Celestia: "The only 'abomination' here, is you-!”

Whoever you are, creature of darkness…”

Twilight: “Princess Celestia! Princess Luna! Thank goodness you’re here!”

The demon turned away from Discord and faced the two Princesses, a grin slowly appearing as he let out a hearty chuckle.

?????: ”Well I’ll be…”

"It seems that they have shown themselves sooner than I had expected…"

"What an excellent turn of events…!~"

"Now you can tell your precious Celestia our secret as well, Discord…!~ Oh, won’t this be fun!~"

Discord: "O-Oh…noNot her… I can’t tell her!”


Bah humbug.

Yeah, I did a MY LITTLE PONY sketch cover.  Deal with it.  This was a Christmas present for my girlfriend, Jen, who’s a huge MLP fan.  One of my best friends is a huge brony too, so while I’m not one myself, I know a fair amount of it just through osmosis (yes, I can name everyone in the Mane Six).  Jen’s a big fan of Discord (John De Lancie’s “Q”-like character on the show), so… this.   Definitely a break from my usual work, which is probably why I had so much fun with it. 

Merry Christmas, everybody!


Your name is the DR. WHO fandom, and you are quickly beginning to question every life choice that could possibly have lead up to this moment. 

The hunt for infected fandoms trundles on. This time, we have Wendigo!Hannibal, and … I don’t really know what to call Star trek. This is just based off of the MANY times in the original series where characters were put into a calmed/serene state - frequently cooing about “Paradise” and “perfection” and the like. 



The mane six.Along with their less kind,more crazed counterparts.Four of the mane six usually can’t resurface their counterparts without Discord…except for Pinkie and Twilight.Does this mean they are naturally insane?Anyway,all of these were made by:FallenInTheDark
So check out Fallen’s gallery for more art and the Luna/Nightmare piece which I didn’t include above.