It’s time to boogie down to some luxuriant and rich funk, courtesy of Long Beach City Kids, or LBCK. The duo infuse UK alt electronic trio Patawawa’s Back To Life, which features producer Roman Kouder, with an opulent and crisp groove. It’s a warmly glowing summer disco remix that keeps the sun shining regardless the time of night or day. The original Back To Life has made it into mixes by Oliver Nelson, Zimmer, and jackLNDN, too.

Continuing on the path of charming, radiant indie dance remixes with this new rendition of I Am Harlequin’s Dance With Anyone by a producer from Kazakhstan named Farleon. Farleon captializes on the original’s hooking charm and crafts an airy, uplifting nu-disco and electro pop remix that oozes good vibes all around. I’m quickly reminded of 80′s Whitney Houston classics by the irresistible jam.