anonymous said:

have you heard of hummingbird moths? they are real and its bs

YEAH i have and they are Gorgeous id love to see one in person

theres actually several species of day-moths that have the nickname of HUMMINGBIRD, and each of them are super cute


theres the hummingbird hawk moth, which can be found from portugal to japan in the summer , and has been seen fairly active in temperature up to 114 degrees F, which is pretty dang hot for bugs ( also everything in general)


the white lined sphinx moth, which can be found in north and central america, and has a wingspan of up to three inches


theres the snowberry clearwing moth, who is often mistaken for a bee - in fact a lot of what people in the us call hummingbird moths are instead called bee moths in europe


and the hummingbird clearwing , which is a lot like the one above but redder in coloration

and a few others !! all of them though are known for their taste in flower nectar and how active they are during daylight hours. also how they look like something a fairy would ride 

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woclasscarrier said:

sometimes you get all sorts of funny creatures from the sea, and then there's the sculptured slipper lobster

when i firs t read this i thought you were literally just throwing unrelated words together but. no. no. its a real thing. lets say “slipper lobster” thirty times real quick just for fun


 there it is


 theyre ALSO called sculpted mitten lobsters and they apparently just. hang out on the ocean floor and sleep all day, emerging at night to eat clams and crabs and probably human toes from divers who forget what theyre doing and try to wear it


and theres more of them ! theres a whole damn family of shoe based crustaceans, none of which are actually true lobsters. some of them can get Really Colorful, like this regal slipper lobster


the largest of em is the aesop slipper lobster, which can get up to 20 inches in length. thats almost two feet. two feet of slipper lobster. jesus christ


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Giant Sculptures in London to Promote TV Show

London Inc, a new reality TV show from The Discovery Channel, has commissioned two giant statues to be build and installed in London for promotion.

The first statue is located near London Bridge and is 46-feet long and 10-feet high. It features a life-like swimmer swimming through the grass. The statue is made out of polystyrene and is hand painted to resemble human flesh.

The second statue is located at Victoria Station. If features a giant woman trying to get into a photo booth.

A spokeswoman for The Discovery Channel said: “We created these because we want people to interact with them. We want people to get out their camera phones and take pictures of them, and of their friends with them. We want to create a real stir.”

  • Discovery Channel:You know that really interesting and cool thing we've covered before where this guy can rub any shark's nose and make it catatonic enough to balance upside-down?
  • Viewers:Hell yeah! That's been amazing and scientifically informative!
  • Discovery:Great. We're calling this next installment "ZOMBIE SHARKS".
  • Viewers:...What? But that's not... Okay, but how would those interested even be able to anticipate and tune in to watch with that title?
  • Discovery:Psh, like we care. The word ZOMBIE gets enough ratings to make up for you nerds wanting to learn things.
  • Viewers:You do know your name, ri--
  • Discovery:And be sure to stay tuned in for more shark ATTACK victims cuz sharks are SCARY. And SHARKAGGEDON, that really just explores why big sharks migrate to Hawaii.
  • Viewers:Guys. Guys, you used to tell us the fear of sharks as mindless killing machines leads to over-fishing of them.
  • Discovery:OOH, did we tell you we have a followup to the MEGALODON fake documentary???
  • Viewers:-_-