said: My Jr high school science teacher gave us “quests” all the time. I always wondered if she was the only one who used the word.

discadence said: Leads to the old teacher’s joke: if a small quiz is a quizzical, what is a small test called?

Hahaha, I just learnt of this recently. Let’s start using “tuiz”, please? It’ll be such a cute word.

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"Are we going to overlook the fact that discadence just talked out of character?" dear reader, perhaps it is more a question of whether we truly understand the character of discadence. not all rooms are made up of four walls. ∅

Discadence you’re so dark and mysterious…

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redbean icecream, preceded by mint choco froyo. orange tea to drink. ∅

mint choco froyo: 3 things im proud of

my chopin repertoire, handmade gifts, and strawberry rhubarb crumble (though I haven’t made this in years).

redbean ice cream: ideal partner

kind, intelligent, and attractive are my basics. would like similar political and social leanings, and prefer similar religious outlooks. must adore (my) puns. 

orange tea: a secret that i’ve kept

it’s not really a secret, but I used to think that I only crushed on people with egg-shaped faces. and before I knew the word, I’d lovingly call them my eggheads.

discadence replied to your post“how do I make my nipples not offensive to society?”

change the society, not your nipples. ∅

haha, of course. my post goes to show how I’m held accountable for my way of dress regardless of how I feel about my own body and breast-covering/showing etiquette. thoughtswithoutborders replied to your post“how do I make my nipples not offensive to society?”


I feel so brave whenever I go out braless (even though I still make an effort to conform to public’s notion of ‘decency’). I will continue to make baby steps.

dear writer, you came into my dreams. no, that’s not quite accurate; your presence maybe, but definitely, your words. we were sitting quietly for the most part, inches apart, and for the occasional break in silence, your words would slip into a silvery dance of steam from our tea cups. I hope you are well. x

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Dear Elizabeth, in what ways, if any, did your negative sexual experiences affect how you presently view or engage in sex? It sounds that you had a time of positive sexual exploration, in which this negative transpired. Are there repercussions on how you approach having sex now, or are the complications annexed to the situation and the man? That is to ask, if you're comfortable answering, what changes you instilled from the consequences of that particular incident (and any others)? ∅

Dear discadence,

I suppose it’s made me more wary of people and sex itself. I’ve learnt to make my boundaries more explicit, and communicate more openly about what I am comfortable and uncomfortable with. I am more in tune with how I’m feeling with the other; if I feel the slightest uncomfortable, I’d let the other know to stop. I don’t want to allow for past feelings of shame and chagrin, mingle and change current feelings of fondness.

It’s also a matter of continually cultivating that trust—to entrust your body, and a little part of your soul and heart, to that person, for a little while. There’s a lot of self-disgust that I have to work through. So, I’m trying to find healing in loving my body and allowing others to do so as well. And that’s manifested in different ways. In a more tangible sense, I suppose letting myself be drawn nude, dance with partners, be held close, meditate and listen, and be more affectionate with people, has helped the process. x


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When My Rape is Slightly Funny
I know I’m seeing you on Wednesday but I am always available for talking if you are up for it, although it seems you already have an invaluable support system. ♡
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Dear e.w., I think my intentions and positions on this are clear, but I find myself compelled none-the-less to let you know once again. Ø

Thank you, dears. I truly appreciate your support and thoughts. See you soon for brunch!