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Official MV of 너무 보고싶어 (I Miss You So Much) by Acoustic Collabo, from Discovery of Romance OST

AHhhhh. I want to find a place to travel where I’ll meet new people of a similar vibration and have a time just exploding with ecstasy, adventure, unveiling, discovery, and love. And I want it to be filled with learning about things I love too but I don’t know how to plan for that. There’s no organizations I can travel with that will allow me to learn from shamans, swim with dolphins, strengthen and develop my leadership skills and uncover the gifts inside. I just don’t know how to plan a trip that caters to a spiritually motivated incredibly passionate and enthusiastic 18 year old with very specific dietary requirements?


Dedicating all his efforts for the group Shinhwa, for such a long time, even on the expense of his own solo activities. & Before he said yes to a solo project, he firstly seeked to take the agreement of all the members. That’s Shinhwa’s considerate & thoughtful leader, Eric Mun.
"Eric is really like an otaku. After we left our first agency, as the leader of Shinhwa, he became the otaku of Shinhwa. Even now, he worries a lot for Shinhwa and is also in charge of dealing with external matters. He is a leader I’m thankful to and can trust."
- Kim Dongwan.