i’m getting a lot of messages pointing out half asian actresses in shows. which is cool. like let’s definitely highlight asian characters!

but it almost feels like tokenism? like “look, here are three examples. LOOK HOW MUCH REPRESENTATION YOU HAVE.”

also when i say i want to see someone who looks like me in television i mean i want to see someone who LOOKS like me. when you have a plethora of white actresses to choose from, you are bound to find one that looks very similar to you if you are white.

however, if there are a grand total of three or four half asian actresses (all with varying ethnicities) and you’re a half asian woman, they’re most likely going to look nothing like you.

that’s like if i picked out a photo of taylor swift and compared it to any random white girl and said “HEY SHE LOOKS LIKE YOU!”

they’re probably going to look nothing alike, even if they’re ethnically and racially the same. 

The unquestioned Black classics in cinema:

Boyz N Da Hood
Menace II Society
Poetic Justice
Do The Right Thing
Love & Basketball
How High
How Stella Got Her Groove Back
Coming To America
The Wiz
Players Club
Don’t Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In the Hood
Set It Off
Cooley High
Lean On Me
What’s Love Got To Do With It
Class Act
Lady Sings The Blues
Soul Food
Waiting To Exhale

The underrated but actually better than all the previously mentioned Black classics in cinema:

Love Jones
School Daze
Brown Sugar
South Central
Why Did I Get Married
Eve’s Bayou
The Inkwell
Higher Learning
Jason’s Lyric
The Wood
The Five Heartbeats
Above The Rim
House Party 3
Dead Presidents
Sugar Hill
In Too Deep
Sunset Park
Akeelah & The Bee
New Jersey Drive
He Got Game
Thin Line Between Love And Hate
American Gangster
Django Unchained

The hilariously overrated Black classics in cinema:

Best Man
You Got Stomped On The Drumline
Vampire In Brooklyn
Bad Boys
Tales From the Hood
Pootie Tang
The Barbershop
Hollywood Shuffle
Get Rich Or Die Tryin
Hustle & Flow
Training Day

Feel free to categorize and add any I missed…

…and I’m blocking anybody that mentions Big Mama’s House and/or Soul Plane

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"I love the juxtaposition here..." What do you think how Steve in AoU seemed to say that Steve Rogers died in 1945 and there is only Captain America now. That he doesn't deserve home and family (with Natasha!) and there is only war for him. I was sadden by it for Cap has always been my favorite (especially with Evens Portrayal) I believe he deserves some peace (with Natasha!).

(x). Oh man, Anon. I feel like Steve’s PTSD was one of the few things Age of Ultron did right. (Although before I start, I should mention I don’t ship Natasha and Steve as anything but friends). There were so many lines in AOU that gave insight into Steve’s depression, listlessness, and feelings of disconnect. It’s woven into every Steve scene, and it’s amazing.

Right at the start of the movie, Sam encourages Steve to look for a place in Brooklyn, but Steve keeps resisting. He jokes that it’s too expensive, but he doesn’t reply when Sam says “But home is home, y’know?”. In fact, he looks forlorn, staring out at the party below – not joining in, separated from it all. It’s a thousand yard stare, typical of PTSD and the battle-worn soldier.

It’s questionable whether Brooklyn is Steve’s home anymore. Can Brooklyn still be home, if all the buildings are gone, the old neighbourhoods have vanished, friends and family are dead? What is home to Steve? 1945? Because if that’s true… he can never go home. The concept of ‘home’ definitely plagues Steve throughout the film.

In the same scene, he tells Bruce in a self-deprecating tone that he’s the “world’s leading authority on waiting too long”. It implies that he hasn’t moved on from Peggy and still feels regret. It’s important to note that this is all said and done at a party that’s happening because the Avengers have ‘put an end’ to HYDRA and the Chitauri. Steve should be thrilled, but instead you see how lonely and out of place he feels. He spends more time wandering than interacting with the other Avengers – with one exception. He spends significant time with Thor, who really IS the Outsider. It says a lot.

…And then Wanda’s vision scene. Where the dancing turns to brawling and the wine stains become blood. That moment gave the best insight into Steve’s PTSD. His perception is forever tainted: war is all he sees, and he can’t escape its horrible aftermath. Worse, when Peggy asks him to imagine going home, the dance hall empties. Steve literally can’t imagine it. 

He’s always on the outside, looking in: people celebrate the war being over as he walks through their scene, but his own dance hall is empty. There’s this horrible melancholia to the entire scene.

Then the farm. Again, it’s Thor and Steve – the outsiders – who are most uncomfortable with Clint’s family. Steve basically clings to Thor until Thor leaves, and then Steve can’t cross the threshold to go back inside the house. It’s a home he’ll never have, that slipped from his grasp when he crashed the plane. I think it hurts Steve to see the farm – it’s the American Dream he builds for others, but can’t have for himself. The American flag in contrast to Steve’s uniform is a nice touch.

When Tony mentions that Steve walked away from Wanda’s vision seemingly undisturbed, it’s just another tell. The vision didn’t shake Steve because it was nothing new, the same PTSD he lives with daily. And when Tony remarks “Isn’t why we fight so we can end the fight? So we can go home?”, Steve rips a log in half. Because again, what is home to Steve? He has no home. His fight doesn’t end, as his vision showed him. Steve’s lost sight – he doesn’t even know why he fights, anymore. There’s a line later on where he mentions they may be monsters, which is such an unusual line for Steve.

The only thing Steve feels like he has anymore is Captain America: it’s his only place, purpose, and sense of belonging. It sounds like it’s the only reason he leaves the house (”I have no plans tomorrow night”). In fact, the only time Steve has friends is when he’s Cap, when he’s fighting some battle. As he says, Steve Rogers was buried 75 years ago, and someone else came out of the ice – a different Captain America than the one he built. And Steve has no control over this Captain America. The idea became something beyond Steve while he was on ice, so even his superhero persona isn’t his own. Steve Rogers is fading fast, and this idealized Cap is taking over (”Language!”). There’s practically NOTHING that Steve can say is his: no home, no personality, and no persona. That’s jarring, and scary as hell. Because then you have to ask… who is Steve?

Of course, there’s hope. In CATWS, Natasha gets a glimpse of Steve Rogers, and she sees him as something more than Captain America – not the other way around. His friendship with Sam is a good way to bring stability to Steve’s life, although now Sam is an Avenger, so maybe not. But I think Bucky’s presence will help Steve most of all. Whether you ship them or not, you can’t deny that Bucky is Steve’s connection to who he once was.

Steve’s friendship with Bucky was huge part of his personality, back when he was skinny Steve Rogers. Bucky was with him through everything (”best friends since childhood…”) and helped shape who Steve became. They practically defined themselves through each other. What happened to Bucky is a reason for Steve to keep fighting, and watching Bucky find himself again may be the push Steve needs to find himself, too. I don’t think Steve Rogers is dead and gone – I think Steve’s completely lost himself. And I’m hoping in Civil War, his reunion with Bucky will bring him back to who he once was. Just like Steve carried with him who Bucky was, and helped Bucky remember – Bucky will help Steve remember himself, too. Because Bucky is home.

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What do you think of Asian actors playing ethnicities other than their own? e.g. a korean actress playing the role of a chinese character.

I think a lot of Asian actors are forced to take what minute amount of roles they can get since Asian people are so rarely represented in Hollywood. I also think it shows a lot about the (usually) white people casting them who don’t give two shits about whether or not the ethnicities of the characters are accurate because “all Asian people look the same!”

Yes, Furiosa exists in a lineage (see above), and, yes, plenty of other action films have featured female leads. But what’s notable here is how Furiosa being a woman both is and isn’t integral to her character. (In the same way that her missing arm both is and isn’t integral to her character.) In Alien, the character of Ripley was written as a man, then cast as a woman, which was a breakthrough at the time — but also a kind of cinematic drag act. Why can’t a woman play a man’s role? Well, sure — but the better question, only now being asked, is, Why can’t a woman’s role take the place of the man’s role? Furiosa could never be played by a man — the character would make no sense — and not, as with many other female action heroes, because of the kind of costume she wears. She is not simply Indiana Jones in hot pants or Lolita with armor-piercing rounds. Furiosa is a woman, and she is a hero, and she’s cool as hell, and she’s simultaneously recognizable and revelatory as all three. If you’re an action fan and you can’t admit that you’d eagerly watch ten more Furiosa films in the next ten years, then I’d have to ask again if you’re an action fan.
What’s Cultural Appropriation?

Just curious, can we get a show of hands how many people are Chinese-American or Chinese-Chinese? The admins have been discussing cultural appropriation and it seems like the term’s pretty much unheard of in China. The consensus seems to be that CN ppl respond to foreigners wearing CN elements with 挺好的,外国人在接受我国文化, while CN-Americans respond that foreigners are just culturally appropriating another culture.

What’s your opinion on this issue? For example, Met ball?

Music and lyrics are emotional, it’s what you listen to when your sad. So I don’t want to listen to it just casually, I don’t want to deal with those emotions. I am in a happy place, I’m a happy person, and I want to listen to happy music. Unless I’m listening to it for like creative interpretations or something. That’s why I listen to a lot of hip hop at the moment. It’s not too emotional, not too heavy. I wouldn’t say I’m not interested in those bands anymore, I just…I don’t know.
—  Dan Howell giving the most amazing waffle about music I have ever heard in my life.

All of this Pilot discussion on my dash and it reminded me that I’ve had this set sitting in my drafts for ages because I really wanted to talk about this scene in particular. Pilot discussion time.

For the second time in the past few days, Henry has run away, been found and brought home by someone other than her, and that someone has been the birth mother she was never suppose to have to worry about being a part of her sons life. I don’t think we’re really meant to see how much this hurts Regina at the time (At this point we’re still suppose to be guessing whether she even loves Henry) but then you see this. Regina opening the door, blood-shot eyes, stuffing tissues in her jacket. She’s clearly been crying since she last saw Emma (after letting her help find Henry again, simply because it was best for Henry. Like how she let Emma pull Henry from the mines and asked David to get him from her vault, it’s just another testament to how Regina really would put her own feelings aside for Henry’s best interest. His safety has always come before her pride). Emotional exhaustion is etched into her face and stance, he won’t even glance at her, and she doesn’t try to say a word to him as he runs past her. It’s just a really emotionally tense moment. This and the scene later with Henry laying in bed really give off just how broken and strained their relationship is at this time, and how it’s a constant struggle and weight on both of them.

What I love about this moment is that it’s seconds long and yet shows so much about Regina and her relationship with Henry at the time. It was one of those humanizing moments that Lana added that deepened Regina and Regal Believer super early on. I didn’t notice it the first time I watched the pilot but there were many other moments in the first season similar to this (some subtle and some more blatant) that show Regina’s true colors. There were discussions the other day about why people seemed to love Regina so early on despite being led to believe how dark and evil she was. This is one of those reasons. The subtle bits of humanity that seeped through.

I think the writers had a lot of fun in S1 leading the audience on with Regina. Making us guess who she was and why she was the way she was. Was she pure evil? What were her intentions with the curse? Was she herself cursed? What happened to make her this way? Did she really love Henry? All questions we were suppose to be asking to make their reveals that much more poignant. I believe our initial impression was suppose to be Regina the big, bad and evil. That’s why they waited on revealing her backstory until the backhalf of the season rather than the second episode like they initially planned, and why they asked Lana to downplay Regina’s love for Henry for ambiguity purposes. It was all because those things humanized Regina and made her hard to villainize. For the most part they seemed successful, but I think Lana really found ways of humanizing Regina early on and in the end it worked to the shows benefit. It really helped consistency of her character and storyline. It’s nice being able to go back to the Pilot and still see real Regina, rather than a fake first viewing version meant to throw us off course of who she really is.

How easily one dimensional Regina could have ended up being back in S1 due to the producers intent and Lana’s lack of knowledge of the character. But going back, you really notice how much layer Lana added to Regina in S1 just by performance. Despite how little they told her, she still somehow added in all the layers the writers meant to reveal Regina having later, and more! This is just one of the many.

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Alsooo sometimes I just want to read books about black girls or half-Asian girls who get to have romances, self-discovery, magic, etc. without the plot being centered around their race in relation to white people. Someone write me a book with a black girl and half-Asian girl learning witchcraft or finding themselves in college or road trips in summer please. #representation


it’s like white characters exist without explanation so why can’t characters of color? i mean race relations are important but sometimes it feels like the writer feels the need to “explain” why the character isn’t fucking white

Ep 97! Fariha is away this week but I’m joined by ‘Accidental Virgin’ writer and friend to the show Ashley Reese (offbeatorbit)! We’re talking amandla and Jaden Smith’s epic prom photos, racial humor and Crissle of The Read going in on a whitesplainer, answering a few listener questions, and finally talking a little about online dating, swirl culture, and sexuality. Breakdown:

4:41 - Amandla Stenberg + Jaden Smith At Prom: The Beauty of Black Teen Weirdness

8:12 - Dear White People: Blackface WILL NEVER BE OK. EVER! THE FUCK?!

15:30 - Listener Questions: writing, bruno mars, rita ora’s braids etc

22:35 - Online Dating While Black and the Perils of “Team Swirl” 

PS - the smoke alarms are twerking all over this week’s episode. I love you. Don’t hate me.

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On of my favorite blogs, eternallyphan has had some recent discussion about TABINOF, and they comments I am seeing are not the first of their kind. I feel like people are taking three sides to the upcoming release of TABINOF: 1. they come out in the book (or around the book) and talk about their relationship openly in the book.  2. they aren’t together and the book is the nail in our shipping coffin or 3. they are together and the book is one big lie. I don’t think it is any of these things. I think people need to differ their expectations for the book. Yes, it will be amazing. But it isn’t Dan Howell and Phil Lester. It is “Danisnotonfire” and “Amazing Phil”.

You should not expect to see deep intellectual conversation and reflection. You should, however, expect to see witty banter and sarcasm and silliness. There are going to be pictures, telling of stories from vacations (like Japan) and funny anecdotes. Quizzes and games. As much as we would all love to hear their personal opinions and life stories, don’t expect it to go that deep. They have specified multiple times that they want to keep their private lives private, and I expect that the book will keep the same theme.

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I actually think the sorting hat shouldn't let the children have a choice. I mean, how many eleven year olds know what's really best for them? Also, how many people are the same age 11 and 18? Conclusion Sorting Hat = Ill-conceived macguffin

Why do people keep saying that you get to choose your house? Theres so many messages in here about how Bellatrix CHOSE Slytherin or it put her there because she wanted it. 

Which, let me be clear here first, I wasn’t saying slytherin MADE her evil because slytherins ARE evil. I MEANT that Hufflepuff would’ve changed her and Slytherin was conducive to the way she was. Her family and all the other pureblood families and their ideas and ways of thinking have permeated that house for eons. So, no, not all slytherins are evil and the house doesn’t MAKE you evil but they wouldn’t have bothered to make Bella nice. I believe Hufflepuff would have. Sorry if that got misconstrued.

Anyway, this choosing houses thing. Is it because of Harry and his choice of Slytherin/Gryffindor? Because how does that even count? While Harry did have some traits that would fit into slytherin (but lets be honest, who DOESNT have traits that could fit into any of the houses) the only reason it pushed him towards slytherin so hard was because it was reading Voldemorts soul in his head.

“I always imagine that the Sorting Hat detected the presence of that piece of soul when Harry first tried it on, because it strongly tempted to put him in Slytherin.” JK Pottercast, December 2007  (same interview she said that Harry wasn’t ACTUALLY a horcrux, that dumbledore just called him that for convenience, if any of you want to read it. I know thats a popular debate topic.

And we know now that Neville ASKED to be put into Hufflepuff and the hat refused. So everytime this comes up I get really confused, what am I missing?

edit: Hermione didn’t CHOOSE gryffindor either. The hat “seriously considered” putting her in Ravenclaw, enough that she became a hatstall. But she didn’t PICK her house.

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As someone who has been sexually abused, and gone to court for it, I can't see why anyone would want to relive that kind of experience everyday like the girl with the mattress. I don't know what really happened, but from what I've seen I lean towards her lying. I'm an art student too, and have made art expressing my past, but she's living it. Everyday, reminding herself of what happened to her. That doesn't make sense to me, at least.