Rapunzel Doll Gift Set - Disney Animators’ Collection from Disney Store

The tower-bound princess from Tangled is envisioned as a young girl yearning for the day when life begins in this Disney Animators’ Collection gift set including 2 complete outfits plus accessories and plush pals Pascal and Maximus. 

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Hey, Friends,

Remember when we wrote a book? Remember how good it was?

Remember how it was short and funny and touching and you heard how it made an ideal stocking stuffer?

Well, guess what? It’s the holiday season again and without your action soon the stockings of your loved ones could end up thoroughly unstuffed!

Perfect for any animal lover or for anyone who has ever found their life turned upside down and struggled to figure out what really matters, “Well, That’s Just Ducky! A Dog Is Man’s Best Therapist” is available through Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions. The Kindle edition is just ninety-nine cents on its own or FREE if you purchase the paperback through Amazon! And it’s eligible for free shipping if you have Amazon Prime!

And as a special thank you to our tumblr family, if you purchase it directly via our CreateSpace site you can get it at 33% off list price by entering code JYJYYR49 at check out!

Order early, folks. Last year last minute demand constrained supply! This year we want everyone who’d like one to have a Ducky Holiday!

As always, thanks for your support and friendship!

Ag & Ducky

Enjoy Family Time: The Best Black Friday Deals With Dropprice


When you’re a busy mom, hosting a ton of out of town guests, and making sure your own kids don’t go too crazy with excitement – well, let’s just say Thanksgiving can be a total hassle.

After making sure two sets of grandparents know how to get to the table from two different hotels, putting up young Uncle Mark and his new girlfriend in the only guest room, and feeding breakfast to two growing  boys, it’s time to start cooking. And then cleaning. And then cooking more sides and desserts. This is the start of a very long day. If the cat doesn’t get any food, that’s her problem.

But by the time 4pm rolls around (yes, we eat obscenely early on this gluttonous holiday, hint hint: it’s so we can eat more later), it’s all worth it. Pies are on the counter, cooling. Turkey is cooked to perfection. Side dishes that I made from scratch are on the table. And everyone is sitting down to a fun evening of inside jokes, delicious food, and togetherness. There’s just about nothing I won’t do to make this happen every year – that’s what a tradition is in our house.

But one thing I won’t do on Thanksgiving is shop. I know the good deals start with the sunset, but I didn’t work this hard making everything perfect so that Uncle Mark can take my kids to Best Buy for insanely premature Christmas shopping. I can do that right from home, thanks.

In fact, I’ve been working on holiday shopping for way longer than I’ve been cooking my turkey. I started weeks ago. Whenever I see something one of my kiddos can use pop up on Facebook, I make a note. And especially if that something is on Dropprice. My best friend, fellow busy mom, and neighbor Marie is constantly posting her Dropprice deals on kids toys – and that’s how I shop. No competition, no waiting in lines, and a trusted source at my (virtual) side.

How Dropprice Works

It’s super easy to join a Dropprice campaign and score great deals on quality kids brands. The merchant designates a certain number of items to go on sale, and the moms take it from there. Simply click “Join” and the price goes down. Convince your other mommy pals to join by posting the deal on your Facebook or twitter, and the price drops even more! More moms = more savings. You can check out at any time – but don’t wait too long or the item might sell out.

I like to think that once the grandparents have shuffled back to the hotel, my sisters have carted their own kids home, and my boys are in bed, that Marie and I might be shopping together on Dropprice, after she’s done all the same things a few houses away. It’s kind of comforting to have a partner in crime – and when you’re on Dropprice, you get plenty of those: fellow moms who love to save money on things our little ones can use.