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I get so much hate for suggesting a character might be bi and even being bi myself. Most, if not all, of the hate I get is actually from gay and lesbian people and I can't understand why.

Well…gay and lesbian folks’ identities are also under threat by heteronormative culture. Homophobia and lesbophobia is rampant. There are still folks out there promoting conversion therapy and corrective rape. So on and so forth…

So I think a lot of the hate gay and lesbian folks throw bisexual and pansexual folks’ way comes from misplaced anger and fear. Especially if they think of bisexuality/pansexuality as being “similar to straight,” or “not quite gay enough.” Or if they fail to recognise the fact that ‘passing privilege’ only exists so long as bisexual folks are closeted (which would mean ‘passing privilege’ exists for closeted gay and lesbian folks too).

Right, like…I think a lot of these biphobic gay and lesbian folks have let their fear influence how they’ve constructed their understanding of bisexuality/pansexuality. They are legitimately afraid their own identities will be erased/minimalised, but they are mistakenly afraid that bisexual/pansexaul folks will cause this erasure/minimalisation.

But also, the existence of bisexual and pansexual folks is so thoroughly erased and invisibled in western cultures, I think most straight folks don’t consciously think to throw hate our way except when they’re lumping us in with gay and lesbian folks or being misogynist (i.e. the bicurious teenage girl trope) or racist (i.e. the oversexualised person of colour)…etc. etc.

Which means a lot of the hate thrown our way by straight people is so normalised as to be invisible/erased, even to us. Normalised and mislabelled. Like, how many bisexual folks have been called fag or dyke in their time? I know I have, even after I stopped identifying as a lesbian…because so many straight folks think of bisexual/pansexual folks as “similar to gay/lesbian” or “not quite straight.”

My point, in this long rambling post, is that I don’t think gay and lesbian folks (or institutions) collectively hate bisexual/pansexual folks more than straight people (or institutions) collectively do. I think gay and lesbian folks are more aware of the concept of bisexuality/pansexuality and thus their biphobia/panphobia is more visible to us.

How do you respond to this?

So obviously if a baby is born and the parents break up with the mother winning custody, then it’s only fair for the father to pay child support etc. and same if the father rapes the mother and she gets pregnant and decides to keep it then the father should definitely pay because the mother is left with a child to raise that is partly his fault.

But here’s a situation that happened to an old friend of mine a long time ago:

He and his girlfriend had been together for about a year, but he felt the relationship wasn’t right and decided to break up with her. Before he could meet up with her to tell her, she heard about his plan through the grapevine. When they met up, she asked him to have sex with her one last time. A few months later, she revealed that she had come off her contraception as soon as she had heard the news and had only had sex with him so she could get pregnant. So essentially, although he had said he would have sex with her, he had no idea it was going to end in pregnancy and she only got pregnant and had the child so he was forced to stay with her. He was understandably angry with her and they ended up breaking up anyway, but now of course she is left with the child.

Should he still be forced into paying child support to support them both when he’s been forced into this situation by her?

(As an afterthought I thought I’d add that he does pay support)

Reality and Perception

J:What is “reality” if not perception?

A:we have a personal reality and we have a world reality when our     personal reality is “off” we still have an anchor in the world reality

J: ”Reality” is merely sensory input interpreted by the brain. You know as well as I this can be easily fooled.
What would happen if that anchor was lost?

A:you find one be it someone you love or a professional. Unless you want to let go you reach and grab any anchor

J:How would you know if the anchor was gone?

A:because you will feel lost

J:How does delusion differ from “real”?
Everyone feels lost much of the time. They distract themselves from this feeling.
Answer: It does not to the one perceiving it.

A:no there is lost and then there is a feeling of lost.
that is why you have anchors
any true question would shatter a delusion

J:And you know this anchor to be “real”, and not delusional?
Truth is a matter of perspective.
It is subjective.

A:some truth is some truth just are truth

J:Yes,you say that every time we have this conversation.
I do not know.

A:the truth is we are having this conversation

J:That is your perception. When you dream you often perceive that to be the truth.
Is this a more valid “reality” than your dreams?


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Industry professionals say that television has now become a safe ground for more adventurous projects and concepts. The last few years of live-action television have been pushing the conventions of what you’d expect on the good old radiation rectangle. Now animation is starting to slowly catch up. TV animation is probably at its most popular and acclaimed in decades.

While cartoons on TV have yet to attempt “movies every week” that networks like HBO and AMC have been doing with their shows, they’re becoming, more so than ever, more imaginative and unique than what has been playing in movie theaters… for the most part.

(Clarence was going to be featured on here, but dropped it out in light of a recent watershed concerning the creator.)

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were you never offered the opportunity to learn another language in school? in Europe this is the norm but in America no one seems to do it

A lot of white Americans hold this racist view that “this is America we speak one language” as a tool to discriminate against non-English speaking immigrants (and immigrants who speak with an accent) and it’s basically backfired because we have this whole country of people that don’t place importance on speaking multiple languages when it would actually be super beneficial. To answer your question though, I took three years of Spanish in high school but learning foreign languages in public schools tends to be kind of a joke (at least where I live) and most people are only taught enough to pass the class.

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I think the problem with going off of Willow saying she's gay as being the end of the discussion is the fact that after she says she is and dates Tara she still gets attracted to guys and only sees a problem with this when somebody reminds her she's gay. Also one episode after Buffy reminded her she was gay and therefore couldn't want a male character she said she could just change him into a woman which raises a whole host of other issues

Nope. Look, I totally get why you might want Willow to be bi. I get that. But she isn’t.

A character saying they are gay/lesbian and/or a character saying they are only attracted to the same sex is all it takes for a character to be gay/lesbian.

And I’m not going to erase a gay/lesbian character’s identity.


For more posts like these, go visit psych2go

Psych2go features various psychological findings and myths. In the future, psych2go attempts to include sources to posts for the purpose of generating discussions and commentaries. This will give readers a chance to critically examine psychology.

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Full Interview: New York Times TimesTalks with Logan Hill.


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That last ask you got is such a good example of how people completely disregard EVERYTHING you write/research in favour of preserving their own narrow little world view of how things "should" be. If that person had even bothered to go and read the damn link you provided (which I doubt they did), they would have gotten a fabulous commentary about what sources do and do not dispute the myth and WHY some sources are actively discounted even though they offer proof of her existence.

Also, to add to my previous ask—-LOL @ “ALL THE DATA BEING DISCOUNTED”. I mean, nevermind the fact that even in the link THEY provided, it states quite clearly that the Uyghur people insist that her and her legend were real. This has so much to do with what you mentioned about different sources being weighted differently, in that non-White sources are discounted due to colonialism and colonial history. They just shot themselves in the foot, basically, with providing that “proof”.

It’s not about “The Truth!!!”

It’s about making sure that the only sources that matter are the same ones that banned Ethnic Studies in Arizona for fomenting “anti-white” sentiment in the youth or some such nonsense.

So even when these histories survive in solid, material, “acceptable” forms, they’re banned. And I’m not even going to go into how much of that banned curricula was the fragments put together of knowledge left after the Spanish deliberately burned the Libraries of the Mexica peoples….

I use  lot of sources that are openly biased against women, people of color, and a host of other unsavory stuff because a lot of the time they’re the only ones that exist SO FAR, and I’m trying to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and common knowledge, and the histories of the people. Which is why I’m doing it HERE.

It also holds up in an academic environment. Use these resources. It’s why they are here.

Calling me “intellectually dishonest” for using this methodology is like….so ridiculous I can’t really put it into words. How do you think progress in any history-related discipline happens? You cite the fact that something exists, you show the writing that’s been done on it so far, and then you add your own interpretation and research.

In this context, no one can be “objective”.

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Liz Katz discusses handling under-age cosplayers and attendees. 

What I really like about this is her idea of a badge system to identify minors at a convention. She mentions it at 6:13. The badge would indicate if an attendee is under legal age. She suggests it can help to discourage inappropriate photos of minors at a con.

Do you think identifying minors and adults through badges at a convention is a good thing? Would you like to see your local cons adopt this?

Do you think people who are travelling are more likely to fall in love or have a chance at love?

Why or why no? Do you know of any studies you could cite for your response?

I somehow feel Haru /does/ really know what he wants to do after graduation but keeps Makoto from not knowing because he (Haru) knows that Makoto will try to follow him; and Haru won’t allow that, not because he doesn’t want to be followed, but because he knows that’s not Makoto’s real desire or dream.

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is bi tumblr dedicated on proving themselves to be one of the most homophobic fuckers on this planet

Well, bi tumblr isn’t dedicated to proving itself to be “one of the most” anything…because bi tumblr isn’t singular. Bi tumblr is a diverse collection of blogs. So there’s that.

But also, and more importantly, if you think that me declaring a bisexual identity for characters whose identities are left ambiguous by writers is “one of the most homophobic” things on this planet…well, I’ve got news for you.

Seriously though Ienzo/Zexion’s life is kind of fuck up.

I mean first he loses his parents and goes into a grief that appears to make him mute; then gets adopted and probably shoved in the role of prodigy which, let’s face it, is not what every kid hopes and dreams for; then he plays a pretty big role in the downfall of his homeworld and the ostensible death of just about everyone in that world; loses his heart; goes through adolescence without a heart and thereby no emotions (or at least part of adolescence depending on whether or not his body filled the void left by the lost of heart somewhere along the way); became a manipulative sass mouth probably as a survival mechanism; then gets choked to death/back-stabbed after coming so close to winning; and then wakes up probably to be told that the man he followed without question (Zexion is very pro-organization, it’s not hard to tell) was planning on backstabbing him too.

And that’s only going a few inches down, dirt metaphor wise.

Seeking Insight - Your Contributions, Please

I want to understand how the following situation is perceived and thought of by women.

Guy and girl have unprotected sex. It was an one night stand. Girl falls pregnant and tells guy. She wants an abortion although she does want to have kids. The guy wants her to keep the child.

Does the guy have any say in the matter?

Appreciate all comments, opinions, and contributions.

Hidden messages and trivia in Tokyo Ghoul

We all know Ishida-sensei is a cunning author and he does foreshadowing and inserts hidden messages in his series, but it’s kinda hard to find all of them, so I’d thought I’d try listing some of those I know.

Might edit in the future to add on or add links to pictures.

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  • Not spoiler-free (ie past English translations)
  • Might be a little discomforting(?)

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