anonymous asked:

do you consider being trans a medical condition?

Transsexualism is a medical condition. It’s something that is incorrect with your body.
I have a medical condition in my heart. I have a bicuspid aortic valve. There is something wrong with my body.
Transsexualism involves gender dysphoria, which is a disconnect between your mind and your body. You weren’t born in the correct body, and that is what is wrong with you body. 
tl;dr yes.

Won’t i explain that again?
After a weak moon you’ll ask.
I will not hesitate.
I never do.

And won’t I ask again?
Afraid not unless you won’t.
I am so awake
Just like you

Won’t you start something love?
Converse, kiss or question me
I’m not stale
I’m waiting

Won’t this make sense..
I see you in every lack of light
I see bone in me, as sure as wildfire

So don’t question but do pled for love

Or else I will remain still!
Fall back into wild!
I am struck to find it
Disconnect would be healthy
Your mind in mind by my side
The entirety of time.