One of my dearest friends recently had her B-day and I simply had to make this for her. She is a nutter for these two so I hope I have done them justice. I have never edited something like this, so I hope it’s good! X,3 And I was so please to finally be able to finally work with K-pop! :D

PS: My friend is an extremely talented artist and animator and I think she deserves more attention from fellow nerds:

Her Tumblr:

Her Deviantart:

Draconequus Fluttershy and Discord with a background by trehcedasil

A beautiful piece of work made based on the in-progress piece of fluttercord fanfiction, My Little Draconequus: Wishing is Chaos. Thank you, trehcedasil! I love it and look forward to your future works!!! <3


In my headcanon, Discord didn’t give any logic to Screwball when he created her, so she isn’t able to understand one single thing, to make a comprehensible sentence or to learn the real names of objects. However, she can “feel” some things, like when the other ponies around her love her, so she never feels lonely.