselves spectacularly. The most dangerous enemy a party will face is the party itself.