A/N: Okay so like a week or 2 ago i got this prompt: can you write a cute fluffy phanfic about them dancing to the end of all things by panic at the disco?

And I apologize for being lazy but I finally wrote it at like 1am last night xD I really do apologize if it sucks also thanks for introducing me to that song ITS SO BEAUTIFUL OMG

Dan rolled over in bed, his face hitting the pillow. He groaned, checking the clock. 2:32 am. Yay, another near-sleepless night. Sighing, he walked into the kitchen to go make himself a quick snack and a glass of water before inevitable browsing through tumblr for the next hour or so.

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French producer Zimmer said he made this remix in Seoul, while wandering around the city at night to find inspiration. I’ve never been to Seoul (yet), but somehow, his description seems very on point for the vibe of this remix. Zimmer’s rendition of New Zealand chanteuse Brooke Fraser’s Kings & Queens is seductively playful and fitting for late night listening. Hints of disco blend with futuristic production on the lavish treat.


Groot’s First Christmas

A Marvel Charlie Brown mashup!
I’ve love to see A Charlie Brown Christmas re-enacted with Marvel characters…though Groot is probably going to steal the show of whatever scene he’s in…

Amazing how putting a jumper on Rocket suddenly makes him look so cuddly…

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Rest of my geeky cards (including Sherlock, Doctor Who and the Hobbit can be found on my tumblr here!)

Trying to get some more variety on my dash ^_^

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