Sometimes bad ideas seem good no matter how many people tell you different.

((I gotta say thanks to ask-littleeris for that ask, by the way, because it’s what inspired the plot of this story arc beyond just “lets go see Discord”! Also, in case it’s not obvious, all of those asks in the first panel are basically variations on “don’t eat the apple, stupid!”

EDIT: For some reason the panels were all shifted around by a couple pixels, so I had to fix it. Hopefully it’s good now.))

(OoC: 2,500 follwers and counting….I really can’t thank you all enough.  Its been a long three years, I’ve been through a lot of personal and financial hardships, lost friends and my faith in being in a happy relationship ever again.  I can say without a doubt drawing art for this community has been one of the most enduring sources of joy to me in my busy and isolated life.  Thank you, everyone, patrons, commissioners and casual viewers,all.  I hope you guys enjoy this.  I’ll have more new answers soon as possible.)