Evan Young is graduating from Twin Peaks Charter Academy High School in Colorado with a 4.5 GPA, a full ride at Rutgers, and the honor of being his class valedictorian. He’s been working hard to reach this goal, and so he worked hard on the speech that he would give at graduation when he was recognized.

But that didn’t happen. When Young gave his speech to administrators for edits, they asked him to remove a portion in which he came out as gay. He refused, saying that respect was a crucial theme he wanted to talk about in his speech. So they banned him from speaking, didn’t recognize him as valedictorian, and outed him to his parents to discuss what had happened.

“One of my themes is that I was going to tell everyone my secrets,” Young explained Thursday. “Most of the things were stupid stuff — books I never read that I was supposed to, or homework I didn’t like. But then I gradually worked up to serious secrets.

"My main theme is that you’re supposed to be respectful of people, even if you don’t agree with them. I figured my gayness would be a very good way to address that.” […]

A statement released by the school’s board of directors stated that Young failed to abide by pre-screening rules — and also “failed to follow guidelines of the evening by removing the sleeves of his graduation gown.”

A comment in that statement, attributed to school attorney Barry Arrington, said a graduation ceremony is “a time for family and those closest to the students to celebrate success and express mutual wishes of gratitude and respect. It is not a time for a student to use his commencement speech to push his personal agenda on a captive audience, and school officials are well within their rights to prevent that from happening.”

I cannot believe this is still happening. 

Roma in Italy are often blacklisted as ignorant, aggressive and dishonest people, even when they have no criminal record, or when they just try to spend a simple and “normal” life, (supposing it is normal to live for example in the neighborhood of a water-purification plant), going to work and picking up their children from school. The majority of Roma live in extremely degraded areas, in caravans and social houses that are designated and segregated from the local residents by local administrators and discriminatory planning laws.

It was very difficult persuading the people I met that my intentions were transparent: people who have to face daily discrimination are often on the defensive. It took me five months to just obtain their permission to take my first photographs.

I wanted to show to everyone who still sees Roma under the lens of prejudice, the enormous difficulties that this community faces in their daily life in Italy. I began this project because of the rise in violent attacks against the Roma that are becoming more frequent and seemingly condoned by a shamefully large number of my countrymen and women.

Milena Fadda

In light of recent events, I thought this piece of photojournalism was worth sharing.

anonymous asked:

Semi urge to- can someone be fired for being trans/non binary?

Fox says:

Yes. It’s considered discrimination in some areas, but even then, if your workplace is transphobic, they’ll find an excuse to fire you.

I’ve never had any issues with this, but it can happen. There’s a list somewhere of trans-friendly jobs– could a follower link that in the notes, perhaps?

It might be in our /tagged/save.

Ren says:

There’s a bunch of lists like this, actually! Check out our /tagged/jobs - the relevant asks are in there. :)


Jayce Marcus talks about being trans and Christian, going to a religious college, and dealing with a highly publicized act of discrimination once he got there. Hat tip to Eliel Cruz for a solid roundup of videos like these: 7 Trans Christian Voices Worth Hearing

The shocking graphic says it all: FIFA’s white-collar crime has real-life consequences.

A $150 million scandal brought officials to the spotlight, busting them for money laundering, racketeering, bribery, and fraud. The human consequences of their corruption? An unprecedented death toll in Qatar, totalling an estimated 4,000 World Cup workers.

REBLOG this article to show that slavery in the soccer industry should be kicked to the sidelines.

Christian Bakery Ruling: May God bless this young couple for their courageous witness to common sense, natural law and salvific truth.

Daniel McArthur ® alongside his wife Amy McArthur (L) leave Laganside Courts after a judge ruled that their Christian-run bakery discriminated against Gareth Lee, a gay rights activist, by refusing to make a cake with a slogan supporting same-sex marriage on May 19, 2015 in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Mr Lee had claimed that Ashers bakery discriminated against him on the grounds of his sexual orientation. A Belfast judge said, as a business, Ashers was not exempt from discrimination law. Damages of £500 were agreed in advance by both legal teams. Ashers Baking Company, which delivers across the UK and Northern Ireland, had argued that the cake and its slogan ‘Support Gay Marriage’ went against their 'sincerely held’ Christian beliefs. Mr. Lee was assisted with his case by the Equality Commission.

Islamophobia Opinion

After reading about the disgusting discrimination that a young Muslimah faced on United Airlines flight, I noticed many people - Muslim and non-Muslim - blaming ISIS for the discrimination and islamophobia Muslims face.
While I completely agree ISIS is a horrific group that does not represent Islam at all, I don’t agree that ISIS is the reason for our discrimination.
There will always be an ISIS, today it’s ISIS, tomorrow it will be some other group. After ISIS is dismantled and even non existent the media will look and hype any group with Islamic principles.
The true issue of our discrimination is the media. The media uses groups like ISIS and Boko Haram as a crutch to attack our religion and therefore, all Muslims.
There are horrific groups of all religions, yet they are not placed this attention in the media the way ISIS or the Taliban is. Rather, they brush these stories under the rug, or do not associate religion with the group.
If the media portrayed Muslims as we deserved to be portrayed and Islam as Islam has beautifully portrayed itself, then groups like ISIS would not affect people’s opinions of our religion. They would recognize how corrupt these groups are. They would see the historical background of these groups.
If the media did its job and gave Muslims not even a positive light, but a neutral light, I guarantee that hate crimes and protests against mosques would decline.
Don’t blame ISIS for what the media has done to attack us, because there will always be some form of ISIS, it’s how the media chooses to discuss the issue that impacts our lives.

Question: Do you believe reverse racism (racism against white people) exists??

Interested in people’s opinions on this matter so send me what you think :)

Wow if only racism didn’t exist I was Khloe Kardashian, then I would have been praised throughout high school for wearing hijab instead of being called terrorist for days and weeks and months living in the South.

If only my good friend who had rocks thrown at her for wearing hijab

could just have the privilege of being Khloe.

If only thewomen in France facing anti-veil discrimination could just be Khloe Kardashian. 

Habibi Love, man, Habibi Love. Apparently it’s that simple.

Cultural appropriation: the adoption of certain elements (bindi, niqab, etc) of an oppressed people’s culture/practice by a privileged dominant culture, for the purposes of enjoyment (or to appear exotic and “hipster”), and without the adoption of the experiences of racism, oppression, and discrimination that are manifested in those elements for the minority groups.
Cultural appropriation is Khloe being praised for wearing something that Muslim women get abused and discriminated against for wearing on the daily. It is when Khloe wears it for an Instagram post, while Muslim women devotedly choose to wear it to follow their faith, despite the racism and discrimination they (we) face.

If you were a man you would:

And I’m sure I missed some.

So next time you think to spew out that men face no problems in society, never experience sexism and aren’t subjected to discrimination perhaps rethink your standpoint, have some common sense and do some research.


A Day Through a Deaf Person’s Eyes

-directed by Rachel Soudakoff-

This explores some of the different aspects of daily life that deaf or Deaf people face, such as encounters with the police and the advantages of ASL. 

Today (05/09/15) was a really fun day except for an outrageous case of discrimination at Philly Wizard World. I hope to resolve it without a ton of fuss, but if they don’t do the right thing tomorrow you may be seeing this on the news.

They literally kicked me out of the convention center for not providing proof of my disability, because I was using a mobility scooter.  I have been attending comic cons for many years. I am permanently disabled. I use an electric mobility scooter because I have severe pain and damage all over my body which makes it difficult to walk and stand for long periods of time. This damage is not visible to a casual onlooker, which is why I feel that I was targeted by the security team at the convention center today. The Wizard World staff was apologetic but in the end it was the Pennsylvania Convention Center security (NOT Wizard World staff) who hounded me and said that if I returned to the con on Sunday that I would be removed.

In case you were unaware, it is a violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act to demand proof of disability from a disabled person in a situation like this. To refuse them entry to an event of this nature on the basis of their disability is also illegal. I have written proof of my disability but it was at home, because no one is allowed to demand that I produce it. I have only ever needed to use it as proof of income when renting a new apartment.

I tried to explain why I needed the scooter but they would not listen. Because my disability is invisible, and I don’t ‘look’ the way they expect a disabled person to look, they refused to believe me. They followed me to the door and made sure I had left. I looked for a supervisor to speak with and was again told the same story, that I could not enter the con without proof of disability, unless I wished to use a manual wheelchair, or PAY TO RENT ONE OF THEIR ELECTRIC SCOOTERS. Why would I want to do that when I already have one???

At this point I gave up and went in a different door, where I managed to find 2 very helpful Wizard World staff members, who agreed that what was happening was very wrong. They escorted me back into the convention hall and said that if I had any further problems that I should find them and let them handle it. I didn’t run into any more issues until I was already leaving and was yelled at again by the same security guards who said that I shouldn’t be in there and that I would be removed if I returned.

I don’t want to be scared to go to a con because I’ll be yelled at for not proving I’m ‘disabled enough’ to use my mobility aid. I don’t want to stay home and miss seeing friends who flew thousands of miles to be here. I don’t want to have to justify my existence to these people, but I also don’t want to give up. I really don’t understand why they are doing this, or what they hope to accomplish by discriminating against disabled people. The law is supposed to protect us from situations like this. I will return to the con tomorrow with a print out of the Americans with Disabilities Act and hopefully some friends to stand with me.


Well done, Wilkes Central High School, and your absolute forward thinking and acceptance of ALL students. Detect the sarcasm.

There is a post going around on Facebook about a student who attends WCHS. They came home with their yearbook. It’s quite lovely, as the cover showcases here. Now, inside is a page where throughout the year students were allowed to submit “anonymous secrets” that would be printed in the yearbook.

Behold the secrets.

Oh, but wait… what is this? Is there one with black electrical tape over it to obscure the secret? Upon peeling this tape up (carefully, otherwise you WILL rip this page as others have done) we see the secret that was just NOT ALLOWED: “I like guys and girls.”

Seriously. Let’s print about vomiting while kissing our boyfriend, but that is just TOO MUCH. So much so that every yearbook distributed was amended with this tape. Curiously, this was okay to make it into print but somewhere following production was decreed not acceptable and black tape - a defacement of property - was taken to the page instead.

I’m disappointed, Wilkes Central, but far from surprised in your behavior. I had so hoped that we had grown past this, but it seems we are still going around with the topic.

Spread this shit like wildfire. 

The history of unpunished violence against our people clearly indicates that we must be prepared to defend ourselves, or we will continue to be a defenseless people at the mercy of a ruthless and violent, racist mob.

Malcolm X.

Ninety years ago today, on May 19, 1925, Malcolm X was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Tune in to Democracy Now! to hear Malcolm X delivering his famous speech, “By Any Means Necessary.”