Don’t forget that there’s also huge racial disparity that, unfortunately, ACLU and LA Times are not covering… Pixar’s first non-white director was on upcoming Good Dinosaur, and Disney still hasn’t had one since they started in the 1930s. (x)

However, you shouldn’t be discouraged by all of this. The point is to stick to your aspirations and fight to even out these numbers.

Having depression and anxiety is honestly so hard.. It’s like I’m anxious that if I don’t get good enough grades and do all my homework I’ll never do anything in my life and I won’t achieve my dreams, but my depression makes me feel so helpless and stupid and I have zero motivation.. It’s a constant struggle between these two parts of myself and I just want them gone so that I can do things and live in the moment, not live in my past and my possible future

anonymous asked:

how do you get so many notes for drawing your oc's????? I usually get 1 or 2, so tell me your secrets to success. Plus, I love your art

hey man don’t get discouraged! the road to success with original characters is a long one. a REALLY long one. i have been drawing and posting art of my ocs on different sites (first flipnote, then deviantart, and now tumblr) for four and a half YEARS, and it’s only since about february that people seemed to have taken interest in them. seriously. i used to be lucky to get 5 notes on something i drew of my original characters, even if i spent hours on it.  

just keep drawing and posting them. talk about them too! get people interested! it takes a lot of hard work and perseverance, but eventually you will get the recognition you deserve. dont give up anon, i believe in you!

You are not a victim. No matter what you have been through, you’re still here. You may have been challenged, hurt, betrayed, beaten, and discouraged, but nothing has defeated you. You are still here! You have been delayed but not denied. You are not a victim, you are a victor. You have a history of victory.
—  Steve Maraboli
Sometimes someone will make a premature, hasty judgment without knowing all the facts, and they will say some hurtful inconsiderate things. In their own mind, they believe they are doing the right thing by “standing up” for what is right. It is sincere and they are not the villain. We can’t blame them: because they just don’t know. They have been fed certain lies from a perpetuated false narrative, or they are speaking from an incomplete paradigm that cannot empathize with the many layers of a complex situation. It does not mean he or she is a bad person, but that gossip is really intoxicating even to the best of people.

We must not be so hard on someone who doesn’t have all the information. It doesn’t help to be rude to our “enemies.” Not everyone will be happy with our decisions, even if we get to explain our side of the story. Be gracious to gossipers, be kind to those who do not understand, and stay humble. I believe that the truth will always win, that hard work pays off, and that our integrity comes from both our actions AND our reactions. Trust God, love others, keep above the drama.
—  J.S.
It's all in the mind (or defending ourselves against reality)

Defense mechanisms are unconscious psychological strategies that help us to cope with reality whilst also preserving our self esteem. Normal, healthy people use them regularly. Examples could include humour, thought suppression or sublimation (transforming negative emotions into positive actions - like helping a friend when we’re feeling sad or down). They only become pathological when they lead to problematic behaviours that compromise our health or relationships. Examples of unhealthy defenses include:

Acting out: This is directly expressing an unconscious impulse without realising what is driving the behaviour.

Fantasy: This is retreating to a fantasy world to escape, or resolve, conflicts we are battling with.

Idealization: This is unconsciously choosing to see another person as being more ideal or perfect than they really are.

Passive aggression: This is expressing our anger indirectly, for example, through being late or doing something that “inadvertently” destroys another’s plans.

Projection: This is attributing our own unacknowledged, and unacceptable, thoughts and emotions onto someone else.

Somatization: This is translating negative thoughts and feelings into physical symptoms. For example, suffering from migraines when you’re dealing with a difficult relationship.

Denial: This is refusing to accept reality because it is too painful or threatening.

Regression: This is temporarily reverting to an earlier stage of development to avoid handling problems and concerns in a more appropriate and adult way.

Distortion: This is totally reshaping your picture of reality so it’s now consistent with your internal needs.

Splitting: This is a primitive defense where the negative and positive aspects are split off – and there’s no integration of these parts at all. For example, the person may view others as being either completely good or completely evil, rather than a mixture of good and bad traits.

Jesus did not come to call the righteous, but sinners.

Not the righteous, but people who make mistakes.

Not the righteous, but people who went too far in their last relationship.

Not the righteous, but people who haven’t read their Bible since forever.

He came for screw-ups, basket-cases, burn-outs, knuckle-heads, weirdos, the sick, the lame, the miserable. 

For You. Me. Us.

The tragedy is that every time life reminds us that we’re sinners, we feel like maybe we don’t measure up to this Jesus thing.

But Jesus did not come to call the righteous.  He came for sinners.

He came for people who’ve cheated.

He came for people who’ve been too afraid to step out in the first place.

He came for home-wreckers. For people with blood on their hands.  For people with sex on their brain.

He came for addicts, failures, and losers. And even for people who look down on addicts, failures, and losers.

For You. Me. Us.

He came to teach us a new life that isn’t that way.  But he came knowing full well the life we’ve already lived.

Tomorrow, you may fall again.  If not tomorrow, soon.  And when it happens, when you do the unthinkably terrible for the first time, or simply the terribly familiar for the thousandth time, you will be tempted.

Tempted to think that this Jesus thing isn’t for you.  Tempted to think your actions prove you didn’t make the cut.

But in that moment, remember.  Remember that Jesus loves you.  Remember that Jesus wants you.  And, then, remember:

Jesus did not come to call the righteous, but sinners.

I’ve really been struggling with discouragement lately.

I know that everybody understands that making a living as an actor is hard, and I knew that, too, going into it; but it amazes me still, over five years since I shot my first feature film, how hard it really is.

It’s especially hard when you’re supporting yourself independently and struggling to make ends meet and the only lens you can see through is Money. It’s hard when everyone around you seems to be doing incredibly well and you put pressure on yourself to do the same in a business that is very largely arbitrary and out of your control.

And everyone has dry spells, and we all know this, and these things have their seasons, but it can be very difficult to not lose your mind when you try very hard to do everything right and indeed, have gotten very close to some big jobs, only to find yourself helpless and at the mercy of a system that makes little sense and is very hard to crack.

And I’m not asking for sympathy, or encouragement, and when I think back on all the things that I DO have I feel pretty ridiculous for having these feelings in the first place, but I guess I just, I want to be honest. This career isn’t easy, and the fear of trying to do everything right and still not getting anywhere is very, very real.