I um… This.. This isn’t fan fiction art… This is canon.. 030 I’m just blown away by Kishimoto this week. I know that the arms come back and that they survive because in Naruto The Last Movie: First Love they both are alive and with arms.. Maybe zetsu arms, perhaps Naruto’s healing ability like with Kakashi’s eye? Regardless of the answer, we already know it happens because the new movie being released later on, unlike all the other Naruto films, is FULL CANON. Looking past this issue it was a spectacular chapter. There was intense fighting, desperation, self reflection, self acceptance as well as acceptance of others. I thought the panel choices were phenomenal! And! That! Cliff! Hanger! Oh somebody please discuss this with me because Kishimoto deserves this applause. Plz like. Comment? Message? Follow?

"Here is the sociological definition of racism that is more useful in discussing race relations because it acknowledges the system of racism as a whole instead of just on a person to person level."
“Yeah but the Merriam Webster dictionary says—”


How Did Book 3 CHANGE Korra? - A Thought Comic

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(If you have an argument to make against anything I say in this comic, you should probably check out the comments. I’ve probably already responded to and provided a counterargument against one like it).


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Stressed to Death


Stress is an all-too unpleasant reality of our lives. From work stress to college admissions stress, it seems like all of us are constantly anxious about one thing or another. One of the most stressful time periods for teens across the world is high school. According to an NPR poll, almost 40 percent of parents say their high-schooler is experiencing a lot of stress from school. Many teenagers exhibit traits such as irritation and anger as a result of stress, primarily academic. But can stress lead to much more serious issues? According to research, too much stress can leave you with memory loss, obesity, heart disease and even depression.

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VIXX's new concept discussion!

Some K-Starlights have been discussing possible concepts for VIXX’s 2nd mini album. We came to the conclusion that mirror (from the date 10.01)stars/space (from the special teaser)future (from the special teaser) are all key words to clue us in. Using these hints, K-Starlights have come up with the following potential concepts:

  1. Doppelganger because of the mirror keyword, where they split up 3:3 like in hyde but half ends up dying (because that’s apparently the fate of a doppelganger, and the definition of the word can also be an ‘apparition’)
  2. Parallel Universe because the stars in the special teaser were spinning clockwise when in reality stars spin counter-clockwise
  3. (Within #2) Cyborg vs. Police because of the future and potential, and ‘sides they have never shown before’ can be interpreted to mean they couldn’t show it because cyborgs have not been developed but in this parallel universe they have, and Jekyll and Hyde is said to be the representative piece of work of cyborgs (tying previous concepts together)

We’ve never had discussions before, but it’s something we want to foster in this community… So, what do you think their new concept will be?

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On this week’s episode: reminiscing on the past glory days of 2BG, side-eying Matthew McConaughey, discussing Drake, the Age of Ultron trailer, FKA Twigs/Rpattz and fangirl culture, Ebola, Bill Cosby and his stain on The Cosby Show, misogynoir and Blue Ivy (again), and Islamaphobia. 

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*rape tw 

when i was twelve one of my family members told me i “almost look white” and i took that as a compliment

i was already keenly aware that white was something to strive for and that, as a biracial person, i could only hope to “pass” as white

it’s taken me the majority of my life to understand that there’s nothing wrong with being asian

i’ve been called “exotic” by random women at the grocery store and had ex-boyfriends say to my face that it was because of me that they have “an asian fetish”

in high school i would wonder if certain boys found me cute or if they only liked white women

i’ve watched white people tell my father that “we speak english in america” and “go back to your fucking country”

so to be told now that i’m “a white girl” and “not really asian” feels like a slap in the face

don’t fucking erase half of my identity, especially when i’ve spent my whole life trying to accept it

People Who Are More Anxious And Neurotic Are Better At Telling Different Smells Apart


Have you ever been super nervous or anxious for something and realized that while you were in this state of neuroticism you tended to have a better sense of smell? Like you were freaking out about this quiz you had in thirty minutes and while you were pacing around in your room, you were suddenly hit by the smell of coffee and beard mixed with the scent of the garbage your roommate forgot to throw out. No, well me neither. But it would seem that there is a correlation between sense of smell and level of anxiety.

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yamibaki1 said:

Yo! Me again :) So I was a little late watching the new Cissy episode and so I watched it today. I wanted to ask for your thoughts, because I really love reading what you have to say :D I keep seeing people so offended and disgusted with the episode. I didn't see anything wrong with it whatsoever, of course they say I wouldn't understand. I'm transgender and I loved the episode. What did you think? Was it offensive in your eyes? And what did you think about Randy's story? I love Sharon now :)

I feel like I’ve talked about a lot of what I wanted to in an already existing post, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt to put it in one place. This episode was a fucking experience, because the very existence of the episode caused a reaction on tumblr before it even aired. 

So there’s the 2 days before it was aired, the episode itself, and the afterglow.

It kind of weirded me out that everybody expressed fear  towards this episode. People got nervous and scared because they thought Matt and Trey would say something bigoted. I could understand annoyance and anger. Maybe some people feeling insulted because of what Matt and Trey might say.

But holyyy shit, tumblr was fucking dramatic about it. Like… god damn.

There were fucking PARAGRAPHS, walls of text about how transphobic Matt and Trey were, how this episode was going to be absolutely HORRIBLE, people posting their thoughts on an episode that hadn’t come out yet.

A lot of people were rueing this episode. Some people were even telling others to not watch it. Me, I wasn’t really worried about it. 

I did expect them to throw some criticism at it, because that’s what they do. They’re critical. Criticism does not translate to hate. Criticism is important in all things. I am a firm believer of that, and I’d wager to say Matt and Trey are too. 

Matt and Trey might be rude lots of times, but they are not bigots. They’ve shown time and time again that they are against silence and censorship and believe firmly in freedom of expression, so it wouldn’t make sense for them to be against something like transgenderism.

But really… this episode was really light on the criticism. Like. A LOT lighter than I expected it to be. They really didn’t touch on anything too deeply, and I feel like that was smart. They scratched the surface on transgenderism itself and focused on how transgender folk are treated.

That is a pretty safe move. I mean, we do get some of Randy’s mentality explained. He really likes the safeness he feels in female restrooms. It made him relaxed enough to write songs and developed a female persona.

Cartman was being completely insincere with his, obviously, but his insincerity allowed the introduction of the definition of Transgenderism. We get some more explanation of the subject as a whole from Mr. Garrison. And from the way he’s portrayed it seems like he’s definitely made some decent strides in not being a bigot anymore.

Also for those of us that don’t get the thing Butters said.
"He’s not a woman, he’s not a man, he’s something that you’ll never understand. But he would die for me."
He was quoting Prince. 

Wendy… I’m not really sure if she was being insincere. I mean, it’s easy to write her off as just being transgender just to spite Cartman. But she did it so straight faced, and didn’t seem angry at all at him by the time she changed her appearance.


Plus, at the end of the episode she didn’t change her clothes. Maybe she’ll stay that way.

Another neat detail was that the transgender children didn’t really fall under any scrutiny by the rest of the children. They didn’t joke about them, they didn’t question or try to test the transgender children, they just acknowledged it and went about their daily lives. They were not bothered by it at all.

Even when Cartman implied to Stan that people were going to start ripping on him for dating Wendell, Stan wasn’t really bothered by the idea. He just asked for clarity from his Dad. He was really open minded about it. 

Speaking of that, I like the whole continuity of the season so far. It just strings together so nicely. First episode they started the “Go fuck yourself business,” second episode they go back to school and everyone’s all pissed off so they have to throw a party and have Lorde sing for them. This episode there’s a reporter wondering why Lorde played at a party in such a small town.

Continuity makes me so happy ugh

Also. The reporter says “It’d be a shame if someone was having fun at Lorde’s expense.” I’m pretty sure he’s talking about those articles saying “South Park calls Lorde a middle aged man” and getting all pissed off. It’s cool that they can make cute little jabs at the viewers like that. 

But I’d like to reiterate, nobody in this episode, with the exception of two people, questioned or even had a problem with the transgender individuals in this episode. 

The reporter and Randy’s co-worker.

And those people immediately changed their tune when Randy/Lorde expressed his/herself through her song, those few lyrics about how it made her feel to be isolated. 

The image of me that you see is distorted, twisted, broken, fractured
isolated miles out to sea
I don’t want a separate place
I need to feel safe, not thrown away”

These people are part of our society. This episode acknowledged that. Acknowledged that they shouldn’t be isolated. That they shouldn’t be separated from us. Not even in bathrooms.

Simultaneously, we shouldn’t give them special treatment. That’ll develop a mentality that still separates them from us, on both sides. They need to be incorporated into our society, recognized as a norm. 

I hear a lot of people say that they still had a problem with this episode, that they got some minute details wrong, or some shit. But is it not made completely clear that they support transgenderism? Especially with the ending? With Sharon’s speech?

What this episode did as a whole was bring to light that transgender people exist. It wasn’t a negative light. It was a light of acknowledgement. And it made it perfectly clear that if you feel uncomfortable with them, then you’re the one that’s not being normal. 

All in all this episode was amazing. It’s one of my favorites now. It was one of the positive episodes of south park. Not one of those cynical ones like Biggest Douche In The Universe or Stanley’s Cup. It had a happy ending. It was positive as fuck. It left me with some really good feeling vibes. For the rest of the day I was left feeling pretty good.

….Feelin’ good on a Wednesday.  > U >



Opening Our Closed Minds: In conversation sometimes we can get stuck in our own ideas. I think it’s important to ask “Why [do you feel that way]?” before we bark, “No [that’s not so]!” One should be willing to listen to both sides, allow the conversation to continue, allow room for discussion, allow your eyes to be open to different perspectives, and make conclusions from there. Listen to the voices that are not often heard.

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anonymous said:

Hey marina, can sexism work both ways as in is sexism towards males a thing? I've looked at various dictionary definitions and they kind of vary, I'm sorry if I sound really ignorant and if you've already answered this before, I just really want to learn about this stuff :)

Dictionary definitions of sexism (like dictionary definitions of racism) are generally problematic because they don’t address the overarching structural inequalities in place. These definitions paint sexism and racism as “equal opportunity” forms of oppression that only affect people on an individual level and it views them as isolated events (AKA “white people experience racism on an equal level to people of color” and “all prejudice is equally harmful and pervasive.”) When people argue the existence of “sexism” toward cis males, it’s usually examples of women reacting to the sexism and misogyny they have experienced from men and the dominant culture. These examples of sexism are more on a person to person and individual level (i.e. a woman distrusting or disliking men) but that type of “sexism” (I really wouldn’t call it sexism, maybe “prejudice” would be a better word) isn’t backed up by the dominant culture and systems in place in the way individual sexism toward women is. Basically, when a woman is prejudiced against men, the worst that happens is he gets his feelings hurt. (And it’s completely understandable that women who have been sexually assaulted or abused by male perpetrators might feel hatred, distrust, or a fear of men because they are victims of trauma.) Also, a lot of examples of “sexism” against men are direct products of a patriarchal society that limits everybody (but particularly cis women and trans people) based on their gender. Patriarchal beliefs that end up harming men (i.e. men not being able to show emotion, being afraid to report sexual assault/abuse because men can’t be “victims”, higher rates of male incarceration, etc.) should not be viewed as sexism against men. They are products of a society that forces binary gender roles on all people, but ultimately ends up benefiting cis men.

"Well, The Judge isn’t particularly good—the plot is hoary, David Dobkin’s directing is plodding—yet for all its faults, I’m pleased to see Downey trying to play an actual character again. His performance is up and down—the beginning is marred by too much lazy Downeyismo—but because he respects his costars, he settles into the action as he goes along. He doesn’t hog scenes as he’s lately been prone to do.

And with luck, this is only the beginning of his fifth act. You see, I liked Downey for so many years (before I didn’t) that I’d hate to think he’d gone over to the bland side forever. It would be great to see him star in something where he isn’t cushioned by money and stardom and vanity, something quirky and daring that scares him a bit and enlivens his senses and finds him working with a good director. After all, one thing I used to love about Robert Downey, Jr. was that he never seemed to be in it for the money.”

MOD NOTE Notwithstanding the baiting title, it’s an interesting article so I decided to post it here for maybe some discussion.  

The author’s thoughts are something that I’ve kinda seen some older RDJ fans share (i.e., those fans who had loved the man since the 90s/pre-comeback). But as always with RDJ, another chapter is waiting, as this author mentions.

anonymous said:

I asked toward-tomorrow the same question, but could you please give your official, detailed and in-depth viewpoint on the question, "Who do you believe Inuyasha loves more, Kikyo or Kagome?" I seriously feel so torn between the two it hurts :°(

Kagome by far.

To explain why, let’s first look at Inuyasha and Kikyo’s relationship before Kikyo’s death. Contrary to popular fandom belief (as well as to what the anime would have you think), it wasn’t exactly a deep and loving romance.

On one hand, you have Inuyasha, fighting for his very life from a very young age. Ever since his mother’s death, and possibly even before that, he’s constantly been told that he’s not worth crap and ostracized by pretty much every other being he comes into contact with. Humans hate and/or fear him because he’s half youkai, and youkai think he’s weak or worthless because he’s half human. Living under those circumstances for around 7-10 years (depending on how old he was at his mother’s death, presumably 5-8) leads to a crap ton of heavy mental barriers. He can’t show weakness. He can’t trust anyone. It’s kill or be killed. There’s no place for him, so he has to make one for himself. But this place he’s made for himself is incredibly lonely, as he’s the only one in it. If he can’t have a place, he might as well at least have power. So he begins to seek the Shikon Jewel so that he can become a full youkai.

On the other hand, there’s Kikyo, local priestess of a small village tasked with the duty of protecting the Jewel. Over the years of preforming this duty, she becomes fairly closed-off emotionally. Like Inuyasha, she “can’t show weakness”, else the youkai will take advantage of that and attack her. She feels detached from normality. Though she continues her work, she wishes to be rid of the jewel and live as an ordinary woman.

Then the two meet. Kikyo takes pity on Inuyasha, in whom she sees a bit of herself, and though the thwarts his attempts to get the Jewel many times, she never kills or even wounds him. This behavior intrigues Inuyasha, and they talk a few times.

Kikyo begins to think that, perhaps, if she uses the Jewel to make Inuyasha human, perhaps it’ll be “purified” because it was used for “good” and disappear, thus freeing her of her duties. Would this plan actually work? Probably not, as we later learn that there is only one wish that will destroy the Jewel, which is literally wishing for the Jewel to disappear. However, Kikyo was desperate. She wanted to be rid of her duties and just be normal. It’s also important to note her perspective here: that “purifying” Inuyasha of his youkai side was an act of kindness. In other words, she didn’t love him for who he was. She only loved his human side, or in other words, she loved the idea of him, not necessarily him, himself. She wasn’t acting as much out of concern for him as for herself.

And Inuyasha? For the first time since his mother’s death, he’s being offered a place. Sure, it’s not what he’d been imagining, but it was something, and it was right there in front of him. So, in what he later admits to be a rather spur-of-the-moment decision, he agrees to Kikyo’s plan, not so much for her, but for himself, anything to end this life of loneliness and cruelty he’s been forced to live for so long. Once again, he’s a bit more interested in the idea of her than in her, herself.

Then Naraku steps in with his false betrayal trap. What’s interesting to note is that neither Inuyasha nor Kikyo doubt for a moment that it really was the other attacking. There’s not so much a “this can’t be; I trusted you!” moment as a “well, I knew it was too good to be true” moment. 

And therein lies the problem with their relationship. Neither of them really fully trusted the other. Very earlier on, in chapter 40, Inuyasha blatantly declares that he doesn’t trust anyone. He again asserts at the end of the series that, until meeting Kagome, he didn’t know how to trust. THIS INCLUDES BEING UNABLE TO TRUST KIKYO.

So here comes Naraku, destroys Inuyasha and Kikyo’s “relationship”, makes them hate each other, etc., etc., you know the story. Kikyo dies and Inuyasha is sealed to the tree.

Enter Kagome.

Kagome grew up in the modern era not believing in youkai and thus without the bias against them. When she meets Inuyasha (after the centipede business is taken care of), she doesn’t treat him like a lesser or a hanyou. She very clearly and openly treats him like just another person. She doesn’t see his white hair, claws, and dog ears as markers of an abomination, but just as characteristics of him. She pretty much accepts him as he is without a second thought. 

Of course, this throws Inuyasha, who now bears not only the scars of his rough upbringing, but also of the “betrayal” of Kikyo, for quite a loop. At first, he throws up his barriers around his heart. If there’s anything he’s learned from what he’s been through, it’s that opening up to people only makes you vulnerable. He doesn’t want to risk another Kikyo situation.

But slowly, over time, Kagome begins to melt these barriers. Even the resurrected Kikyo comments to Kaede on the change Kagome has invoked in Inuyasha in just 78 chapters, and I quote:

"His expression has become much kinder. Back then, that guy looked like he didn’t trust anyone…he had a peevish expression. That girl, Kagome…has changed Inuyasha?"

Going along with this, let’s not forget that this book explicitly states that "Kagome heals the deep loneliness in his soul". KAGOME. Not Kikyo.

(Granted, I’m not sure how canon that book is, but I do think that there’s ample manga evidence to support the claim.)

"But," you may ask, "what about his constant meetings with Kikyo?" For that, I’m going to direct you to this post. In short, Inuyasha did not visit Kikyo because he was “in love” with her (as Kagome assumes), but rather because Inuyasha either wants to be sure she’s safe or needs to discuss new developments in the Naraku situation.

Remember how Inuyasha was so desperate for his own place earlier? Kagome has become that place for him. He literally calls her his home. She is his inspiration. He feels at ease in her presence. Even as early on as chapter 64, he fears loosing her. He can be himself around her, and she accepts him and loves him for who he is, not for a fantasy of what he could be.

If you haven’t already, please read this chapter. It’s HUGELY important character/relationship development for these two that was entirely left out of the anime (the anime actually tones down their relationship a lot while simultaneously ramping up InuKik’s because LUV TRIANGUL DRAMA.)

InuKik was based on selfishness: two people trying to fix their own problems through the other.

InuKag was based on selflessness: two people genuinely concerned for each other’s well-being.

And lastly, you don’t claim that someone is born for you, and you for them, if there’s someone else you love more.